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Thai Pain Sticks

I must confess I have limited experience with nipple torture, having only used one previous set of metal nipple clamps (which ended in disaster) so I was obviously slightly apprehensive when approached me about nipple clamps but being the pro that he is Nick from DOM-estics suggested I try these Thai pain sticks and I'm beyond grateful that he did

The Thai Pain sticks come in a choice of three different colour ends, Black, Red & Blue, and are typically between 8-9 inches long. The variation in length being down to bamboo being a natural product, so the size varies depending on the useable length of bamboo sometimes more or less has to be trimmed off.

Made from bamboo, and bound and dipped at each end to keep the ends together the Thai pain sticks prove that simplicity is best

These pain sticks are supplied in pairs with each "stick" comprising of two thin sticks secured at each end with two small rubber rings on each end.

to use these pain sticks you simply move the rubber rings to the edges of the sticks and slip your nipple between the two. The tightness of the nipple clamp is then increased by moving the rubber rings to the centre of the sticks

When using these you can adjust the tightness as slowly or as quickly as you like which is great for both beginners and veterans in the nipple torture world

Now I don't have particularly large nipples so to be honest I was fully expecting a lot of pain and discomfort however once on they feel incredibly comfortable and as my husband slowly increased the tightness I experienced a tingling sensation which was then heightened when he began kissing and licking my nipple

As the Thai pain sticks there then tightened further the tingle turned into a pleasant ache and any stimulation seemed to zone in on my arousal (something that has never happened to me in this way before) I was very pleasantly surprised by this reaction and soon craved more

 We found that by giving my body a few minutes to become accustom to each adjustment meant that not only did I appreciate the sensations it stirred inside me much more but that we could also tighten the sticks a lot further meaning we got the best from this product and just to make sure we used them to their full potential we tried using them alongside my favourite vibe and oh wow, oh wow, oh wow am I glad we did, the vibrations travel through the bamboo just as intensely as from the vibe itself but the sticks heighten the stimulation tenfold giving you a far more pleasurable experience and it was certainly the closest iv ever come to climaxing with only nipple stimulation

I honestly did not think that a product like this would arouse me as much as it did, as I have said my nipples are quite small and to be honest stimulation to them whether it is kissing, licking, biting, pinching or sucking has never really done anything to me until now

my husband is a boob man and I can honestly say these Thai pain sticks have worked wonders bringing us closer as a couple because now after 11 years I can finally appreciate and enjoy my husband’s love of my boobs and nipples making it a highly pleasurable experience for both of us

And just when you think these little sticks could not get any better .... try pulling them of when you climax

The fun doesn't stop there either these Thai pain sticks are ideal for use on the clitoris although more extreme than nipple torture use on the clitoris can also increases sensitivity, heighten arousal and strengthen climax.

Regardless of where you plan to use these Thai pain sticks I would suggest beginners start off with a loser setting and work your way up in tightness as I have found as I'm sure most women have on different days of the month my nipple are more/less sensitive than on others which means depending on the day I need different levels of tightness to create the sensations I have now begun to crave

After using these pain sticks I really can't understand why I let one bad experience put me off from experimenting further with nipple torture again for so long , I really can't get enough of them and I'm very pleased I have all three sets I may even need to invest in back-up sets I love them that much 

If you would like to get your hands on these little wonders you can buy each variant from by following these links


Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


  1. I've never heard of these before...I love nipple play but not a big fan of clamps because they are so sensitive. Though, I might have to look into getting me a set.

    Oh, and great photos!

  2. You really should darling they are fantastic and adjust to lots of different sizes so ideal for us sensitive girls too ;-) and at that bargain price you really can't go wrong xxx