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Hello touch
I am a HUGE fan of and the form2 is one of my top 5 toys so when I was given the opportunity to review for themselves I could not believe my luck and better yet I have been given the chance to review the all new and revolutionary hello touch
The hello touch is the smallest fingertip vibrator available on the market and the only one optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation.
This exciting new design features a pair of ultra-compact Vibration Pods, each enclosed in a supple silicone finger pad that is completely Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free.
Each Supple medical-grade, platinum silicone finger pad contains compact dual motors giving you super powerful yet whisper quiet vibrations right at your fingertips unlike anything you will ever experience again
The Vibration Pods are as mobile and versatile as your fingers yet they are over three times the power and one third the size of most fingertip vibrators
The tiny yet powerful finger pads are controlled by a very compact power pack that is conveniently fitted inside a super soft wrist band that fits snugly and securely to the wearer, the wires connecting the finger pads to the power source are the perfect length, not to long that they impede the natural movement of the hand and not to short that you risk pulling and damaging the wiring inside
How it measures up
Each Finger pad is 0.7"x0.9"x0.3"
Power pack is 1.0"x2.1"x0.6
The Intuitive Controls make the hello touch incredibly easy to turn it on and off with one hand and the obvious high quality of the product means you get up to 6 hours of use on only two AAAA batteries, now AAAA are not the most common battery in the UK but you can freely pick them up from most large supermarkets 
The hello touch is also waterproof, JimmyJane states that although it is Shower-ready and washable you should not submerge it within water with the power pack open
Thanks to the hello touch's small compact size and the handy travel pouch this little gem will always be ready whenever you are, its incredibly versatile and the power behind it will rival that of many vibrators and bullets on the current market as well as being far beyond the capabilities of any finger vibrators on the current market
The hello touch is the ideal product for couples it enhances your natural touch, perfect for both foreplay and sex not only do they enable you or your partner to stimulate the clitoris, labia, G-spot, nipples and other erogenous zones but thanks to their compact design they do this in a very natural, sensual way
For many just the power behind a single finger pad will be more than enough to send them to blissful release but the combined power of both finger pads will be enough to satisfy even the most power hungry users
Using the hello touch is an experience like no other the versatility of the product makes it a real pleasure to use and the power behind it is incredible. The soft silicone pads sensually glide over your skin enhancing the sensations of your fingers or those of your partner.
There are many ways in which you can use the hello touch, it is compatible with every finger on your hand so the possibilities are only limited to your imagination, you could try  a single finger on the clitoris, duel fingers or even gently squeezing the clit between your finger and thumb,
You can use it in your fingers to stimulate the g-spot or use on a finger and thump to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot together for an extremely intense g-spot orgasm
The hello touch can also be used during male masturbation, when worn on the fingers during masturbation the vibrations travel down the length of the penis to enhance the overall experience and the soft silicone pads glide effortless across the gland for heightened sensations, but don't stop there you can also use the hello touch for both prostate and anal stimulation as well
The hello touch is the ultimate product for couples bounding it brings a new dimension to love making, allowing you to explore each other’s bodies in a whole new way while being completely non-threatening and very natural. This also makes hello touch the perfect product for couples trying sex toys for the first time yet thanks to its intense power it is the ideal product for couples who regularly enjoy sex toys too
The hello touch also comes with a Three Year Limited Warranty this is a clear reflection of and their clear commitment to quality and their faith in the products they sell
If you would like to purchase this wonderful product for yourself you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

Waterglide - Anal Lubricant


I have recently been given the honour of reviewing for and alongside my much loved sportsheets ménage a trois harness I was lucky enough to receive some anal lubricant, which is extremely generous and very handy if I do say so myself

The waterglide anal lubricant comes in a 150ml clear bottle with the waterglide logo featured on the label, the overall effect is very simple which I like as far too many lubricant packaging's look tacky and this can put some users off

The Lubricant itself is clear with higher viscosity than other lubes i have tried; it has been developed specifically for the needs of anal lovemaking.

