Friday, 22 June 2012 luck dip

I love surprises so when i see the "lucky dip" at i just had to have one,
and I'm very glad i did. at £4.99 this is a real bargain, one item, one great price

As always the delivery was quick and came well packaged in simple discreet wrapping and the item was bubble wrapped and also had card board round it for added protection

Wrapping open my parcel i was happier than a kid at Christmas but once inside i was even happier with my new find

This high intensity bullet is not only in my favourite colour but it has little crystals on it which makes it really girly without being to over the top

Once you open the outer packaging the bullet its self is plastic wrapped for added security which i think is a really nice touch

This bullet covers all the bases its quiet, its waterproof, it takes AAA batteries not the silly button batteries like other bullets. the extended battery life also gives you 8+ hours at low speed, 4+ hours at high speed so this little guy is reliable too, which is a huge bonus as other high intensity bullets tend to have a lot shorter battery life. The luminous touch activation is super easy to use with one touch the bullet is on, and buy holding the button down you can adjust the speed, no click, click, clicking threw setting which can spoil the moment. By giving it a second single push you can turn it straight off, another huge bonus, having to scroll through setting to get to the off setting can be very off putting especially when your trying to have some cheeky solo play, you don't want someone walking in on you to find you trying to sheepishly switch it off lol
The crystal bullet is also completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower as well as submerged in the bath. its also small enough to go in your handbag with out being to small it makes it fiddly to use.  

This bullet is great for solo play as iv mentioned but is also really great for couple play, your man will love the effect it has on you, and if your anything like me, it will have a HUGE effect ;-) trust me girls MARK my words you WANT IT .

head on over to now and grab one of these truly amazing bullets,

they are available to buy now in pink or blue and for only £17.95 that's a whole lot of power for your money.

                                                         Crystal High Intensity Bullet

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