Monday, 30 July 2012 review

Smoothy Prober

This fantastic sleek designed jelly rubber dildo can be used anywhere and feels as good as it looks at one end the toy is a curved smooth probe that can be used vaginally or for anal stimulation while the other end features four anal beads

The smoothy prober is 8inches long and is made from a translucent purple non-toxic vinyl rubber that is semi flexible

I found this prober very easy to insert vaginally and the flexibility of this toy means I could easily manipulate my g-spot, the curve of the proper also gives you great stimulation. I also really enjoyed using the beaded end vaginally as it gives a completely different sort of stimulation that is truly tantalising

As an anal prober the beads work really well for teasing and the curved end gives you a more “filled” feeling which I really like

My husband and I also really enjoyed using this prober together and with a little work you can both insert one end each while indulging in some sexy mutual masturbation  

Being made from non-toxic vinyl rubber it is also very easy to clean in just soap and water and you can also use it in the bath or shower for some watery fun time

The packaging of this toy is simple yet a little naughty but we like that don’t we boys and girls

Overall this is a great little proper its looks and feels fantastic and can be used for both men and women making this a bargain buy and at currently only £5.95 from you would be mad to miss out

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      Velvet Kiss Joy Stick

             Velvet Kiss Joy Stick from

This bead style, vibrating anal prober has a pointed tip for easy insertion and precision stimulation giving you even greater pleasure during your anal adventures, the Joy Stick has an overall length of 10.5 inches and an insert able length of approximately 7.5 inches  and is made of Phthalate free thermo plastic rubber giving it a very smooth luxuriously soft feel and with a flexible spine it enables you to have optimal control over positioning. Powered by 2 AAA batteries you also have no worries when it comes to battery life or having to find the rarer sorts of batteries  some toys come with.

The velvet kiss is also brilliant for both men and women, as it can be used as a female anal stimulator or vaginal vibrator and the pointed tip means you can also use it for clitoral stimulation as well as a prostate messenger for men which makes the joy stick a very versatile toy but the fun doesn’t stop there

This is a great couple’s toy to and my husband and I had great fun experiment with what we found to be many different uses for this great toy, we found the flexible neck meant I could insert it vaginally and bend it round the contour of my body and have it laid against my clit to.

It can also be used to curve around your breast, meaning your whole breast is subjected to tantalising vibrations

My husband also had great fun curving the velvet kiss joy stick round my neck giving him total control and opening me up to a completely new sensation during this mild breath play I would warn you not to be too rough with it though as you could damage the spine within 

I also wrapped the velvet kiss round his testicles and base of his penis during oral play which meant he had similar sensations to that of a vibrating cock ring without the uncomfortable feel you can get with cock rings that are too tight

Featuring three speeds of vibration and a Simple push button operation it is incredibly easy to use and being Waterproof too you can use it in the shower or bath to for even more playtime possibilities
Being waterproof it also makes cleaning a doddle with just soap and water

The vibrations on this velvet kiss joy stick are not overly strong I would place them in the mid-range  but the toy works incredibly well and with so many possibilities it is amazingly great for foreplay as well as solo play for those of us who prefer vibrations of a more teasing nature

Overall I would highly recommend the velvet kiss joy stick it is incredibly versatile and fun to use, a real must have for any collection

You can get your hands on this great little product from HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Thursday, 26 July 2012

In the woods by Maggie Casper

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

 Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5 paddles

Delilah Murray is a newbie in the kink community and Sam Caster enjoys nothing more than breaking them in and after signing up for her first real bdsm event Delilah finds herself not only in a "bottom" position but agreeing to be Sam’s submissive for the whole weekend

Tied naked to a tree by Sam and surrounded by the people in the bdsm class Delilah wonders if she has lost her ever loving mind completely out of her depth she has no idea what to expect but one look into Sam’s eyes and she finds herself wanting to agree to all his demands whatever they might be, After being deliciously tortured and teased by Sam, Delilah is led further into the woods after the class ends and this is where some real fun takes place

Asking her questions as he fucks her Sam opens up Delilah’s mind as well as her body to these new experiences but this is just the start. Once inside Sam’s cabin things take an interesting turn, making a deal with Sam, Delilah gets to top him for half an hour but things don't go as she predicted and shocked by her reaction she panics

After experiencing needle play and realising she likes it along with flogging and many other tantalising screens at the hands of Sam, Delilah finds the “real her” and after being caught up in her time with Sam she doesn't know how to say good bye to the man who has changed her life. At the end weekend Sam hands her an envelope and orders her not to open it till she's gone, could she have got her wish? Will she get to see him again?

From a kinky camping trip in the woods to a future full of new and exciting possibilities could Sam have found his one true match in newbie Delilah?