Not only is it completely colourless but also Odourless and flavourless too, everything you could possibly want from a lube when you crave a more natural feel to your enhanced sex life and  with a richer and thicker consistency it is designed to stay exactly where you want it and to work with your bodies





Potassium Sorbate

Sodium Benzoate

Citric Acid

Free from abrasive ingredients or latex damaging substances, Waterglide not only guarantees its compatibility with condoms but also all your sex toys making this waterglide anal lube a great addition to any bed side draw and the click cap ensures there is no mess, no fuss and is always ready when you are

It's thick consistence ensures even when knocked over there is very little risk of it leaking I left my bottle in the open position with the open cap facing down for a full 10 minutes not one single drop escaped, It is only when you squeeze the bottle that the lubricant is released making this a nice easy lube to play with in the heat of the moment

With the  waterglide anal lube a little goes a long way I was quite surprised just how little we needed both and hubby and I ended up having to wash a lot of excess of with a towel because in our eager haste to play with our new anal toys we underestimated our new lube which is in fact a little wonder all of its own

Hubby and I usually go for an all-round lubricant so we made the mistake of expecting the same level of performance from the waterglide anal lube when in fact this lubricant far exceeded our expectations, it's extra thick consistency makes it super easy to apply and it stays exactly where you want it

During use the waterglide lubricant makes anal penetration extremely comfortable without prior warm up needed, it ensures you experience a smooth, friction free ride that is pleasurable for both partners and allows for a smooth movement without chafing or discomfort

The waterglide anal lube feels very smooth and silky, it has a slight oily feel to it which I in no way found off putting it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth after use and was easy to clean up with just simple warm water and a gentle soap and left neither myself or my husband with any leftover residue which is great

All in all this is a great product to enhance your anal sex life comfortably and I'm very pleased to of had the pleasure of adding it to my collection

If you would like to purchase this waterglide anal lubricant you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

Sexy secret tan cheetah cushion


I'm a huge fan of animal print with leopard/cheetah being one of my favourites so when I saw these gorgeous cushions from I knew I had to have one

As always the lovely takes extra special care when sending any parcels regardless of how big or small, this is something very special and it's not often you see a company go to these lengths to make every aspect of your purchase feel special.

My cushion arrived Wrapped up in gorgeous paper and was finished with a stunning bow, it felt like Christmas had come back round again and I must shamefully confess in my excitement I tore into it forgetting to take photos of just how beautiful my wrapping was (sorry )

Anyway back to my cushion.....

This sexy secret tan cheetah cushion measures 14 inches by 14 inches and it is made from 100% polyester. It has a fury feel to it and is incredibly soft and squishy ideal for cuddling up to or resting you’re head on for a quick nap

The sexy secret cushion has a single zip opening and it is only once opened that you will realise this cushion is a little different, the cushion is actually made up from two thick cushion pads with ample space between the two side to hide lots of your favourite things, the cushion inside is completely lined with satin inside and out to ensure your toys and other play things are kept fluff free and ready to use

I was quite surprised by just how many items I could hide inside the cushion and when strategically placed the cushion remains natural looking with no unusual lumps or bumps that would alert onlookers to its naughty secrets which makes this ideal for people who live with others.

You may notice, depending on the amount of items and there size and shape that they may be felt through the cushion once laid on but this has caused no issues for me

When washing your cushion spot cleaning with a gentle detergent is advised but as the cushion inside is removable it may be possible to hand wash the cushion cover itself if desired.

As the cushion inside is removable it is also possible to change the covers to match your bedding if you wish although in my opinion the design of the cover is gorgeous and it feels incredibly soft to the touch and would make for a wonderful addition to any bedroom

Overall this is a great little accessory and it is ideal for keeping all your favourite sex toys or equipment in, it's discreet and keeps everything you love at hand making it perfect for every collection. Now obviously there is a limit on how much you can put in your cushion but as you can see from these photos, you can put a fair amount into without any problems so it is an ideal storage devise for any sex toy lover.

