Thursday, 28 February 2013

"a touch of glass" review

Crystal candy


When I was offered the chance to review an item from a "a touch of glass" I must admit I had a hard time choosing a design, each and every style is simply stunning and I would of been happy with any of them

After a rather lovely chat we agreed on the crystal candy and I could not wait for its arrival

My crystal candy arrived very quickly and it did so in discreet unmarked packaging making it ideal for those worried about parcels being identified by house mates or family members

The crystal candy is absolutely stunning, the contrast between the warm purple and lush green is exquisite and it is certainly very unique in design as well as colour choice

How it measures up

Overall Length:  8 inches (200mm)

Insertable Length:  7 inches (175mm)

Shaft Width:  0.75 inch (19mm)

Maximum Width:  1.25 inches (31mm)

The crystal candy features a warm purple shaft embellished with two prominent rings, one of these rings is completely smooth whereas the other is covered in gorgeous green nubs for added texture, and each end of the shaft has a different finish making it a great toy to experiment with as both ends are insertable. One end has a smooth round ball, the other a large tapered tip which for me is the main feature of the product. The tapered tip is decorated with subtle green lines within clear class which creates a wonderful effect and makes the overall design a real thing of beauty

Because every crystal candy is individually made by hand each one will have slight variations in colour and decorative embellishments. This is normal practise for all handmade items and will in no way affect your overall fun and enjoyment. Equally, of course, this means your crystal candy glass dildo is truly unique to you making it incredibly special and unlike mass produced products you can rest assured lots of time and effort would of gone into creating your gorgeous piece making it just as unique and special as you are

During use the tapered tip is not at all "pointy" and causes no discomfort what's so ever, the shaft is slightly curved towards the tapered tip and although it is not quite curved enough to stimulate my g-spot effectively, in certain positions and with a little effort some stimulation is possible.

The textured rings on the shaft itself can be clearly felt during use and a significant difference between the two can certainly be felt which I liked very much.

The balled end of this toy was also a pleasure to use it gives the crystal candy a completely new dynamic and with the rings now at opposite ends you get an entirely different sensation

During anal use I found the crystal candy very easy to insert thanks to the tapered tip and very little lubricant was required, again the textures on the shaft can be easily felt yet they give you a different set of sensations this time it's very similar to using anal beads.

The balled end offers a little more resistance during insertion but thanks to its small size and smooth surface it is again very easy to insert with minimal lubricant

The crystal candy, as well as all the other beautiful pieces from are made from Premium Quality Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass making them not only completely body safe but also very durable and long lasting and easy to clean too, simply wash your chosen product with gentle soap and water, your favourite toy cleaner or even pop it in the dish washer the choice is yours

Being made from high quality glass means the crystal candy is also ideal for temperature play; either pop it in the fridge to cool it down or to add some heat to your adventure simply warm it up in water

Your crystal candy will also be supplied in a lovely satin drawstring bag which is ideal for storage as it keeps it free from dust and other debris to ensure it is always ready to use when you want it.

And because is devoted not only to their work but to their customers as well they offer a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, plus a full LIFETIME Warranty. This sort of guarantee is extremely rare and for me it just goes to show the shear dedication has for its products and clientele

Over all I have to say this is a beautiful pieces and it is a pleasure to use and for those that enjoy texture this would be a great choice. The crystal candy has a good weight to it, it feels very solid and the glass is very smooth making it extremely comfortable to use both vaginally and anally with only minimal lubricant

With my crystal candy I also received a gorgeous glass dildo key ring, these will be new to the sight and will be available in four variations, the one I received is a clear phallic shaped piece with raised green numbs and an orange twist at the base. These very cute little key rings maybe small but they work really well as teaser toys and just because they are small don't be misled into thinking has skimped on quality as they really haven't, these key rings are made from the same high quality glass as the dildos they sell and just as much care has gone into creating them as all the other items on their site making them a great addition to any collection and for toy lovers like me who like to be a little naughty on the go

"A touch of glass" is unlike any glass dildo shop I have come across not only do they have an online chat feature so you can discuss your requirements or any queries you may have but if you have a specific toy design in mind they may also be able to help you arrange it which to me is just amazing

If you are interested in purchasing the crystal candy you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by Free of charge In exchange for a thorough, honest review. this in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 review

