Sunday, 31 March 2013 review

Luminous Love Wand


Crystals have always fascinated me so when I first saw the luminous love wand last year I knew I had to have one, I’ve followed closely and when I was offered the chance to review a wand I could not have been more grateful

Rose quartz is an absolutely stunning crystal varying in shades of vibrant pink to almost white it is often called the "Love Stone." Its energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love because of this Rose quartz will help enhance all forms of love from self-love and family love to romantic love.

Spiritualists also often use rose quartz in love spells and charms to bring love into their lives. Rose quartz is also said to have a number of healing properties both emotionally and physically, it is used to help heal emotional trauma, calm nerves and anxiety, increase ones self-esteem, plus has a range of physical healing benefits such as migraines and depression, fertility and sexual dysfunction as well as throat, ear and sinus problems and is said to also help with heart and kidney problems and protect during pregnancy and child birth

Rose quartz can also be helpful for dream recall and dream work and is said to aid restful sleep, calm night terrors and control active sleep disorders

Making this absolutely beautiful love wand far more than your average sex toy

made from 100% all natural rose quartz this stunning toy will take your breath away it's subtle curves and rounded ends make its a real thing of beauty and its larger "g-knob" end makes it ideal for g-spot stimulation

Measuring in at 6.5" long the love wand is a good length and would satisfy most users

The shaft itself is 1" wide and the "G-knob" is slightly wider measuring in at 1.25" making it a slim yet satisfying toy

like glass crystal can also be used for temperature play, It can be warmed up or cooled down with tap water to enable the users to experiment with new sensations. Rose quartz will hold its temperature fairly well, personally I found this most effective with cooling, pop it in the fridge to cool it down and then jump in the shower, the contrast in sensations is remarkable

Each wand weighs Approximately 8 ounces so it has a good weight to it, rose quartz is also pretty resilient so although it will with stand minor bumps and knocks you will still need to take appropriate care with it,

The luminous love wand is supplied in a black padded storage bag and I highly recommend you use this when not in use

As with all sex toys hygiene is important and although the love wand is safe to clean in a dishwasher this will cause the crystal to lose its lustre so i recommend cleaning it solely in warm water and use a gentle soap, Mild toy cleaners can also be used if you wish

 To cleanse the crystal’s energy wash it thoroughly then rinse well and set it in a bowl of warm water, luminous recommends adding a few tablespoons of non-iodized salt but this is optional and leave to sit, preferably overnight crystal lore recommends setting the crystal in its salt outside under a full moon for maximum cleansing and happy energy.

How do I "charge" it?

Luminous suggests that to get the most from your wand you should “charging” it with your thoughts, energy, and intention. For example, if you’re using the wand to share love with a partner, hold the cleaned crystal in your hands and say: “I infuse this wand with the deepest love from my heart.” To use the wand solo for sexual healing purposes, you could say, “May this wand be a conduit of healing, harmony, and love.” Or you could simply say, a few times: “Passion.” Then, assume your wand is reading to use.

During use the love wand works really well it is easy to insert with a minimal about of lubrication and the "g-knob" works incredibly well for g-spot stimulation, it has good weight to it and its easy to control, although if you use to much lubrication the excess does make the love wand slippery so i suggest you use it sparingly. overall the luminous love wand really is an amazing product i really can not fault it in any way and im looking forward to seeing how it effects my sleep disorders and general well being  

The wand itself is stunning and being handmade from 100% natural rose quartz each and everyone one will be completely unique which I absolutely love

If you are interested in purchasing the Stunning Luminous Love Wand you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 review

Rear Envy  

The "rear envy" is a butt plug featuring a Flogger tail made by Doc Johnson, it is available in 3 colours pink, purple and black and thanks to I have been given the opportunity of reviewing one

The rear envy is packaged simply in a clear plastic tube with a plastic frame work to keep it from moving around, however this packaging style has left slight imperfections on the butt plug, this could be due to the product being packaged before it was fully cured or it could just be due to the nature of the material I'm not quite sure. Any way the imperfections are not really an issue for me it does not affect the toys usability in anyway and I think it rather adds character to the plug somewhat

The plug itself is a beautiful pearlescent purple, this metallic sheen catches the light really well and I couldn't help moving it around in my hand just watching the light catch it, it's a little on the small side but this does mean its very easy to use with minimal lubricant

At the end of the plug there is a simple black rubber flogger tail featuring 60 1mm thin rubber falls this give the flogger a tingly feel to it when used