If you would like to purchase one of these gorgeous cushions for yourself you can do so direct from by following this LINK
If tan is not your colour you can also purchase this wonderful sexy secret cheetah cushion in hot pink which is equally as gorgeous and ideal for even the most girly of girls. The hot pink sexy secret cheetah cushion is available by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by vibratorkingdom. free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 review

Pillow Foreplay


Pillows foreplay come in three ranges, "Girls","Guys" and "Gays" when you receive your pillow it comes in a gorgeous black box with the signature "G" symbol featured on the box, inside your box you will find the flesh coloured inflatable pillow along with a pillowcase, which is packaged separately to ensure it does not get damaged in transit and so you feel safe in the knowledge it is coming to you factory fresh. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use your pillow, although in my opinion thanks to its ingenious design these are not really necessary as the pillow is incredibly easy to use

The P4P that I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing is a Girl friendly pleasure aid and is designed to hold your favourite sex toys and allowing you to have a more natural sexual experience,no matter how adventurous or discreet you like to be.

The pillow can be used in a variety of different positions and can be used during solo play or to enhance your sexual experience with your partner giving you endless possibilities of play. 

This Unique product design allows you to play with your favourite toys completely hands free and this amazing little invention will accept 99% of all vibrators and dildos so you really cannot go wrong

The P4P is Patent approved and certified by the FDA in the USA. The internal pillow is manufactured from medical grade PU and is completely Phalate free so you know your body is in good hands. It Inflates easily using an oral inflation system and deflates quickly using a pressure valve fitted just inside the oral inflation tubes. Your chosen toy is held in place with a secondary pump system that is controlled by a small hand pump connected to the pillow

Designed to support all body sizes and weights this pillow is ideal for anyone looking to add a new dimension to their play and best of all the design of this pillow also means it supports your body weight during play making it ideal for users with spinal disorders. I myself suffer from minor spinal pain after damaging my back in a serious fall, and have found that this enables me to enjoy my pleasure even when In pain, it supports my body and works with me and with only the smallest of movements you can create extremely effective results,

The P4P reacts to your every touch and movement,the inflatable parts Inside the pillow are made up of two chambers that work independent of each other, each chamber is controlled by a separate outlet and by blowing into these outlets or letting air out of them you are able to adjust the pillow to fit your mood, position and body requirements

The P4P gives you a very intimate and sensory experience that will hit all the right spots, the smooth satin pillowcase teases your naked body turning your favourite toy into something that excites your whole body

When you order your P4P you will get to choose your satin pillow case in cerise, purple or black with the added option of creating your own designs so with pillows foreplay your every desire can be made into reality

The satin pillowcases are also wipe clean and washing machine safe up to 60 degrees so you do not need to worry about hygiene issues with these pillows simply wipe your pillow clean after use and when you’reready pop it into the washing machine

The pillow foreplay is an absolute joy to use the trick with it is to really play an explore what feels best and in what positions,adjusting the pressure inside the pillow really makes all the difference to your experience and you will find that different pressures work better indifferent positions and finding these are only the half the fun

When using your pillow you are able to keep your hands free allowing you to tease and tantalise your body this is great for those who enjoy nipple or clitoral stimulation during play while the pillow rocks and moves beneath you allowing you to ride out your pleasure in utter bliss

My favourite use for this pillow is to use it as an aid to double penetration while bending over, riding my pillow my husband can enter me anally and the movement of his thrusting causes the pillow to move beneath me.using the pillow like this you can experience double penetration like never before and it is the closest you will come to a male/female/male threesome without the extra male participant this is particularly good for couples interested in double penetration but are apprehensive of adding a third party 

All in all there is nothing I can really fault this pillow on, the design of the pillow is remarkable, the quality of the pillow is extremely high and is extremely well made and the pillowcase itself is designed to fit the pillow perfectly leaving easy access to the inflation tubes as well as an access point which allows you to control your toys without having to remove them from the pillow during play which only adds to its ease of use and for those that would like to keep the pillow inflated so it’s always ready for action but without people knowing its real use simply flip it over, it will easily pass for an innocent giant pillow and without actual inspection by others your pillow will not give away its naughty secrets

If you would like to purchase one of these extremely fun pillows you can do so directly from by following thisLINK