Maggie Casper has done a great job with “In the woods” it is well structured and it flows really well, and you will struggle to put it down, the contrast between the Delilah and Sam’s characters work really well and the bdsm itself is very well written making it a real must have read

This would be a worthwhile read for individuals of all kink levels giving you a tingling insight into different aspects of bdsm.  “In the woods” is an intriguing look into self-exploration and self-discovery and Maggie gives you the chance to explore your inner desires as you follow Delilah and Sam’s naughty adventure and you will soon be reaching for more of Maggie Casper’s work 

 By Hellkat

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One bite to passion by Marylynn Bast

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

 Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5 paddles

Paige has been married to Dalton for 20 years and although she is terribly unhappy she has stuck with him even after he had a yearlong affair with Darcy

While working on a military base in Japan with her friend Rosa, Paige enjoys the finer things in life, Rosa is an outgoing sexual being who oozes sex appeal and Paige feels like she pales in comparison

During a night out Paige is drawn to a sexy stranger she dubs “dimples” knowing he is well out of her league she allows Tadd another guy from the bar to make advances but when he suddenly proclaims his interest in Rosa she feels ugly and un want able

In steps Casey aka dimples he makes her feel alive and thanks to a call from Rosa they find themselves alone and it soon turns into a night she will never forget

Days pass and she soon finds herself falling for Casey knowing it is wrong and feeling she should fight for her doomed marriage Paige is torn, not allowing herself to believe Casey’s declaration of love she forces herself to enjoy the time they have left

That is until the arrival or Dalton, things soon take a dramatic turn and Paige realises her closest friend, her lover and even her husband have all been hiding a dark secret

Paige has got to make a choice, the man she has been married to for 20 years and the father of her children or her lover of only a few days, with lives at stake who could possibly win?

While reading this book you may find yourself really feeling for the Paige character, she is the insecure part of all of us and you can't but hope this adventure ends well for her

This truly is a great read and the characters work really well together. We all hope to find our perfect partner and dream of finding true happiness, sometimes in life the journey to find "the one" is paved with heart ache and tough decisions Paige's journey is no different and with exciting twists that will keep this story glued to your hands I'm sure you will agree this story will be one you will enjoy time and time again

By Hellkat

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Give Lube Review

Give Lube silicone+

Silicone+ is a special blend of 3 high quality medical grade silicones. It is CE marked so you know it is completely body safe and it is also dermatologically tested and free from preservatives and oils

The silicone+ is colourless and it has a luxurious feel to it giving it the ultimate glide quality and you can really feel this quality from the moment it drips onto your skin. The bottles themselves are a simple yet effective design they come in two different sizes,  A 30ml 'mini' which is great for handbags and travel and the larger 100ml bottle

The bottles are a firm design which means this lube drips out rather than pouring which can make a huge mess especially during the heat of the moment I found that with this bottle design the silicone plus got only where I needed I also found I didn’t need to use to much of it which means no matter which of the sizes you pick they should still last you a good while the bottles also have a very secure click cap and after being thrown from the bed in the heat of the moment I can confirm that the lid stayed in place just as I expected it would

I was very pleased to find that this lube is unscented, being odourless you don’t get that “fake” smell that really spoils it for me which is just the first of many reason I truly love this lube

The silicone+ is also boasted to be flavourless I was sceptical at first but I can 100% confirm that this is not an idle boast the silicone+ is in fact tasteless which is just another thing that makes this an amazing lube

The silicone+ is also suitable for vaginal, anal, oral sex, masturbation and massage which makes this an extremely versatile lube and that’s before you realise it is also safe for use with Latex condoms as well as use with rubber or latex clothing
Also unlike the more traditional water based lubes the silicone+ can be used under water. This was a real plus for me as I love sex in the shower but I am never able to comfortable receive anal sex as the lube washes away to easily which was not a problem here yet it is still easily removed with just soap and water which made clean up a doddle I also found that this lube left my skin feeling great it almost felt like I had used a high quality moisturiser on my private areas leaving me feeling extra smooth and soft

My husband also loved this lube as it doesn’t leave you feeling tacky and sticky after use and having sensitive skin he finds some lubes leave him feeling sore after use and unlike other lubes we have used in the past he had no such reaction, he also didn’t find any collections of icky residue on his manhood which is a real pet peeve of his my husband has now thrown out all our other lubes as this is the only one he has been totally happy with is a huge thumbs up for Give Lube and this amazing silicone+

“No other lubricant glides better or longer!” My husband and I really put this statement to the test to.
 I started off by adding some lube and teasing him with a sleeve masturbator then I continued my tease with a little oral before we indulged in some vaginal intercourse followed my more oral and I can honestly say after all of that there was still more than enough glide for my husband to slip easily in for a little anal fun to finish off

