Tuesday, 12 March 2013

swan.com review

Silver swan


I'm very excited to be reviewing a product for swan I have been looking at them for the longest time especially their "LEAF" range but so far this is my first, I was offered a choice of product from the "SWAN" range and the silver swan is the item I decided on

Upon its arrival the feel of a luxury item was apparent the box has a magnetic closure and once opened you will find a thick black card envelope featuring the swan logo, the envelop is sealed using Velcro and inside you will find the instruction booklet. Personally I think when a company makes this much effort on small details like instruction booklets and packaging it makes all the difference on the overall feel of the product

Inside the box you will find a stunning black silk drawstring bag again featuring the swan logo, inside this bag you will find the silver swan and the charging system both of which are packaged separately in their own clear bags

The silver swan comes with an interchangeable universal charging system so no matter where you live or what plug type you’re planning to use there is sure to be an adapter to suit your needs

The silver swan takes 2 hours to charge but may take longer than that on the first initial charge, it is powered by a lithium ion battery therefore the battery itself does not need to be exhausted before recharging making it a very user friendly product, nothing annoys me more than the risk of using a toy low on power and having it cut out on me when I need it most.

Once the adapter is inserted a red LED light will glow to indicate its charging status once it has reached a full charge the light will go out, again making the silver swan very user friendly and a single charge can last up to 6 hours so it will always be ready when you are

The silver swan is a dual stimulator or "rabbit" style vibrator if you will, both the main shaft and clitoral stimulator work independently of each other, as you hold your silver swan buttons towards you the top button controls the main shaft and the bottom button controls the clitoral stimulator, although you will notice once the shaft is activated some vibrations will also flow through the clitoral arm

I'm always wary of traditional rabbit vibrators their ears can pinch and they rarely fit my body well enough to be effective, the silver swan however blew me away it fit my body perfectly that well in fact it could of been designed using me own genitals, the clitoral arm fit snug without being uncomfortable and the bulbous g-spot arm hit my g-spot dead on, no annoying thrusting or moving around necessary 

The Vibrations of the silver swan are impressive the dual motors work brilliantly and to date it is probably my strongest dual stimulator yet

During use I could not fault it one little bit, it preformed exactly as I would of hoped I experienced firm pressure and strong vibrations on my g-spot as well as strong comfortable clitoral stimulation leading to a very impressive g-spot orgasm, rarely do I find a product capable of preforming to this standard so for me the silver swan is an absolute keeper

All swan products come with a "Lock feature" to unlock your silver swan simply hold down both buttons for at least four seconds, you will notice the lights on both buttons flicker at this points the product is unlocked,  to re lock your product simply repeat this process 

Another innovative feature the silver swan possesses is the "Press and hold feature" this feature mimics the natural escalation of human passion simply press and hold the button, the longer you hold the more the vibrations will intensify I'm a huge fan of this feature as its saves you from the annoying click, click, click of buttons when your mid play trying to enjoy the moment

Although the silver swan is small with an overall Length of only 6.6" (17cm) and an Insertable Length of only 5.5" (10 cm) it's ergonomically designed body really doesn't need to be any longer it fit my needs perfectly and it's bulbous tapered tip measuring 1.5" (3.7cm) at its widest point is perfectly shaped for g-spot stimulation

The silver swan is made from 100% Latex and Phthalate Free Silicone making it completely body safe

And thanks to its Virtually Seamless design not only is it fully waterproof but also incredibly easy to clean with simply gentle soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner

Being made from high quality silicone does mean you cannot safely use this silver swan with silicone lube as these can damage silicone products so water based lubricant will be needed when using the silver swan

Overall I could not be more impressed with my first swan experience the packaging as well as the silver swan is of the absolute highest quality and I could not fault either of them. Swan have not skimped on any area of this product, The silver swan may look small but it is certainly not to be underestimated its an amazing product and one I will use time and time again, it has definitely peaked my interest in swan products and I will be extremely eager to try out other products from the different ranges

If you are interested in purchasing the silver swan you can do so direct from swan.com or from the following retailers:




Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you


  1. Brandy is gorgeous! Love the tuft of hair on top of her head lol

    I used to have this vibrator. It's a very nice toy, but the clitoral arm fell a little short for me.

  2. That's the only problem with these sorts of toys they can work really well for one person but not for another its a tough toy to master, I do love this one tho it worked amazingly for me sorry you didn't have as much luck xxx