If the idea of creating your own pillowcases has peaked your interest here's a little something you might like to read


"From your head to your bed"

Pillows foreplay our also currently asking their clients to suggest designs and vote on their ideas. The idea is to create a full range of pillow cases for you to choose from, the current suggestions are leather and lace, satin and silk with a wide array of trimmings such as button, bows, buckles and studs to customise your pillow with. Our imaginations are boundless so if you have an idea for a design why not visit their FACEBOOK page and let them know

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you review

The sportsheets ménage a trois  harness and dildo set


When the wonderful people at approached me regarding a review and mentioned their hopes of me reviewing a strap on Iwas a little stuck hubby and I have never used a strap on before, hubby is not convinced by the idea of pegging so it’s not something we had really looking into. There was only one strap on I had any real interest in reviewing and didn't stock it but after a lovely discussion with them I was very shocked to find out they decided to order it in for me and then stock it on their wonderful site I was completely gobsmacked and extremely grateful as you can imagine and for me, that is a sign of a real quality site

So what is the product I was so keen on???

The sportsheets ménage a trois 

The menage a trois is very different from regular strapon's, it is designed to be worn by a man yet still enable him to have use of his penis as well, this is the ultimate toy for double penetration lovers and the ideal strap on for me and hubby, as you all know we are huge fans of double penetration and are always looking for new ways to play.

When the The sportsheets ménage a trois arrived we could not contain our excitement it immediately peaked our interest and we couldn't keep our hands off it. The black nylon harness is smooth yet ribbed and the nickel free metal rings and studs are a gorgeous contrast to the black fabric

I soon realised the harness had been put together wrong during production but this was reasonable easy to

Rectify which is great as the sportsheets ménage a trois comes with only the simplest of picture instructions on the back of the box

Also the sportsheets ménage a trois box informs you that itcomes with 3 interchangeable O-rings when in actual fact I have found itactually comes with 4

The rings sizes are as follows

One metal ring measuring 1.5inches

One metal ring measuring 1.75inches

A rubber ring also measuring 1.75inches

And one metal ring that measures 2inches

These are perfectly sized to support a number of different toys as well as comfortably supporting various penis sizes

Each of the metal poppers on the harness feature the sportsheets logo which is nice and each of the popper fastenings are strong and durable, the ends of the nylon harness have also been heated which reduces the risk of fraying

Once I had rearranged the harness into its correct design itwas really simple to put on and although my husband found it a little strange at first (being a man that does not wear underwear) he did not find it uncomfortable to wear which is a bonus

During use my husband found it very comfortable to wear andeven though the ménage a trois is a thong design and not something he is used to wearing it did not interfere in any way with his body’s natural movements and that's saying something as for the 11 years hubby and I have been together he has never worn underwear so this for me goes to show how comfortable it is to wear

The O-rings themselves are perfectly positioned for my husband’s body and he found they caused no discomfort at all which is important to us when using any product

The ménage a trois harness also comes with a sportsheets flare dildo in a gorgeous pearlescent red firm silicone

Made of body-safe, hypoallergenic, scent free, non-porous silicone the sportsheets flare dildo contains no latex or phthalates so you know you’re getting the very best with this little wonder

How the flare dildo measures up

Overall Length: 6 inches

Insertable length: 5.3 inches

Circumference: 3.9 inches

Diameter: 1.2 inches

This dildo is compatible with the O-Ring diameter of 1.5 inches which is the smallest of the rings that comes with this set

This flared dildo maybe small but the curved shaft and smooth bulbous head ensures that not only is anal penetration comfortable and easy to achieve with this set but also highly enjoyable too and the overall design of this dildo is perfect for hitting all your sensitive spots during vaginal use as well making this great little dildo a real winner. Plus thanks to the flared base of this dildo you can also use it safely for anal penetration without the use of the harness which has to be a plus in anyone's book

The sportsheet flared dildo is incredibly easy to clean either in your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap which adds to its ease of use and the harness can be easily cleaned in soapy water if needed just insure that your harness is completely dry before storing as the metal poppers can rust if it is stored while still damp

Overall the ménage a trois harness and dildo set gets high marks from both me and my husband the harness fits comfortably and snugly to the wearer’s body and the O-rings are perfectly positioned for both the male and female form. The flare dildo that is supplied with the set compliments it perfectly and is a great choice for both beginners and regular harness users,the size is great and the shape of the dildo means it is very easy and extremely comfortable to insert. the smooth texture of the silicone also means this is also very easy to use with the minimal amount of anal lubricant.