Bad Dragon Naga

For me Bad Dragon are the leading manufacture of fantasy sex toys. furry or non furry, male or female bad dragon is sure to have something that will entice and excite your inner most desires. Focusing on all aspects of their designs; shape, size, texture and colour bad dragon are dedicated to producing the finest fantasy-themed adult toys money can buy. These exquisite designs are hand crafted and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to guarantee their customers top quality products as well as high quality service

After recently being offered the chance to review a product from bad dragon I found I had a number of choices to make, when ordering a bad dragon dildo you have numerous options you can pick from to ensure the finished item suits your needs perfectly

First up - design;

Iv been lusting after a number of bad dragon "characters" for quite some time but for me "Naga" was a must have

Next- Size; The Naga comes in Small, Medium or Large

Total Length
Small - 6.10
Medium - 9.40
Large - 12.50

Insertable length
Small - 5.40
Medium - 8.10
Large - 10.80

A full list of dimensions are available HERE

I chose to review the medium

Then Firmness; Bad-Dragon offer there body safe silicone in an array of firmnesses;

Split soft
Split firm
Split wide

I chose to have my Naga in medium

Cumtube; Bad-Dragon offer a cumtube option which Includes a free 8oz/250ml bottle of Bad-Dragon cum lube designed and ideally suited for use with these tubes I decided against this option

Suction cup; I'm a huge fan of suction cups so this was the option for me

Finally the Colour; The colour options Bad-Dragon offer are highly impressive,

anything from signature colours for each model to custom colours, pearlescent and even glow in the dark colours, with Bad-Dragon anything is possible including fades, marbling and highlights. This was a tough decision for me I can be very indecisive at times and colour options is my downfall however I did finally decide on a blood red to black fade

The arrival of my Bad Dragon Naga was extremely quick, taking only two days to arrive from the US which is very impressive. My Naga was delivered in a discrete brown box with no indication of what secrets it held inside. Once opened I found my Naga wrapped in purple tissue paper buried in styrofoam packing which were keeping it nice and safe

My Naga was sealed inside a thick plastic bag, this keeps it clean and ensures you it is factory fresh and i just couldn't wait to tear into it. inside the bag I also found an extremely cute mini Naga in orange with purple marbling on the underside of the base, now as many of you know I'm a huge fan of sex toy merchandise and have a growing collection so finding this really made my day that much better my little mini will make a great addition to my collection as will the silicone sample disk bad dragon also included with my Naga

The Naga features a wonderfully ridged head, followed by a short but stout shaft and a gloriously textured knot. The detail along the shaft is subtle but stunning and it is finished of perfectly with a gorgeous scaled oval base which not only looks and feels incredible but also makes the Naga ideal for knotting comfortably.

The Naga is one of the shorter toys bad-dragon stock with the smallest of the three sizes being a mere 6 inches long, making it the perfect choice for the less experienced users with the medium and large measuring up rather nicely in both length and girth for lovers of larger proportions so what ever your desires there really is a Naga to suit your needs

All Bad-Dragon products are made from 100% phthalate-free, latex-free body safe silicone so you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything you receive from them will be kind to your body as well as being highly pleasurable

Due to the nature of silicone I would highly recommend only using a water based lubricant or Bad-Dragon's own brand of lubricant sold HERE to ensure the safety of your chosen toy, silicone lubes can degrade and damage other silicone products so think of your new toy as well as yourselves

I'm highly impressed with the options I chose for the creation of my Naga, it far exceeds my expectations and is better than I could of ever imagined. The red to black fade is absolutely stunning and the proportions of red and black are perfect but more impressively the fade itself has been done in such a way that the resulting colour is rich and warm and not at all "dirty" looking as I feared it could be. This for me goes along way to proving just how much pride and care bad-dragon put into there creations to ensure each and everyone is a beautiful piece of sexual artistry

The silicone itself has a stunning matt finish to it and feels incredibly soft and sensual to the touch while still having a texture to it making it extremely tactile

The medium firmness I chose for my Naga feels wonderful, it's soft, its smooth and its utterly flawless. The medium firmness is very flexible with a good amount of give in it when you squeeze it, this is exactly what I was hoping for when I chose to add the suction cup because this firmness makes for exemplary suction cup use. The suction cup itself is nice and strong and stays in place excellently with no movement what's so ever during use. This firm footing allowed me to be as energetic as I pleased with my Naga, it's flexible shaft moved with my body causing me no discomfort and allowed me the freedom to really enjoy the feel of the silicone inside me
Every detail of the Naga is exquisite from the ridged tip to the large knots and scaled base every detail has been created with precision and care and its clear a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone in to its creation and its the little details like the subtle vein's along the shaft that really emphasis this

