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Odeco Hendone


The Odeco Hendone is an interesting looking product and one I’ve had my eye on for a while so I was very pleased to be offered the chance to review for

The Hendo comes I'm a stunning black and orange storage box with only a removable outer sleeve that would give a hint as to what's inside, once removed you have a very discreet storage box you can keep your Hendone safe in without the worry of having to hide it when company is about

The Hendone from Odeco is a 10 speed vibrator, designed for simultaneous pleasure.  Whether its G-spot, clitoral or prostate pleasure you fancy, this amazing toy can offer you it all. 

It’s curved body and ridged spine not only makes it gorgeous to look at and utterly unique but also creates mind blowing sensations, the ridged spine feels incredible during use and the 7 speed dual motors offer a wide range of modes

The looped handle on the base allows you to keep complete control and gives you easy access to scroll through the functions while in use 

The Hendone is rechargeable which for me is always a huge plus, saves a fortune on batteries and when you get hours of use out of it on only a single 2 hour charge your on to a winner

To charge the Hendone you simply push the jack into the silicone covered port till it clicks, while charging the light indicator will flash every second till fully charged and then the light with stay on continuously

The controls of the Hendone are nice and simple, press and hold the power button to turn it on and off, press the power button to switch between the different modes and use the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the intensity

I have Identified 6 intensity settings and 10 modes which confused me as the small handbook that comes with the Hendone states it has only 1 intensity and 9 modes

Anyway moving on, the Hendone features 3 motors one at the tip, one within the shaft and one at the base, the first two motors are great the strength is good and although not overly quiet they are not loud either so shouldn't not be detected through a closed door, however the third motor at the base inside the clitoral stimulator is rather noisy and has a distinct clicking sound I'm not sure if this is a fault or down to its design but the third motor is distinctly different from the first to and for me it just does not work

The overall design of the Odeco Hendone is great its bulbous firm tip is great for g-spot stimulation and its curved shaft makes it easy to identify, the ridges on the shaft itself feel great and add an extra dimension to the experience, the clitoral nub for me is not that effective but it does create extra stimulation and helps me achieve a very, very slow build up its just not enough to really get me going and if I'm honest i could not achieve clitoral orgasm with it although as I stated this could be due to a fault I'm just not sure

How it measures up

Length: 178mm

Insertable Length: 32mm

Width: 37mm

Manufactured from ABS and silicone it is Kind to your body and being splash proof does mean it’s simple to clean using your favourite you cleaner or careful use of gentle soap and water

Overall the Hendone is a nice product to use, it's is great for g-spot stimulation and the 3 motors can be set In different patterns to give you a range of different sensations which I really liked its only real downfall is that third motor and I'd be very interested in finding out if this is actually a fault or not as if it wasn't for that I believe it would be a far more effective product. For those they are more interested in g-spot stimulation and internal sensations this is a great buy and the ridges really do add to the overall experience

If you are interested in the Odeco Hendone you can purchase one directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by Free of charge In exchange for a thorough, honest review. this in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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