Wednesday, 27 March 2013 review

Rear Envy  

The "rear envy" is a butt plug featuring a Flogger tail made by Doc Johnson, it is available in 3 colours pink, purple and black and thanks to I have been given the opportunity of reviewing one

The rear envy is packaged simply in a clear plastic tube with a plastic frame work to keep it from moving around, however this packaging style has left slight imperfections on the butt plug, this could be due to the product being packaged before it was fully cured or it could just be due to the nature of the material I'm not quite sure. Any way the imperfections are not really an issue for me it does not affect the toys usability in anyway and I think it rather adds character to the plug somewhat

The plug itself is a beautiful pearlescent purple, this metallic sheen catches the light really well and I couldn't help moving it around in my hand just watching the light catch it, it's a little on the small side but this does mean its very easy to use with minimal lubricant

At the end of the plug there is a simple black rubber flogger tail featuring 60 1mm thin rubber falls this give the flogger a tingly feel to it when used

This is a great beginners toy for anyone looking to expand their sexual repertoire or even for those hoping to venture into the world of bdsm, due to its small size the rear envy is very easy to insert and is nice and comfortable to wear making it a great beginners anal toy, it's "tail" also makes it a good start for those looking into pet play for the first time

When used as a flogger it is light weight and easy to wield making it again ideal for beginners and offers a satisfying, teasing tingle on impact

I personally prefer something with a little more bite when I'm looking at impact toys, however I adore the feel of this flogger when used alongside a more extreme impact tool, alternating between a heavy duty paddle and this flogger makes my whole body feel alive. It's teasing tingle accentuates every sensation and leaves me wanting more time and time again

It's also great for using on the breasts and genitals its tingly impact works very well in these particular areas and thanks to its small size it is not as intimidating as a full sizes flogger making it once again the perfect choice for beginners

Overall I think this is quite a nice little product it is easy to clean in simple soap and water or even your favourite toy cleaner, it's small size makes it an ideal choice for travel so if you planning a cheeky getaway to indulge yourself in something new the rear envy would be a good choice

As iv mentioned it is the perfect choice for beginners looking into expanding their sexual experiences without the fear of causing harm or damage to themselves or their partner


For more extreme bdsm users this really isn't the choice for you it's plug is very small and the flogger offers more of a tickle than any real impact

However as iv previously stated I do highly enjoy using this alongside more extreme tools the contrast in sensations is exquisite and heightens my overall enjoyment so for that reason I really love this little guy

The build quality is not the highest iv seen the one I received is a little misshapen, I have nicknamed my bumpy but its unique shape does give it that little something extra which I found I really enjoyed so for me this really is not a problem, the falls are also securely held which is also a plus and to be honest at £12.95 you really can't complain it's a great beginners product and comes at a more than reasonable price

If you are interested in purchasing the Rear envy you can do so directly from by following this link


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for an thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you


  1. I have been dying to try a butt plug tail for a while and this review is helpful. I absolutely love your pictures here. So cute!

  2. I love my little puppy he's only one but already weighs 9stone lol
    It's a tiny plug but that does make it good for beginners xxx