I found the Naga a real pleasure to use, the tapered rigged tip works wonderfully for clitoral stimulation as well as making it very easy to insert, the subtlety bumped shaft has a wonderful girth that is pleasantly filling but the most impressive feature on the Naga however is the generously size knot the glorious texture of this knot is truly something to appreciate and after much warming up with the Naga's shaft I successfully knotted and ohhhhh my god did it feel glorious I can honestly say no other toy in my whole collection of over 150 toys has ever made me squeal the way the Naga has, fully knotted I ground myself against the Naga and its textured base stimulated my clitoris while the large knot moved against my g-spot the medium firmness is probably a little soft for most g-spots but I found it highly enjoyable and worked myself up into quite a frenzy in no time

Using a Naga of this size anally however is a different experience altogether, again the tapered tip makes it very comfortable to insert and the girth of the shaft is very filling but knotting is much harder to achieve, after a good twenty minuets of warming up I was still unable to accomplish it but if I'm completely honest I did not chose the Naga in this size with anal penetration in mind so only for the purposes of this review did i attempt it, the knot of the Naga in medium is far larger than anything I have ever attempted to take anally and for this reason i will probably never use it in this way again

Cleaning of the Naga is very simple the silicone is non porous and can be cleaned in many ways; with your favourite silicone friendly toy cleaner, mild soap and water, the dish washer, or even using sterilising liquid or tablets the choice is yours.

Being silicone you will find the Naga will pick up quite a lot of fluff, hair and other debris this is a common occurrence with silicone due to the nature of the material so storage is important I would suggest either buying a lint free bag or a sex toy storage box big enough to hold it comfortably, always ensure you store your sex toys separately as certain materials will react with one another and this can cause the toys to degrade

My Overall opinion of the Naga as well as the service received from bad dragon is extremely high, my communication with the team was very friendly, helpful and enjoyable and I'm extremely impressed with the Naga, being my first bad dragon product I was not sure what to expect and I'm more than pleasantly surprised by them the quality of the product is exceptional and the overall design is breathtaking.
The bad dragon Naga has certainly whetted my appetite for more bad dragon offerings and I will be very eager to try out other designs

If the Bad-Dragon Naga has peaked your interest you can order one direct from by following this LINK
Disclaimer: This product has been provided by bad-dragon.comFree of charge In exchange for a thorough, honest review. links from the bad-dragon affiliate program have been used but this in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Thursday, 14 February 2013 review

Odeco Hendone


The Odeco Hendone is an interesting looking product and one I’ve had my eye on for a while so I was very pleased to be offered the chance to review for

The Hendo comes I'm a stunning black and orange storage box with only a removable outer sleeve that would give a hint as to what's inside, once removed you have a very discreet storage box you can keep your Hendone safe in without the worry of having to hide it when company is about

The Hendone from Odeco is a 10 speed vibrator, designed for simultaneous pleasure.  Whether its G-spot, clitoral or prostate pleasure you fancy, this amazing toy can offer you it all. 

It’s curved body and ridged spine not only makes it gorgeous to look at and utterly unique but also creates mind blowing sensations, the ridged spine feels incredible during use and the 7 speed dual motors offer a wide range of modes

The looped handle on the base allows you to keep complete control and gives you easy access to scroll through the functions while in use 

The Hendone is rechargeable which for me is always a huge plus, saves a fortune on batteries and when you get hours of use out of it on only a single 2 hour charge your on to a winner

To charge the Hendone you simply push the jack into the silicone covered port till it clicks, while charging the light indicator will flash every second till fully charged and then the light with stay on continuously

The controls of the Hendone are nice and simple, press and hold the power button to turn it on and off, press the power button to switch between the different modes and use the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the intensity

I have Identified 6 intensity settings and 10 modes which confused me as the small handbook that comes with the Hendone states it has only 1 intensity and 9 modes

Anyway moving on, the Hendone features 3 motors one at the tip, one within the shaft and one at the base, the first two motors are great the strength is good and although not overly quiet they are not loud either so shouldn't not be detected through a closed door, however the third motor at the base inside the clitoral stimulator is rather noisy and has a distinct clicking sound I'm not sure if this is a fault or down to its design but the third motor is distinctly different from the first to and for me it just does not work

