Thursday, 28 February 2013

"a touch of glass" review

Crystal candy


When I was offered the chance to review an item from a "a touch of glass" I must admit I had a hard time choosing a design, each and every style is simply stunning and I would of been happy with any of them

After a rather lovely chat we agreed on the crystal candy and I could not wait for its arrival

My crystal candy arrived very quickly and it did so in discreet unmarked packaging making it ideal for those worried about parcels being identified by house mates or family members

The crystal candy is absolutely stunning, the contrast between the warm purple and lush green is exquisite and it is certainly very unique in design as well as colour choice

How it measures up

Overall Length:  8 inches (200mm)

Insertable Length:  7 inches (175mm)

Shaft Width:  0.75 inch (19mm)

Maximum Width:  1.25 inches (31mm)

The crystal candy features a warm purple shaft embellished with two prominent rings, one of these rings is completely smooth whereas the other is covered in gorgeous green nubs for added texture, and each end of the shaft has a different finish making it a great toy to experiment with as both ends are insertable. One end has a smooth round ball, the other a large tapered tip which for me is the main feature of the product. The tapered tip is decorated with subtle green lines within clear class which creates a wonderful effect and makes the overall design a real thing of beauty

Because every crystal candy is individually made by hand each one will have slight variations in colour and decorative embellishments. This is normal practise for all handmade items and will in no way affect your overall fun and enjoyment. Equally, of course, this means your crystal candy glass dildo is truly unique to you making it incredibly special and unlike mass produced products you can rest assured lots of time and effort would of gone into creating your gorgeous piece making it just as unique and special as you are

During use the tapered tip is not at all "pointy" and causes no discomfort what's so ever, the shaft is slightly curved towards the tapered tip and although it is not quite curved enough to stimulate my g-spot effectively, in certain positions and with a little effort some stimulation is possible.

The textured rings on the shaft itself can be clearly felt during use and a significant difference between the two can certainly be felt which I liked very much.

The balled end of this toy was also a pleasure to use it gives the crystal candy a completely new dynamic and with the rings now at opposite ends you get an entirely different sensation

During anal use I found the crystal candy very easy to insert thanks to the tapered tip and very little lubricant was required, again the textures on the shaft can be easily felt yet they give you a different set of sensations this time it's very similar to using anal beads.

The balled end offers a little more resistance during insertion but thanks to its small size and smooth surface it is again very easy to insert with minimal lubricant

The crystal candy, as well as all the other beautiful pieces from are made from Premium Quality Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass making them not only completely body safe but also very durable and long lasting and easy to clean too, simply wash your chosen product with gentle soap and water, your favourite toy cleaner or even pop it in the dish washer the choice is yours

Being made from high quality glass means the crystal candy is also ideal for temperature play; either pop it in the fridge to cool it down or to add some heat to your adventure simply warm it up in water

Your crystal candy will also be supplied in a lovely satin drawstring bag which is ideal for storage as it keeps it free from dust and other debris to ensure it is always ready to use when you want it.

And because is devoted not only to their work but to their customers as well they offer a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, plus a full LIFETIME Warranty. This sort of guarantee is extremely rare and for me it just goes to show the shear dedication has for its products and clientele

Over all I have to say this is a beautiful pieces and it is a pleasure to use and for those that enjoy texture this would be a great choice. The crystal candy has a good weight to it, it feels very solid and the glass is very smooth making it extremely comfortable to use both vaginally and anally with only minimal lubricant

With my crystal candy I also received a gorgeous glass dildo key ring, these will be new to the sight and will be available in four variations, the one I received is a clear phallic shaped piece with raised green numbs and an orange twist at the base. These very cute little key rings maybe small but they work really well as teaser toys and just because they are small don't be misled into thinking has skimped on quality as they really haven't, these key rings are made from the same high quality glass as the dildos they sell and just as much care has gone into creating them as all the other items on their site making them a great addition to any collection and for toy lovers like me who like to be a little naughty on the go

"A touch of glass" is unlike any glass dildo shop I have come across not only do they have an online chat feature so you can discuss your requirements or any queries you may have but if you have a specific toy design in mind they may also be able to help you arrange it which to me is just amazing

If you are interested in purchasing the crystal candy you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by Free of charge In exchange for a thorough, honest review. this in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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