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I have been lusting after the VerSpanken ever since their release, I loved the overall look of it and it’s unusual design made it a must have as far as I was concerned so when the lovely people at offered me one to review I jumped at the chance, hubby did not have a preference on texture so i asked them to surprise us and to my utter delight they sent the "bumpy"

The VerSpanken come in three varieties "smooth" which is blue, "wavy" which is purple and "bumpy" which is green

Each VerSpanken comes with two textured inserts in your chosen design. The textured inserts are called wieners and these come in two varieties; foam wieners which are the basic inserts and included with your VerSpanken frame or water wieners that you can buy separately, these have the same great textures but with the added feature of being microwave safe and refrigerator friendly, allowing you to heat them up or cool them down to suit your needs and desires

When your VerSpanken arrives you may be surprised by its sheer size I was not expecting it to be as large as it is, but this in fact turned out to be a very pleasant surprise I found its larger size made it far more user friendly than other types of masturbators and its overall design allows it to be used in more varied scenarios, plus the mix and match inserts make it absolutely idea for users who get frustrated by routine

The ability to mix and match both the foam and water wieners is for me what makes the VerSpanken an ingenious bit of kit, being able to modify your toy to your specific needs and desires of any one time gives it the flexibility you just don't get with on single product the VerSpanken gives you the range of sensations you would only experience with multiple toys

The VerSpanken can be used with all lubricants which only adds to its ease of use, although other lotions and oils may cause damage to your wieners but let’s face it you shouldn't be using these as a lube substitute anyway they can cause a multitude of issues so stay safe and keep to the good stuff

You can use the VerSpanken in a number of ways; twist it, rock it, swivel it or stroke.                    One handed, two handed, on a work top, in the bath or shower, on the bed or between your bed and mattress for hands free masturbation. Let you imagination run wild and see what works best for you

During use the VerSpanken's design really comes into its own, the foam Wiener moulds itself around your shaft, you can adjust the snugness of the fit by squeezing the open handle section allowing you to adjust the pressure throughout use to optimise your pleasure

The VerSpanken has a catch that keeps it closed although I found the catch on the one I have reviewed does not stay closed even when not in use which is not a problem as you can use a rubber band to keep the ends closed this is also advised for users that are above average in girth as you may find the added girth will stop the VerSpanken from closing

The bumpy texture of the wiener certainly heightens the sensations felt during use and my husband found it highly pleasurable, the soft, silky surface of the wieners glade effortlessly along your shaft with minimal lube, which for us is a bonus as other male masturbators require far more lubricating which can be messy and for us impairs enjoyment

The VerSpanken is great fun to use both solo or as part of a couple, thanks to its design it is simple to use and allowed me the freedom to perform oral on my husband, while using the VerSpanken to stimulate my husband’s shaft I was able to tease and tantalise the tip of his penis freely with my tongue making it a great toy to introduce into foreplay

Overall I would highly rate the VerSpanken it is easy to use as well as clean and although it does not come with a storage bag you can use the box it comes in to keep it clean and dust free ensuring it is always ready whenever you are, as previously mention the catch on the VerSpanken Im reviewing does not stay closed but this caused us absolutely no problems so I can't really fault it on this,  a simple rubber band gave us the freedom to experiment with it hands free which allowed us to use it to its full potential and my husband thoroughly enjoyed using it as did I

If you are interested I'm purchasing a VerSpanken for yourself you can do so direct from by following this LINK
You can also pick up the VerSpanken water wieners by following the links below




Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


  1. I have one of these being sent to me in a few days, also the 'Bumpy' one. Can't wait to try it now!

    It looks bigger in your photos than I imagined.

  2. Hey hun, it's a hell of a lot bigger than I expected too but hubby rather likes it, fingers crossed you like it too xxx I look forward to reading your review xxx