This is a great beginners toy for anyone looking to expand their sexual repertoire or even for those hoping to venture into the world of bdsm, due to its small size the rear envy is very easy to insert and is nice and comfortable to wear making it a great beginners anal toy, it's "tail" also makes it a good start for those looking into pet play for the first time

When used as a flogger it is light weight and easy to wield making it again ideal for beginners and offers a satisfying, teasing tingle on impact

I personally prefer something with a little more bite when I'm looking at impact toys, however I adore the feel of this flogger when used alongside a more extreme impact tool, alternating between a heavy duty paddle and this flogger makes my whole body feel alive. It's teasing tingle accentuates every sensation and leaves me wanting more time and time again

It's also great for using on the breasts and genitals its tingly impact works very well in these particular areas and thanks to its small size it is not as intimidating as a full sizes flogger making it once again the perfect choice for beginners

Overall I think this is quite a nice little product it is easy to clean in simple soap and water or even your favourite toy cleaner, it's small size makes it an ideal choice for travel so if you planning a cheeky getaway to indulge yourself in something new the rear envy would be a good choice

As iv mentioned it is the perfect choice for beginners looking into expanding their sexual experiences without the fear of causing harm or damage to themselves or their partner


For more extreme bdsm users this really isn't the choice for you it's plug is very small and the flogger offers more of a tickle than any real impact

However as iv previously stated I do highly enjoy using this alongside more extreme tools the contrast in sensations is exquisite and heightens my overall enjoyment so for that reason I really love this little guy

The build quality is not the highest iv seen the one I received is a little misshapen, I have nicknamed my bumpy but its unique shape does give it that little something extra which I found I really enjoyed so for me this really is not a problem, the falls are also securely held which is also a plus and to be honest at £12.95 you really can't complain it's a great beginners product and comes at a more than reasonable price

If you are interested in purchasing the Rear envy you can do so directly from by following this link


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for an thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 review

Stronic Eins



When the stronic eins arrived from as a surprise review item I must admit I was more than a little excited, unlike other vibrators the Stronic Eins is a thrusting pulsator of goodness

As always my package from was discreet and secure with no indication of the Naughties it held inside this is something I always appreciate from simplypleasure your privacy is always their top priority

When it arrived I couldn't wait to unpack it, the packaging itself is pretty basic and you will find your Stronic Eins just sat inside the cardboard box with a plastic mesh across the buttons, basically the same mesh stuff you can get on fruit..... hmmmm interesting, any way moving on

Charging the Stronic eins is super easy with its very user friendly magnetic charging system although I must point out even though it will set you back around £130 the Eins does not come with an actual charger you may in some cases have to buy it separately, it may only cost around £5 to buy and let's face it if you can afford the £130 an extra £5 isn't going to mean much but for me it was slightly disappointing, if your spending out that sort of money I'd expect the complete package and I believe most people would feel the same way. Luckily the wonderful people at provided me with the charger along with the Stronic Eins itself so for me this really isn't an issue and anyone who already owns a fun factory product will know all their products use the same charger so this does mean you won't need boxes and boxes of chargers all over your house, as I said the charger  itself is very easy to use, simply plug it in and the magnetic pins on the charger will click right in to place exactly where they are needed on the Eins itself, once connected simply turn it on and leave it to charge

Luckily the controls on the Stronic Eins are super easy to work, the "fun" button turns it on and off and the "+" and "-" buttons control the settings, this is a huge sigh of relief as the "instructions" really are no help at all

So far I guess some people may think  the Stronic Eins has turned out to be a slight anti-climax for me but that certainly isn't the case, once in use it certainly makes up for the slightly annoying oversights I’ve mentioned

Let’s see how it measures up:

Length - 23.8 cm / 9.25 inches

Insertable Length - 15cm / 6 inches

Circumference - 12.7 cm / 5 inches


The Stronic Eins is a real ingenious bit of kit with its elegant, gorgeous design. The stronic eins creates sensations like no other product on the current market instead of vibrating, this revolutionary new toy pulsates with powerful waves which deliver an effective thrusting motion especially at the lower frequencies, the higher the frequencies the more like a traditional vibrator the sensations become but even these higher frequencies where enjoyable

 The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm that really is unlike any other toy I have experienced, during use it is far more effective laying on your back than in any other position and quite frankly I wouldn't bother trying to use it while standing up