If you would like to purchase this great little harness set you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

Sunday, 20 January 2013 review


Crystal delights Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’ do the most beautiful glass work I have ever seen and when I was approached to review something from them I really could not believe my luck and I'm not ashamed to say I screamed my house down in excitement

The problem was choosing which item I wanted to review, that has got to be one of the hardest review decisions I have ever had to make, I love every single one of the crystal delights products and would of been honoured to review anything which is exactly what I told them so when I was asked if I would like to review the new Spartacus torch I squealed in delight

Crystal Delights Erotic Toys have created this toy as a tribute to the hit movie "Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning" and it is the first official toy of this line. Made in the USA by Highly skilled artisans using techniques they have cultivated through years of experience and training they design and create each beautiful piece using Borosilicate Glass, this ensures that not only is each product completely Body-Safe, Non-Toxic and Phthalate Free but also Natural and Eco-Friendly too

Once the Spartacus torch arrived I was utterly shocked by the absolutely stunning luxury handmade black brocade pouch it came in, the bag is made from polyester and the design on the bag is created with rayon which gives the gorgeous design texture and a beauty all of its own, it is very obvious that this bag is made to the highest quality. You really are spoilt by crystal delights and when the packaging/storage is this amazing you just know the item inside is going to be beyond awesome.

The Spartacus torch is a double ended handmade glass toy modelled to look like a real Roman torch making this a completely unique item and unlike any other pleasure product you have seen or used before

One side of the "torch" is created by the use of the signature Crystal Delights Twist with a fire orange detailing on the edges,this gives the "torch" a look that resembles a flame and it really is stunningly beautiful to look at

The Spartacus torch has a luxuriously smooth texture, elongated tip and twisted smooth ridges on the shaft that give it a very unique design, it feels remarkable during use, whether you twist it or thrust it the exquisite torch tantalised and teases each and every pleasure point within you. Do not be misled by the Spartacus torch's "twist” end, it may be small but the ingenious design of this twist gives it the capability of enticing sensations within you that you would usually only experience with a larger thicker toy

The opposite end of the torch is a series of clear beads made of the same smooth glass offering a completely different texture to the user and allows you to choose between the two ends depending on your mood and desires

The overall weight of the Spartacus torch is 7.9oz and its full length measures in at 9.4inches with the "torch" end measuring4.2inches in length and 1.5inches in diameter and the beaded end measuring in at 4.6inches in length and 1.2inches in diameter all in all some yummy stats if I do say so myself

The Spartacus torch is also great for temperature play whether you want to heat it up gently in water or cool it down in the fridge or freezer this amazing Spartacus torch allows you the freedom to do so.

Being glass the Spartacus torch is also completely waterproof allowing you to use it in both the bath and shower as well as giving you plenty of cleaning options too, whether you want to use your favourite toy cleaner,antibacterial soap and water or even pop it in the dishwasher the choice is yours and whichever option you decide on you can do so in the knowledge that your beautiful new toy will be safe and sound

Each creation is individually handcrafted so each Spartacus torch will be unique and very special, this is what I love most about crystal delights erotic toys you get top quality products each and every one made with love and care and you can really tell the difference between these and mass produced products. The amazing team at crystal delights erotic toys also inspect each and every creation which is then certified with a unique ID Number when packaged. Each item Comes with embossed, hand signed, authentic Original Crystal Delights Erotic Art documentation so you know without a doubt that the toy you receive is indeed a crystal delights creation

There really is not one thing I can criticise the product on it feels amazing in your hands and you'll be lucky if you can leave it alone once you have it, when in use it truly does come into its own, the Spartacus torch is like no other toy I've ever used and I have used a lot, the beads work really well for anal as well as vaginal penetration and the gorgeous twisted end of the "torch" feels incredible. I really can't praise this crystal delights creation enough it is more than worth the money they are asking and it's so utterly beautiful I would be surprised if you could face putting it away the Spartacus torch is more than a pleasure product it's a work of art.

