Saturday, 30 June 2012

mr and mrs proudly made in the uk

Meet Mr and Mrs "Proudly Made In The Uk"

Gone are the times of petticoats and all full body swimsuits, forgotten are the nights of pulling the nightgowns done after you've "made love" by the very prim and proper couples who only got up close and personal to make a baby.

Forget about missionary, we like it rough and wild like mother nature intended

Our men go down and i dont mean to the shops

Our girls like to ride and not just horses
We wear masks and hoods and im not taking masquerade balls
69 is not just a number, its a way of life
And when our girls say they suck, they dont mean lolly pops
Our bed side tables have been cleared of bibles, handcuffs and ball gags take their place

The oil lamps are long forgot, fleshlights are where its at

Toys arent just for the kiddies, they are for the kinkies

With so many proudly made in the uk toys how can we possibly choose, so we clear out the memory boxes out from under the bed and in their place sit stacks and stacks of high powered sex aids and dildos of glass or stone
We are kinky and we like it
So join Mr and Mrs "Proudly Made In The Uk" and get your Rocks Off
Proudly Made in the UK

All rights © reserved by MrsHellKat

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