The Stronic Eins is designed for g-spot stimulation but unfortunately it didn't quite hit my magic spot like I had hoped it was however still quite pleasurable and when used hands free if was a very unique, very interesting experience, the Eins features 10 pulsating modes according to the product information but some of these are so similar it is hard to identify the individual modes from one another

I did find the lower frequency settings far less distracting than the faster ones but for me the lower modes just didn't offer enough stimulation so I was very much torn when choosing modes

My husband absolutely loves the Eins he finds watching it in use highly amusing and is more than willing to be the one controlling it and for once he didn't moan it was "the same toy, just re-packaged" and for that reason alone he believes its worth having

The Stronic Eins also features an Emergency off, this  fast switch off is ideal for users with children or house mates or even a partner you would rather not have catch you in the act so to speak and with the fun button key lock you don’t need to worry about your toy activating, making it ideal for quiet, discreet transport

Being made from 100% silicone it is important you take added care during use,  you must never use a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy, It will damage the item rendering it unsafe for further use so you must be sure to only use water based lubricant with your Stronic Eins

Thanks to its fully waterproof design it is ideal for use in the bath and also means its super easy to clean with simple gentle soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner

Overall I have to say the Stronic Eins is a very cool product to own as well as use, it really is like no other toy on the market so you won't experience anything quite like it elsewhere, it's amazing to use while laid in the bath and it’s the ideal product for anyone looking for something a little closer to the feel of sexual thrusting

If you are interested in the Stronic Eins you can purchase it directly from by following this link


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you review

Nexus accessories


I have been lucky enough to be approached by recently and asked to review their new accessory range

There are currently 4 items in there accessory range and i have been given the honour of reviewing 3 of those products

First up is the ....

Nexus Douche

Created from high quality rubber and ABS plastic the Nexus Douche provides a safe and effective way to keep anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring.

This high quality douche is simple and easy to use with a one-step insertion design making it not only highly effective offering maximum cleansing but does so while looking good, most douches i find look very unappealing nexus have brought anal cleaning to a new level by making this a sleek looking, easy-to-use product

Upon arrival simply give it an initial rinse inside and out and then you’re ready for action

For optimal cleanliness anal douching should be performed roughly 45minutes before anal play, and if at any point you experience pain while douching stop immediately and seek medical attention from you GP or hospital

To fill the douche simply remove the black nozzle and fill the bulb with tepid water you can do this either by holding it under the tap or by squeezing the bulb and immersing it in water then releasing the bulb this will creat a suction affect and draw water into the bulb itself. The nexus douche will hold 224ml of water which is a good size for a douche, another reason I find it highly impressive

To use your now water filled douche lightly lubricator both the end of the nozzle and around the anus, this is to ensure you get the most comfortable experience possible

When douching I would advise you do so either while sat on the toilet or whilst in the shower to keep the process as clean and hygienic as possible

Once comfortable inserted gently squeeze the douche to expel the water into your rectum, the firmer you are the faster the water will be dispensed so start of slowly and find what is most effective for you. Be sure not to release the pressure on your douche while it is still inserted this will cause contaminated fluid to fill the douche making it harder to sterilise for future use, once all the water inside the douche is expelled remove the douche gently and clench your rectal muscles so the water is held inside till you get the urge to expelled them naturally, repeat this process until all the expelled water runs clear

When using your nexus douche there are a few important things you need to remember

Firstly do not use anything other than clean warm water

Secondly you must be sure to NEVER use hot water while douching so make sure you test and re-test your water temp before using

Lastly douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is imperative that you use a quality lubricant such as the nexus slide before attempting any other type of penetration


Next up is ....

Nexus slide (personal lubricant)

Slide is a super thick, super slick water based lubricant. Specially formulated for anal play, "Slide" is designed to be long lasting and durable to allow for extended pleasure,

This wonderful lube is colourless, odourless as well as tasteless allowing users to have a sensual, natural experience.

