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The Duet by Crave

When I was offered the chance to review the Duet by Crave I was incredibly excited, my contact with was wonderful and they generously offered to personalise my Duet which I have to say is a first for me

When my Duet arrived it was gorgeously wrapped safe and sound inside a discrete brown box, once I had removed the ribbon and paper I found the my duet, the minimal packaging of the Duet is eco-friendly and fully recyclable and has basic instructions printed on the inside making it very user friendly. Inside the cardboard packaging you will find your Duet safely packaged inside a quality black leather case along with a white textured card with Crave's details as well as a cute little metal crave charm which can be fixed to a bracelet, necklace, bag or key ring. Its little details like this that makes a product really special

The Duet Crave is a highly impressive bit of kit, this compact little clitoral vibrator measures a tiny 4.55'' x 1.08'' x 0.47" (11.6 x 2.7 x 1.2 cm)

But do not let its small stature fool you, the duet features dual high powered quality motors inside its ergonomically designed silicone tips

The new generation two tip has been designed to improve sensations and this cleverly designed tip now gives the users an array of position options to choose from. The Duet has been created with two subtle yet, distinctly different sides and the gap between the dual tips has been increased from 1mm to 4mm which ensures this amazing Duet will cater for a wider audience

The front of the Duet has been created using flat surfaces whereas the back of the Duet has bevelled edges

Thanks to the innovative design of the Duet it has many different uses;

·         You can use the flat area at the base of the prongs for a less intense warm up

·         The duel prongs can be used to stimulate the labia

·         The very tip of prongs can be used for a tickling teasing sensation

·         Or the cleverly designed tips themselves can be used to surround and hug the clitoris itself when used on the bevelled edge or for more direct full on contact you can use the flat edges

Both of these options create high intensity vibrations in a wide range of settings

With four vibration modes and four power levels, the Duet gives you flexibility to find the perfect intensity and pattern to suit your needs and on the steady setting you also get a bonus turbo setting which is beyond powerful and would blow the mind of any power hungry user.

The settings have been designed to be easily altered at whim, but won’t accidentally change on you in the heat of the moment making it extremely easy to use

The Vibration modes include steady, dual pulsing, circular pulse, and wave the vibrations are nice and rumbly and what makes it even more impressive is just how quiet the Duet is, calling it whisper quiet is an understatement even on the turbo setting you can hardly hear it at all
The Duet is in my opinion the most discrete toy on the current market, once you remove the silicone half of the Duet you are left with a very simple, very innocent looking metal USB adaptor. This adapter is compatible with computers, laptops and also USB compatible phone chargers the Duet's USB connector plugs straight into any standard USB port, which not only allows you to charge your Duet anywhere you please with complete confidence but it also frees you from the hassle of cords, batteries and adaptors making it ideal for travel and with a gorgeous black leather storage case you really can't ask for more

The Duet takes from one and a half to two hours to reach a full charge, which will give you approximately 45 minutes of continuous use at the highest setting or two hours at the lowest.

The Duet will also let you know how much charge it holds, when you turn it on. It will pulse once to indicate 25% twice for 50% three time for 75% and 4 pulsations indicate a full charge this helps to insure your Duet will not run out when you need it most

When plugged into a USB port you must press the power button to initiate charging, a light indicator will then blink to let you know your Duet is charging. The intensity of blinking increases the closer it gets to being fully charged when it will then switch to a solid light

When creating the Duet it is very obvious the people at Crave took every possible step in producing a high quality product every single component and material chosen has undergone vigorous testing to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, and to ensure all Crave products reach this high standard each material and component is sourced and manufactured in San Francisco in close proximity to the Crave factory this proves as far as I'm concerned their sheer commitment to their product and true dedication to offering their customers only the very best

This relentless strive for excellence only becomes more apparent when you realise the lengths they have gone to, to make the Duet Waterproof, not just splash-proof or water resistant  this remarkable little  clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof up to 100ft, excessive? .... Maybe but how many times have you worried about using a "waterproof" toy in the bath? I have personally had reservations about doing just that many times with many, many different toys but crave have gone far beyond the limits of what is needed just to give their customers true peace of mind when using there duet in water

The Duet is a true pleasure to use its smooth lines and soft silky silicone glides across your skin effortlessly making it ideal for nipple stimulation and its small size makes it great for teasing my husband during foreplay, although designed solely for clitoral stimulation I had a lot of fun using it to tease my husband’s testicles and shaft while preforming oral on him and he had a world of fun using it on me making it a lovely little product for couples as well as single ladies

I can honestly say there is nothing I would change about the Duet the power is incredible, the design works wonderfully and it's incredibly discrete, a real must have for any collection

If you would like to purchase one of these incredible clitoral stimulators you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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