The overall design of the Odeco Hendone is great its bulbous firm tip is great for g-spot stimulation and its curved shaft makes it easy to identify, the ridges on the shaft itself feel great and add an extra dimension to the experience, the clitoral nub for me is not that effective but it does create extra stimulation and helps me achieve a very, very slow build up its just not enough to really get me going and if I'm honest i could not achieve clitoral orgasm with it although as I stated this could be due to a fault I'm just not sure

How it measures up

Length: 178mm

Insertable Length: 32mm

Width: 37mm

Manufactured from ABS and silicone it is Kind to your body and being splash proof does mean it’s simple to clean using your favourite you cleaner or careful use of gentle soap and water

Overall the Hendone is a nice product to use, it's is great for g-spot stimulation and the 3 motors can be set In different patterns to give you a range of different sensations which I really liked its only real downfall is that third motor and I'd be very interested in finding out if this is actually a fault or not as if it wasn't for that I believe it would be a far more effective product. For those they are more interested in g-spot stimulation and internal sensations this is a great buy and the ridges really do add to the overall experience

If you are interested in the Odeco Hendone you can purchase one directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by Free of charge In exchange for a thorough, honest review. this in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

valentines day love fest

I am feeling very loved this valentines day thanks to some very special people, so this is my little tribute to you, thank you so very much and a happy valentines day to you
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm getting wet but only for you
Vibrators and cock rings, A little chocolate to,
These are the reasons i have fallen for you
Bondara your brilliant for bondage and boys, My fella he loves all of your toys,
My gorgeous friend Donna your one of a kind, Your site is as always a spectacular find
So this valentines i plead with you all, Visit Bondara and Vibratorkingdom too
The gorgeous Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose was sent to me by the wonderful and you can purchase one of these stunning vibrators by following this LINK
For kisses like no other you need to head over to and pick up the hotter than hot rocks of vibrating hot lips cock ring which you can do now by following this LINK

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 review

Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar

I have been looking at spreader bars for quite some time and I freely admit I have been spending a lot of time stalking the site just to look at them so when the wonderful people at uberkinky offered me the opportunity to review on I jumped at the chance

Spreader bars are designed to restrain the wrists, the ankles, or both and its these double spreader bars that I have a particular interest in

The sex & mischief spread the love bar that I have been sent is a great example of this type of bar, it features four super soft adjustable cuffs; two for your ankles and two for your wrists these are fixed to a ridged nylon covered spreader bar to ensure comfort yet keep your partner compliant during use

The overall length of the spread the love bar measures 38cm (15")

And the cuffs are approximately 5cm (2") wide

Making this one of the smaller spreader bars available but don't be fooled it is still a great little bit of kit

The cuffs themselves are not padded but are quite soft making them comfortable to wear. The cuffs are secured using Velcro strips and these certainly keep the cuffs secure although you could break free of these if you really wanted to, you would need to put up quite a fight to do so and let’s be honest that goes against the point of spreader bars and not only could you risk damaging the spread the love bar but also yourself in the proses.

The Velcro straps allow the cuffs to be adjusted to fit most shapes and sizes making the spread the love bar a great all-rounder its small size and un-intimidating design makes it ideal for beginners as well as travel and its tough Velcro and ridged bar would appeal to more advanced bondage users

During use there is no doubt that this spread the love bar will keep you in position making it the perfect tool to tease and torture your lover with

I had great fun cuffing hubby not only was I able to tease him with a naughty show leaving him unable to lift a hand to touch me but was also able to slowly torture him with my toys, mouth, tongue and other equipment bringing him to the edge of ecstasy time and time again but ultimately denying him release till I was good and ready

As my husband and I are both switches the boot was soon on the other foot and it wasn't long before I was cuffed and secured and being deliciously tortured

The spread the love bar can be worn in a number of different positions my husband personally liked me face down, bottom in the air with my arms between my legs secured from behind, giving him complete free rain.

 I found this position rather comfortable and was able to maintain it for prolonged periods of time.

From this position my husband had full access to both my anus and genitals which he took full advantage off.