Its super thick consistency makes it incredibly user friendly, it doesn't drip or run of your toys or your body so unlike other lubricants it’s not going to make an awful mess


Aqua (water),


propylene glycol, hydroxyethycellulose,






During use it really does have amazing staying power and even when using a highly textured toy there is no need to reapply, it's very comfortable to use even when a minimal amount is used

Cleaning up after the nexus slide is also very easy just simple soap and water is all that's needed and it leaves no unsightly residue,

The nexus slide is also completely non staining so you have no need to worry if excess lube does get on your sheets during use, it will simply wash out with your regular washing detergent

it is also super easy to clean off of your toys either with soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner, which brings me to my third item of the nexus range

Toy Wash

 I love a good toy cleaner, every sex toy lover should have some, bacteria will fester and grown on your toys when improperly cleaned which can result in infections so it is extremely important you take just as much care of your toys as you do with yourself

the nexus toy wash is made from natural antibacterial ingredients making it ideal for those of us with sensitive skin but it also means it contains no harsh chemicals or scents which I love, this fragrance free wash is ideal for me, not only do i have very sensitive skin but I am also highly irritated by strong scents so I am understandably very picky when choosing any intimate product, for me the nexus toy wash is an absolute winner

it is very easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off using a dry cloth, personally I am a multiple cleaner I usually use wipes for my initial clean then on to either an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner before storage  then a toy cleaner before re-use, the only problem with my current cleaner is that it makes me a little sore so I have to rinse my toys before use, the nexus wash however is very different I can use it directly after use and it causes no irritation what's so ever


Aqua (water),

Sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate,

Chlorhexidine digluconate,

Peg-7 glyceryl cocoate,




Overall I have got to say I'm extremely impressed with the nexus accessory range, nexus have made high quality products at a very reasonable price I'm certainly planning on stocking up on both the lube and wash, I absolutely love their stylish black packaging its discreet and has been done to a high standard and let’s face it I'm a sucker for a matching set


If you are interested in any of these amazing nexus accessory products you can purchase then directly from by following these links


Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

Monday, 18 March 2013 review

Ammo Mika


As I have mentioned numerous times in the past I'm not a fan of traditional "rabbit" vibrators but I find I still crave and need clitoral stimulation as well as penetration during solo play so when I was contacted by regarding a product review and given the choice of any one of their products the Mika was the one that interested me the most

The Mika arrives in a stunning high quality white box, inside this box you will find your Mika safely inside a white storage bag with the charging system and universal adapters bagged separately, you will also find a large instruction book that not only gives you the relevant information on the Mika but the other models as well

The Mika itself is a mix of pink silicone and white abs plastic the main silicone body is super smooth and virtually seam less and the abs massager at the base Is fitted perfectly leaving no uneven edges to irritate you during use, the silicone shaft gradually gets broader towards the tip and the shaft itself has more than one contour giving it a very unique shape which not only appeals to the eye but also to the inner workings of your body, it fits very comfortably inside you with the minimal amount of lubricant making it very user friendly

I would say the ammo Mika is a medium sized "rabbit" vibrator measuring in at;

Length: 22 cm

Height: 7.9 cm

Width: 4.1 cm

And weighs in at only 186 grams so it could appeal to a wide range of users

The controls on the ammo Mika are nice and simple the top button controls the motors in the silicone area and the bottom button controls the massager which is the abs area on the base while the centre button turns the Mika on and off, it also features a Travel lock system simply press and hold the centre button to activate the travel lock and repeat this to unlock it

The overall Charging time for the Mika is 1 hour and that gives you up to 2 hours of running time, charging the Mika is very simple thanks to its Magnetic charging system once connected the ammo Mika will start flashing and once a full charge has been achieved the lights will stay on giving you a nice clear indication of when its ready for use

The motors in the Mika are not as powerful as I had hoped, but then I am a self-confessed power whore but the 3 Intensities and 7 vibration patterns will be more than enough to satisfy most users

However the ammo Mika has a very unique and interesting secret weapon that helps it stand out from other sex toys on the market thanks to its remarkable special feature

And What makes it so unique? Well that would be Its Skin Sensor technology, this remarkable technology turns on its three motors when it touches the skin, so as you insert your Mika the tip of the shaft activates and then the further down till finally the clit stimulator touches your skin then that too activates, this is a fascinating experience and not one I have yet to find on any other toy I own, the technology works wonderfully although users who prefer a deep thrusting motion where you completely remove the toy before thrusting it back in could find it a little frustrating as it will cut in and out as you remove it

Overall I have to say the technology behind the Mika is very impressive and the design itself is very good, I did not achieve the g-spot stimulation I had hoped for but the positioning of the clitoral stimulator was perfect, it's very comfortable to use and although it’s not as powerful as I had hoped it’s still very enjoyable to use and makes a great warm up toy, my husband especially liked watching me use the Mika even at night with no lights on he can get in on the action as the lights within the Mika light up during use it’s a little on the loud side for me With a Sound level of 65 db but that can easily be forgiven as it really is an interesting toy to use. It is also Water-resistant so you can have a little fun in the shower if you choose

Being water resistant also means it is easy to clean with simple soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner and with the handy little storage bag provided means you can keep it clean and ready for whenever you are

If you are interested in purchasing the Ammo Mika you can do so directly from by following this link


Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 review



 I’ve been following closely ever since the awesome nick at pointed me in their direction. I highly respect nicks opinion and when he decided to stock them I knew I had to have them.