I was totally amazed at this as I truly didn’t expect the Give Lube silicone+ to have as much staying power as it has due to how easily it is removed

This truly is a top quality product and it is everything Give Lube says and more, I would highly recommend this lube it is a real sexy essential for couples and singles

And at only £5.95 for the 30ml mini lubetube

And only £11.95 for the 100ml large lubetube you get real quality at an amazing low price 

To get your hands on this amazing product you can check out the Give Lube site  Here

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Saturday, 21 July 2012 review

Icicles No 04

10 function glass g-spot wand

I have been after some glass for a while now and this one was at the top of my list so when this arrived from I could not have been more excited everything about it appealed to me from its slim clear shaft and raised pink twist to its curved tip. Couple that with the cheeky little bullet that comes with it and you have got yourself a real winner

The first thing I noticed was its elegant packaging the flip open front window of the box is something I have always loved about the icicle products  
These amazing hand crafted products are so well made if cared for properly they could last a life time and being hand blown from hypoallergenic nonporous glass this wand is completely body safe.

Being made from glass also means this wand is extremely versatile, you can run it under warm water or place it in the microwave for some devilish heat play or cool things down by placing it in cool water or in the fridge or freezer

It has 10 different settings which also means there is sure to be a setting to suit most needs and I have to say the vibrations of this glass is something I have not encountered before the glass gives the vibrations a unique feel which I absolutely love and as this wand can be used with or without the bullet it’s also great for those who prefer none vibrating toys

This wand is also very easy to clean in just soap and water or you can pop it in the dishwasher as it is totally dishwasher safe

I found this toy an absolute joy to use it is easy to insert and the raised twist on the shaft feel delicious and with the light up bullet and control box its is simple and easy to use even in the dark

The vibrations on the bullet are not particularly strong but in my opinion they don’t need to be, this wand is a real teaser of a toy and the curved tip hit my sweet spots perfectly and cooling this wand down is a real treat and it didn’t heat up to body temperature to quickly which is a real bonus also by removing the bullet you can also use the wand in the shower and I found having a nice warm shower with the wand fresh from the freezer opens your body up to a whole new set of sensations the feel of the cool hard glass slipping inside you with the warm water cascading over your body felt delicious being glass (although toughened )I would advise against extreme temperature change though do not freeze this wand and then submerge it in hot water as there is still a chance (however small) that it could shatter

This wand is absolutely great for couples play as well as solo fun and my hubby had great fun teasing my body with the cold glass and on hot nights what more could you need

I would highly recommend this toy to anyone thinking of trying glass for the first time and also to those who are already glass lovers as this is a great all round product. Also as I have already said with the removable bullet this is great for vibe and non-vibe lovers a like making this icicles no 04 a real must have for any collection
you can get your hands on this wonderful wand from  here
and at the great price of £27.88 and with an RRP of £39.49 that's a saving of £11.61 now that's a bargain

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Monday, 16 July 2012 review

The frenchy super cock suction cup dildo

I was sent this amazing suction cup dildo by uberkinky  and I couldn’t be happier

This is an amazing looking phallic dildo with a bulbous head and three textured ridges

Made from pvc jelly this dildo weighs 440g its 8.66 inches long with an Insertable length of 6.69 inches (approximate measurements)

Its suction cup base also means it can be used in an array of places from the shower wall to your wooden head board and if you’re feeling adventurous stick it to your washing machine while it’s on a spin cycle

Being made from Phthalate Free pvc jelly the” frenchy” can be easily cleaned with soap and water but this does mean it is unsuitable for individuals unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies to pvc or urethane, that being said you could use a condom over it if you wished

The” frenchy” was easy to insert once lube was added and the textured ridges felt amazing and the bulbous tip easily hit my sweet spots time and time again

I had absolutely no problems with the suction cup it stayed in place really well and it didn’t slip at all which is a huge bonus as I find having to reattach a suction cup half way through rather annoying

I was also very excited to find you can have this product made in a variety of colours so for those of us that prefer a little colour rather than flesh tones this product is great

                                                       ( these are the available colours)
Flesh Mulato Black White Clear Glow in the Dark Red Cherry Blueberry La Tropica Grape Pink Lemonade Bubble Gum Raspberry Lemonade Lime Green Light Green Chartreuse Ivy Green Lavender Copper Light Blue Light Pink Pearl Light Green PearlGold Pearl Highlite Bubble Gum Pearl La Tropica Glitter

I think you will agree a good selection and there is a colour there to suit most tastes

Over all I’ve found this to be an amazing product it feels great, looks great and it works really, really well. I would highly recommend this dildo and it would be great for couples as well as singles so a great all round product
a huge, huge thank you to for sending me such a great product I'm so pleased i won your competition thank you xxx
You can check out this amazing product on the tsx-toys website here

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you