The spread the love bar can be used for sexual intercourse as well as foreplay and BDSM submission making it a great piece of equipment for any experience level and no matter whether your partner is on their feet, back, knees or front they'll be in just the right position for premium penetration and completely at your control

The spread the love bar does not come with any storage but thanks to its small size it should fit quite happily into most draws so this really is not a problem for me

If you should need to clean your spread the love bar I would advise surface cleaning with a gentle detergent and a damp cloth but please ensure it is completely dry before storing as storing it damp will cause mould to form

All in all I really cannot fault the sex & mischief spread the love bar, it may be small but it gets the job done and is a great choice for beginners

If you are interested in purchasing this sex & mischief spread the love bar you can do so directly from by following this link SEX & MISCHIEF SPREAD THE LOVE BAR has a good range of spreader bars and if your interested you can check out their full selection by following this link SPREADER BARS

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Friday, 8 February 2013 review


I have been lusting after the VerSpanken ever since their release, I loved the overall look of it and it’s unusual design made it a must have as far as I was concerned so when the lovely people at offered me one to review I jumped at the chance, hubby did not have a preference on texture so i asked them to surprise us and to my utter delight they sent the "bumpy"

The VerSpanken come in three varieties "smooth" which is blue, "wavy" which is purple and "bumpy" which is green

Each VerSpanken comes with two textured inserts in your chosen design. The textured inserts are called wieners and these come in two varieties; foam wieners which are the basic inserts and included with your VerSpanken frame or water wieners that you can buy separately, these have the same great textures but with the added feature of being microwave safe and refrigerator friendly, allowing you to heat them up or cool them down to suit your needs and desires

When your VerSpanken arrives you may be surprised by its sheer size I was not expecting it to be as large as it is, but this in fact turned out to be a very pleasant surprise I found its larger size made it far more user friendly than other types of masturbators and its overall design allows it to be used in more varied scenarios, plus the mix and match inserts make it absolutely idea for users who get frustrated by routine

The ability to mix and match both the foam and water wieners is for me what makes the VerSpanken an ingenious bit of kit, being able to modify your toy to your specific needs and desires of any one time gives it the flexibility you just don't get with on single product the VerSpanken gives you the range of sensations you would only experience with multiple toys

The VerSpanken can be used with all lubricants which only adds to its ease of use, although other lotions and oils may cause damage to your wieners but let’s face it you shouldn't be using these as a lube substitute anyway they can cause a multitude of issues so stay safe and keep to the good stuff

You can use the VerSpanken in a number of ways; twist it, rock it, swivel it or stroke.                    One handed, two handed, on a work top, in the bath or shower, on the bed or between your bed and mattress for hands free masturbation. Let you imagination run wild and see what works best for you

During use the VerSpanken's design really comes into its own, the foam Wiener moulds itself around your shaft, you can adjust the snugness of the fit by squeezing the open handle section allowing you to adjust the pressure throughout use to optimise your pleasure

The VerSpanken has a catch that keeps it closed although I found the catch on the one I have reviewed does not stay closed even when not in use which is not a problem as you can use a rubber band to keep the ends closed this is also advised for users that are above average in girth as you may find the added girth will stop the VerSpanken from closing

The bumpy texture of the wiener certainly heightens the sensations felt during use and my husband found it highly pleasurable, the soft, silky surface of the wieners glade effortlessly along your shaft with minimal lube, which for us is a bonus as other male masturbators require far more lubricating which can be messy and for us impairs enjoyment

The VerSpanken is great fun to use both solo or as part of a couple, thanks to its design it is simple to use and allowed me the freedom to perform oral on my husband, while using the VerSpanken to stimulate my husband’s shaft I was able to tease and tantalise the tip of his penis freely with my tongue making it a great toy to introduce into foreplay

Overall I would highly rate the VerSpanken it is easy to use as well as clean and although it does not come with a storage bag you can use the box it comes in to keep it clean and dust free ensuring it is always ready whenever you are, as previously mention the catch on the VerSpanken Im reviewing does not stay closed but this caused us absolutely no problems so I can't really fault it on this,  a simple rubber band gave us the freedom to experiment with it hands free which allowed us to use it to its full potential and my husband thoroughly enjoyed using it as did I

If you are interested I'm purchasing a VerSpanken for yourself you can do so direct from by following this LINK
You can also pick up the VerSpanken water wieners by following the links below




Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

The Duet by Crave

When I was offered the chance to review the Duet by Crave I was incredibly excited, my contact with was wonderful and they generously offered to personalise my Duet which I have to say is a first for me