Spanksticks are hand made in Denmark by a remarkable individual and they come in not only a range of sizes and weights but also in various materials too

Each material reacts slightly different and has various features which make them perfect for impact products;

•Fibreglass Core is flexible and heavy and can be identified by the 3 rings on the grip

•Carbon Core is rigid and light and can be identified via its grip with 4 rings.

•Plastic Core is very flexible and heavy. And has a grip with only 2 rings.

When selecting your spanksticks you need to think about a number of things

First up, the impact itself - what level of impact do you desire as I said each core offers a slightly different level of impact.

Next up, size - which size do you require, bearing in mind the thinner the stick the sharper the sting

Lastly, area - which body part or parts are you planning to use your sticks on, this will also affect your choices

It is because of these choices that I would highly recommend ordering the full range of spanksticks as hubby and I have found that are choices reflect not only are mood but depending on area we prefer one stick over another

The thicknesses of the sticks maybe subtle in some cases but the differences are noticeable in wielder as sell as the recipient

Each spankstick regardless of core type is coated in natural latex so will be unsuitable for anyone who suffers from a latex allergy 

How these sticks measure up:

·         4mm fibreglass, 60cm in length, 34g, 3rings in grip

·         5mm fibreglass, 70cm in length, 53g, 3 rings on grip

·         6mm fibreglass, 80cm in length, 78g, 3 rings on grip


·         2mm carbon, 35cm in length, 10g, No rings on grip

      ·         3mm carbon, 55mm in length, 20g, 4 rings on grip

·         4mm carbon, 68cm in length, 33g, 4 rings on grip


·         5mm plastic, 40cm in length, 28g, 2 rings on grip

·         10mm plastic, 60cm in length, 111g, 2 rings on grip


For me the plastic core spanksticks had a slightly more aggressive sting to them where as the fibreglass had a far more satisfying sound as it cut through the air which for me not only heightens my senses and enjoyment but also increases my anticipation

The Carbon spanksticks offer a more accurate wield due to the stiffer nature of the core you can strike the same area a number of times with precision and ease making them idea for beginners as well as users who enjoy intense impact play 

The different lengths of these spanksticks also dictated where and how I preferred them to me used

The plastic core sticks are more suited to my bottom with my husband striking from the side if me width ways across both cheeks

The longer lengths such as the fibreglass 5mm (70cm long) and 6mm (80cm long) as well as the carbon 4mm (68cm long) are for me, more suited to my back with me on my hands and knees and my husband sticking while stood at my bottom this means I can experience  a wider impact area.

The smallest spankstick is the 2mm carbon and measures only 35cm long and this is ideal for more intimate spanking, holding it in one hand and using the tip of your finger to bend it back means you can strike the breasts, nipples or genitals with absolute precision time and time again

The trade mark Spanksticks are not the only thing you can enjoy from recently a new line of paddles has also been released

The latex paddles are flexible and can handle any rough environment. They are made of Polyethylen, (PE) and are encapsulated in smooth black latex.

There are currently 3 different types of paddles.

XXX paddle has 3 prominent X's inside of the coating.

oooo paddle has 4 prominent O rings inside of the coating.

And the OOO paddle features 3 round holes.

