Tuesday, 12 February 2013

uberkinky.co.uk review

Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar

I have been looking at spreader bars for quite some time and I freely admit I have been spending a lot of time stalking the uberkinky.co.uk site just to look at them so when the wonderful people at uberkinky offered me the opportunity to review on I jumped at the chance

Spreader bars are designed to restrain the wrists, the ankles, or both and its these double spreader bars that I have a particular interest in

The sex & mischief spread the love bar that I have been sent is a great example of this type of bar, it features four super soft adjustable cuffs; two for your ankles and two for your wrists these are fixed to a ridged nylon covered spreader bar to ensure comfort yet keep your partner compliant during use

The overall length of the spread the love bar measures 38cm (15")

And the cuffs are approximately 5cm (2") wide

Making this one of the smaller spreader bars available but don't be fooled it is still a great little bit of kit

The cuffs themselves are not padded but are quite soft making them comfortable to wear. The cuffs are secured using Velcro strips and these certainly keep the cuffs secure although you could break free of these if you really wanted to, you would need to put up quite a fight to do so and let’s be honest that goes against the point of spreader bars and not only could you risk damaging the spread the love bar but also yourself in the proses.

The Velcro straps allow the cuffs to be adjusted to fit most shapes and sizes making the spread the love bar a great all-rounder its small size and un-intimidating design makes it ideal for beginners as well as travel and its tough Velcro and ridged bar would appeal to more advanced bondage users

During use there is no doubt that this spread the love bar will keep you in position making it the perfect tool to tease and torture your lover with

I had great fun cuffing hubby not only was I able to tease him with a naughty show leaving him unable to lift a hand to touch me but was also able to slowly torture him with my toys, mouth, tongue and other equipment bringing him to the edge of ecstasy time and time again but ultimately denying him release till I was good and ready

As my husband and I are both switches the boot was soon on the other foot and it wasn't long before I was cuffed and secured and being deliciously tortured

The spread the love bar can be worn in a number of different positions my husband personally liked me face down, bottom in the air with my arms between my legs secured from behind, giving him complete free rain.

 I found this position rather comfortable and was able to maintain it for prolonged periods of time.

From this position my husband had full access to both my anus and genitals which he took full advantage off.

The spread the love bar can be used for sexual intercourse as well as foreplay and BDSM submission making it a great piece of equipment for any experience level and no matter whether your partner is on their feet, back, knees or front they'll be in just the right position for premium penetration and completely at your control

The spread the love bar does not come with any storage but thanks to its small size it should fit quite happily into most draws so this really is not a problem for me

If you should need to clean your spread the love bar I would advise surface cleaning with a gentle detergent and a damp cloth but please ensure it is completely dry before storing as storing it damp will cause mould to form

All in all I really cannot fault the sex & mischief spread the love bar, it may be small but it gets the job done and is a great choice for beginners

If you are interested in purchasing this sex & mischief spread the love bar you can do so directly from uberkinky.co.uk by following this link SEX & MISCHIEF SPREAD THE LOVE BAR

uberkinky.co.uk has a good range of spreader bars and if your interested you can check out their full selection by following this link SPREADER BARS

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by uberkinky.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


  1. I've been toying with buying a spreader bar. This one sounds pretty good for a first one.

    Great photos, too!

  2. It's great for a first time bar it's comfortable to wear and doesn't look to over the top which I think works great for introducing people to the idea :-)

    And thanks babes I didn't think they were my best photos but I'm very pleased you like them xxx