To get your hands on one of these truly stunning creations go direct to or follow this LINK

Crystal Delights

You can also buy some of these stunning crystal delights creations from the amazing people at right here in the UK. they have a wonderful customer service, great prices and super fast discreet delivery every thing you could possibly ask for in a top quality online store. please check them out by following this LINK

UK > Crystal Delights

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Saturday, 19 January 2013 review

Thai Pain Sticks

I must confess I have limited experience with nipple torture, having only used one previous set of metal nipple clamps (which ended in disaster) so I was obviously slightly apprehensive when approached me about nipple clamps but being the pro that he is Nick from DOM-estics suggested I try these Thai pain sticks and I'm beyond grateful that he did

The Thai Pain sticks come in a choice of three different colour ends, Black, Red & Blue, and are typically between 8-9 inches long. The variation in length being down to bamboo being a natural product, so the size varies depending on the useable length of bamboo sometimes more or less has to be trimmed off.

Made from bamboo, and bound and dipped at each end to keep the ends together the Thai pain sticks prove that simplicity is best

These pain sticks are supplied in pairs with each "stick" comprising of two thin sticks secured at each end with two small rubber rings on each end.

to use these pain sticks you simply move the rubber rings to the edges of the sticks and slip your nipple between the two. The tightness of the nipple clamp is then increased by moving the rubber rings to the centre of the sticks

When using these you can adjust the tightness as slowly or as quickly as you like which is great for both beginners and veterans in the nipple torture world

Now I don't have particularly large nipples so to be honest I was fully expecting a lot of pain and discomfort however once on they feel incredibly comfortable and as my husband slowly increased the tightness I experienced a tingling sensation which was then heightened when he began kissing and licking my nipple

As the Thai pain sticks there then tightened further the tingle turned into a pleasant ache and any stimulation seemed to zone in on my arousal (something that has never happened to me in this way before) I was very pleasantly surprised by this reaction and soon craved more

 We found that by giving my body a few minutes to become accustom to each adjustment meant that not only did I appreciate the sensations it stirred inside me much more but that we could also tighten the sticks a lot further meaning we got the best from this product and just to make sure we used them to their full potential we tried using them alongside my favourite vibe and oh wow, oh wow, oh wow am I glad we did, the vibrations travel through the bamboo just as intensely as from the vibe itself but the sticks heighten the stimulation tenfold giving you a far more pleasurable experience and it was certainly the closest iv ever come to climaxing with only nipple stimulation

I honestly did not think that a product like this would arouse me as much as it did, as I have said my nipples are quite small and to be honest stimulation to them whether it is kissing, licking, biting, pinching or sucking has never really done anything to me until now

my husband is a boob man and I can honestly say these Thai pain sticks have worked wonders bringing us closer as a couple because now after 11 years I can finally appreciate and enjoy my husband’s love of my boobs and nipples making it a highly pleasurable experience for both of us

And just when you think these little sticks could not get any better .... try pulling them of when you climax

The fun doesn't stop there either these Thai pain sticks are ideal for use on the clitoris although more extreme than nipple torture use on the clitoris can also increases sensitivity, heighten arousal and strengthen climax.

Regardless of where you plan to use these Thai pain sticks I would suggest beginners start off with a loser setting and work your way up in tightness as I have found as I'm sure most women have on different days of the month my nipple are more/less sensitive than on others which means depending on the day I need different levels of tightness to create the sensations I have now begun to crave

After using these pain sticks I really can't understand why I let one bad experience put me off from experimenting further with nipple torture again for so long , I really can't get enough of them and I'm very pleased I have all three sets I may even need to invest in back-up sets I love them that much 

If you would like to get your hands on these little wonders you can buy each variant from by following these links


Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you