I have been lucky enough to receive two of these paddles

The OOO paddle is 5mm thick and features 3 round cut outs giving it a very unique very distinct feel to it, it measures 33cm in length and weighs 120g making it a good size and weight. As with all the paddles it also has a wrist strap to help keep it secure during use and allows the user to switch between tools or toys without putting it down

I also received the XXX paddle this paddle is slightly thicker measuring in at 6mm it is 40cm in length and features 3 prominent X's these raised X's give the paddle an added dimension you don't experience with others and they certainly add to the lasting aching sensation you feel after a good hard paddling it is also slightly heavier than the OOO, weighing in at 220g but this does not impede its ease of use in any way it's actually a bonus as both paddles feel very different

Using these paddles together is a wondrous experience thanks to the wrist straps hubby can switch between the paddles very easily keeping me on my toes and very eager for the next blow

Once again as with the spanksticks themselves these paddles are not suitable for users with latex allergies or for those who suffer from a polyethylene allergy

With my Spanksticks and paddles i was also lucky enough to receive a stunning crop; unlike my spanksticks the crop features a gorgeous red handle. This makes it very special indeed the red and black latex look absolutely beautiful together I wouldn't say I am a fan of red but with this crop it simply works and the overall affect is exquisite

The crop I received is a 5mm fibreglass core and measures 70cm making it ideal for use on your back, buttocks, legs and belly how you use yours is completely up to you and I'm sure you will have hours of pleasure finding out what works best for you.

The excitement doesn't stop there either with all new crop designs coming to very soon you will have even more incredible designs to choose from, I’ve had a sneak peak at these and I have to say they really do look incredible

I was also extremely surprised to find a little something, something hidden along with my spanksticks offerings and that little something was ..... some Pegs, yes pegs. These pegs are a little something that spanksticks does for special events he appears at, they are not for sale and will not appear on his site but as these pegs have a little something extra about them i thought i would share these little creations with you, the tips have been dipped in natural latex and are a great way to complete the set so I'm very grateful to have received them

The pegs I received are a lovely green colour, I love green so this pleased me no end, and the tips of the pegs have been dipped In the same black latex as the other items I received.

Pegs can be a little extreme when used for nipple torture I prefer something I can adjust as my nipples have "mood" swings and can be very sensitive one day and almost numb the next, however the latex coating did make them more user friendly I feel, the latex coating stopped the slippage you sometimes get with regular pegs and it also helped reduce the unforgiving bite that you get with plastic, these pegs maybe simple but they are highly affective and just a great little bonus I'm very happy to have them

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the items I received are of a very high standard, the finish on them is great and oh not forgetting the smell; mmmmm the smell, how spanksticks have made these amazing pieces smell like mint chocolate I will never know but I had to restrain myself from chewing on them they smell that good, I may of given them a little lick .... Just a little one mind as they don't taste like mint chocolate but that's a good thing as it stops me chewing the latex off them and once you've experienced the pleasures of spanksticks you will want to treasure them forever

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I have mentioned you can do so directly by following these links

 Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you review

Double Trouble Vibrating Support System by California Exotics


When looking at products whether it is sex toys, lubes or bondage gear I am the one that usually takes the lead. I have a good understanding of my body and how it reacts, as well as a good idea of what my husband enjoys; recently though my husband decided to give it ago while looking on and his chosen product has been sent to us for review this month

The double vibrating support system is what he chose, I can’t say I’m a fan of the TPE it is made from but it caught his eye so we gave it try, this vibrating support system is designed to keep you hard whilst delivering added stimulation to both the wearer and their partner

To use this support system you simply "Slip" the jelly cock ring over the penis and activate the two removable bullets for added stimulation, now I wouldn't say it was hard to get on but you certainly couldn't just "slip" it on, I would suggest making this a joint effort or having the man put it on himself as it’s a little fiddly

The bullet at the top will send vibration through the bunny ears so the female partner will experience added clitoral stimulation whilst the bullet below will send sensations to male’s testicles and to some extent the penis itself

The bullets in this system take 3 LR44 Cell batteries which are reasonably easy to get hold of and it does come with a set in each bullet plus two spare sets which is very handy and a lovely bonus it's always nice to have spare batteries on hand

As I mentioned previously the stretchy jelly ring is designed to support the penis and enhance the man’s staying power as well as give the sensations of a wider girth, I can't say it really gave much support not that hubby needs it he has very good self-control and this was not enhanced while wearing it

During use If I'm honest I found it a little uncomfortable this could be because I had to have reconstructive plastic surgery after a bodged episiotomy which has left me susceptible to chaffing although the uneven edge of the cock ring could be to blame and probable more likely, the bullets themselves are not great either if I'm truthful, the single setting is very surface buzzy and does not offer as much sensation as I had hoped

On the whole I think the double trouble vibrating support system would be far better suited to first time users a lot of lubrication maybe required to reduce the risk of chaffing and in cases like mine where your extra sensitive in that area even then it may not be enough has a wide, wide range of couple’s sex toys so although this one may not be for you I can guarantee you will find one that is simply by following this LINK

