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Waterglide - Anal Lubricant


I have recently been given the honour of reviewing for and alongside my much loved sportsheets ménage a trois harness I was lucky enough to receive some anal lubricant, which is extremely generous and very handy if I do say so myself

The waterglide anal lubricant comes in a 150ml clear bottle with the waterglide logo featured on the label, the overall effect is very simple which I like as far too many lubricant packaging's look tacky and this can put some users off

The Lubricant itself is clear with higher viscosity than other lubes i have tried; it has been developed specifically for the needs of anal lovemaking.

Not only is it completely colourless but also Odourless and flavourless too, everything you could possibly want from a lube when you crave a more natural feel to your enhanced sex life and  with a richer and thicker consistency it is designed to stay exactly where you want it and to work with your bodies





Potassium Sorbate

Sodium Benzoate

Citric Acid

Free from abrasive ingredients or latex damaging substances, Waterglide not only guarantees its compatibility with condoms but also all your sex toys making this waterglide anal lube a great addition to any bed side draw and the click cap ensures there is no mess, no fuss and is always ready when you are

It's thick consistence ensures even when knocked over there is very little risk of it leaking I left my bottle in the open position with the open cap facing down for a full 10 minutes not one single drop escaped, It is only when you squeeze the bottle that the lubricant is released making this a nice easy lube to play with in the heat of the moment

With the  waterglide anal lube a little goes a long way I was quite surprised just how little we needed both and hubby and I ended up having to wash a lot of excess of with a towel because in our eager haste to play with our new anal toys we underestimated our new lube which is in fact a little wonder all of its own

Hubby and I usually go for an all-round lubricant so we made the mistake of expecting the same level of performance from the waterglide anal lube when in fact this lubricant far exceeded our expectations, it's extra thick consistency makes it super easy to apply and it stays exactly where you want it

During use the waterglide lubricant makes anal penetration extremely comfortable without prior warm up needed, it ensures you experience a smooth, friction free ride that is pleasurable for both partners and allows for a smooth movement without chafing or discomfort

The waterglide anal lube feels very smooth and silky, it has a slight oily feel to it which I in no way found off putting it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth after use and was easy to clean up with just simple warm water and a gentle soap and left neither myself or my husband with any leftover residue which is great

All in all this is a great product to enhance your anal sex life comfortably and I'm very pleased to of had the pleasure of adding it to my collection

If you would like to purchase this waterglide anal lubricant you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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