When my Duet arrived it was gorgeously wrapped safe and sound inside a discrete brown box, once I had removed the ribbon and paper I found the my duet, the minimal packaging of the Duet is eco-friendly and fully recyclable and has basic instructions printed on the inside making it very user friendly. Inside the cardboard packaging you will find your Duet safely packaged inside a quality black leather case along with a white textured card with Crave's details as well as a cute little metal crave charm which can be fixed to a bracelet, necklace, bag or key ring. Its little details like this that makes a product really special

The Duet Crave is a highly impressive bit of kit, this compact little clitoral vibrator measures a tiny 4.55'' x 1.08'' x 0.47" (11.6 x 2.7 x 1.2 cm)

But do not let its small stature fool you, the duet features dual high powered quality motors inside its ergonomically designed silicone tips

The new generation two tip has been designed to improve sensations and this cleverly designed tip now gives the users an array of position options to choose from. The Duet has been created with two subtle yet, distinctly different sides and the gap between the dual tips has been increased from 1mm to 4mm which ensures this amazing Duet will cater for a wider audience

The front of the Duet has been created using flat surfaces whereas the back of the Duet has bevelled edges

Thanks to the innovative design of the Duet it has many different uses;

·         You can use the flat area at the base of the prongs for a less intense warm up

·         The duel prongs can be used to stimulate the labia

·         The very tip of prongs can be used for a tickling teasing sensation

·         Or the cleverly designed tips themselves can be used to surround and hug the clitoris itself when used on the bevelled edge or for more direct full on contact you can use the flat edges

Both of these options create high intensity vibrations in a wide range of settings

With four vibration modes and four power levels, the Duet gives you flexibility to find the perfect intensity and pattern to suit your needs and on the steady setting you also get a bonus turbo setting which is beyond powerful and would blow the mind of any power hungry user.

The settings have been designed to be easily altered at whim, but won’t accidentally change on you in the heat of the moment making it extremely easy to use

The Vibration modes include steady, dual pulsing, circular pulse, and wave the vibrations are nice and rumbly and what makes it even more impressive is just how quiet the Duet is, calling it whisper quiet is an understatement even on the turbo setting you can hardly hear it at all
The Duet is in my opinion the most discrete toy on the current market, once you remove the silicone half of the Duet you are left with a very simple, very innocent looking metal USB adaptor. This adapter is compatible with computers, laptops and also USB compatible phone chargers the Duet's USB connector plugs straight into any standard USB port, which not only allows you to charge your Duet anywhere you please with complete confidence but it also frees you from the hassle of cords, batteries and adaptors making it ideal for travel and with a gorgeous black leather storage case you really can't ask for more

The Duet takes from one and a half to two hours to reach a full charge, which will give you approximately 45 minutes of continuous use at the highest setting or two hours at the lowest.

The Duet will also let you know how much charge it holds, when you turn it on. It will pulse once to indicate 25% twice for 50% three time for 75% and 4 pulsations indicate a full charge this helps to insure your Duet will not run out when you need it most

When plugged into a USB port you must press the power button to initiate charging, a light indicator will then blink to let you know your Duet is charging. The intensity of blinking increases the closer it gets to being fully charged when it will then switch to a solid light

When creating the Duet it is very obvious the people at Crave took every possible step in producing a high quality product every single component and material chosen has undergone vigorous testing to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, and to ensure all Crave products reach this high standard each material and component is sourced and manufactured in San Francisco in close proximity to the Crave factory this proves as far as I'm concerned their sheer commitment to their product and true dedication to offering their customers only the very best

This relentless strive for excellence only becomes more apparent when you realise the lengths they have gone to, to make the Duet Waterproof, not just splash-proof or water resistant  this remarkable little  clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof up to 100ft, excessive? .... Maybe but how many times have you worried about using a "waterproof" toy in the bath? I have personally had reservations about doing just that many times with many, many different toys but crave have gone far beyond the limits of what is needed just to give their customers true peace of mind when using there duet in water

The Duet is a true pleasure to use its smooth lines and soft silky silicone glides across your skin effortlessly making it ideal for nipple stimulation and its small size makes it great for teasing my husband during foreplay, although designed solely for clitoral stimulation I had a lot of fun using it to tease my husband’s testicles and shaft while preforming oral on him and he had a world of fun using it on me making it a lovely little product for couples as well as single ladies

I can honestly say there is nothing I would change about the Duet the power is incredible, the design works wonderfully and it's incredibly discrete, a real must have for any collection

If you would like to purchase one of these incredible clitoral stimulators you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you