I cannot fault they offer a wide range of products and extremely competitive prices and I have always found their staff to be both friendly and helpful, their service is exemplary and all my orders have always arrived in very quickly in secure discreet packaging making them a great company to deal with

If you would like to purchase the double trouble vibrating support system you can do so directly from by following this LINK 



Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge by in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you review

Silver swan


I'm very excited to be reviewing a product for swan I have been looking at them for the longest time especially their "LEAF" range but so far this is my first, I was offered a choice of product from the "SWAN" range and the silver swan is the item I decided on

Upon its arrival the feel of a luxury item was apparent the box has a magnetic closure and once opened you will find a thick black card envelope featuring the swan logo, the envelop is sealed using Velcro and inside you will find the instruction booklet. Personally I think when a company makes this much effort on small details like instruction booklets and packaging it makes all the difference on the overall feel of the product

Inside the box you will find a stunning black silk drawstring bag again featuring the swan logo, inside this bag you will find the silver swan and the charging system both of which are packaged separately in their own clear bags

The silver swan comes with an interchangeable universal charging system so no matter where you live or what plug type you’re planning to use there is sure to be an adapter to suit your needs

The silver swan takes 2 hours to charge but may take longer than that on the first initial charge, it is powered by a lithium ion battery therefore the battery itself does not need to be exhausted before recharging making it a very user friendly product, nothing annoys me more than the risk of using a toy low on power and having it cut out on me when I need it most.

Once the adapter is inserted a red LED light will glow to indicate its charging status once it has reached a full charge the light will go out, again making the silver swan very user friendly and a single charge can last up to 6 hours so it will always be ready when you are

The silver swan is a dual stimulator or "rabbit" style vibrator if you will, both the main shaft and clitoral stimulator work independently of each other, as you hold your silver swan buttons towards you the top button controls the main shaft and the bottom button controls the clitoral stimulator, although you will notice once the shaft is activated some vibrations will also flow through the clitoral arm

I'm always wary of traditional rabbit vibrators their ears can pinch and they rarely fit my body well enough to be effective, the silver swan however blew me away it fit my body perfectly that well in fact it could of been designed using me own genitals, the clitoral arm fit snug without being uncomfortable and the bulbous g-spot arm hit my g-spot dead on, no annoying thrusting or moving around necessary 

The Vibrations of the silver swan are impressive the dual motors work brilliantly and to date it is probably my strongest dual stimulator yet

During use I could not fault it one little bit, it preformed exactly as I would of hoped I experienced firm pressure and strong vibrations on my g-spot as well as strong comfortable clitoral stimulation leading to a very impressive g-spot orgasm, rarely do I find a product capable of preforming to this standard so for me the silver swan is an absolute keeper

All swan products come with a "Lock feature" to unlock your silver swan simply hold down both buttons for at least four seconds, you will notice the lights on both buttons flicker at this points the product is unlocked,  to re lock your product simply repeat this process 

Another innovative feature the silver swan possesses is the "Press and hold feature" this feature mimics the natural escalation of human passion simply press and hold the button, the longer you hold the more the vibrations will intensify I'm a huge fan of this feature as its saves you from the annoying click, click, click of buttons when your mid play trying to enjoy the moment

Although the silver swan is small with an overall Length of only 6.6" (17cm) and an Insertable Length of only 5.5" (10 cm) it's ergonomically designed body really doesn't need to be any longer it fit my needs perfectly and it's bulbous tapered tip measuring 1.5" (3.7cm) at its widest point is perfectly shaped for g-spot stimulation

The silver swan is made from 100% Latex and Phthalate Free Silicone making it completely body safe

And thanks to its Virtually Seamless design not only is it fully waterproof but also incredibly easy to clean with simply gentle soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner

Being made from high quality silicone does mean you cannot safely use this silver swan with silicone lube as these can damage silicone products so water based lubricant will be needed when using the silver swan

Overall I could not be more impressed with my first swan experience the packaging as well as the silver swan is of the absolute highest quality and I could not fault either of them. Swan have not skimped on any area of this product, The silver swan may look small but it is certainly not to be underestimated its an amazing product and one I will use time and time again, it has definitely peaked my interest in swan products and I will be extremely eager to try out other products from the different ranges

If you are interested in purchasing the silver swan you can do so direct from or from the following retailers:




Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you