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spanksticks.com review



 I’ve been following spanksticks.com closely ever since the awesome nick at DOM-estics.co.uk pointed me in their direction. I highly respect nicks opinion and when he decided to stock them I knew I had to have them.

Spanksticks are hand made in Denmark by a remarkable individual and they come in not only a range of sizes and weights but also in various materials too

Each material reacts slightly different and has various features which make them perfect for impact products;

•Fibreglass Core is flexible and heavy and can be identified by the 3 rings on the grip

•Carbon Core is rigid and light and can be identified via its grip with 4 rings.

•Plastic Core is very flexible and heavy. And has a grip with only 2 rings.

When selecting your spanksticks you need to think about a number of things

First up, the impact itself - what level of impact do you desire as I said each core offers a slightly different level of impact.

Next up, size - which size do you require, bearing in mind the thinner the stick the sharper the sting

Lastly, area - which body part or parts are you planning to use your sticks on, this will also affect your choices

It is because of these choices that I would highly recommend ordering the full range of spanksticks as hubby and I have found that are choices reflect not only are mood but depending on area we prefer one stick over another

The thicknesses of the sticks maybe subtle in some cases but the differences are noticeable in wielder as sell as the recipient

Each spankstick regardless of core type is coated in natural latex so will be unsuitable for anyone who suffers from a latex allergy 

How these sticks measure up:

·         4mm fibreglass, 60cm in length, 34g, 3rings in grip

·         5mm fibreglass, 70cm in length, 53g, 3 rings on grip

·         6mm fibreglass, 80cm in length, 78g, 3 rings on grip


·         2mm carbon, 35cm in length, 10g, No rings on grip

      ·         3mm carbon, 55mm in length, 20g, 4 rings on grip

·         4mm carbon, 68cm in length, 33g, 4 rings on grip


·         5mm plastic, 40cm in length, 28g, 2 rings on grip

·         10mm plastic, 60cm in length, 111g, 2 rings on grip


For me the plastic core spanksticks had a slightly more aggressive sting to them where as the fibreglass had a far more satisfying sound as it cut through the air which for me not only heightens my senses and enjoyment but also increases my anticipation

The Carbon spanksticks offer a more accurate wield due to the stiffer nature of the core you can strike the same area a number of times with precision and ease making them idea for beginners as well as users who enjoy intense impact play 

The different lengths of these spanksticks also dictated where and how I preferred them to me used

The plastic core sticks are more suited to my bottom with my husband striking from the side if me width ways across both cheeks

The longer lengths such as the fibreglass 5mm (70cm long) and 6mm (80cm long) as well as the carbon 4mm (68cm long) are for me, more suited to my back with me on my hands and knees and my husband sticking while stood at my bottom this means I can experience  a wider impact area.

The smallest spankstick is the 2mm carbon and measures only 35cm long and this is ideal for more intimate spanking, holding it in one hand and using the tip of your finger to bend it back means you can strike the breasts, nipples or genitals with absolute precision time and time again

The trade mark Spanksticks are not the only thing you can enjoy from spanksticks.com recently a new line of paddles has also been released

The latex paddles are flexible and can handle any rough environment. They are made of Polyethylen, (PE) and are encapsulated in smooth black latex.

There are currently 3 different types of paddles.

XXX paddle has 3 prominent X's inside of the coating.

oooo paddle has 4 prominent O rings inside of the coating.

And the OOO paddle features 3 round holes.

I have been lucky enough to receive two of these paddles

The OOO paddle is 5mm thick and features 3 round cut outs giving it a very unique very distinct feel to it, it measures 33cm in length and weighs 120g making it a good size and weight. As with all the paddles it also has a wrist strap to help keep it secure during use and allows the user to switch between tools or toys without putting it down

I also received the XXX paddle this paddle is slightly thicker measuring in at 6mm it is 40cm in length and features 3 prominent X's these raised X's give the paddle an added dimension you don't experience with others and they certainly add to the lasting aching sensation you feel after a good hard paddling it is also slightly heavier than the OOO, weighing in at 220g but this does not impede its ease of use in any way it's actually a bonus as both paddles feel very different

Using these paddles together is a wondrous experience thanks to the wrist straps hubby can switch between the paddles very easily keeping me on my toes and very eager for the next blow

Once again as with the spanksticks themselves these paddles are not suitable for users with latex allergies or for those who suffer from a polyethylene allergy

With my Spanksticks and paddles i was also lucky enough to receive a stunning crop; unlike my spanksticks the crop features a gorgeous red handle. This makes it very special indeed the red and black latex look absolutely beautiful together I wouldn't say I am a fan of red but with this crop it simply works and the overall affect is exquisite

The crop I received is a 5mm fibreglass core and measures 70cm making it ideal for use on your back, buttocks, legs and belly how you use yours is completely up to you and I'm sure you will have hours of pleasure finding out what works best for you.

The excitement doesn't stop there either with all new crop designs coming to spanksticks.com very soon you will have even more incredible designs to choose from, I’ve had a sneak peak at these and I have to say they really do look incredible

I was also extremely surprised to find a little something, something hidden along with my spanksticks offerings and that little something was ..... some Pegs, yes pegs. These pegs are a little something that spanksticks does for special events he appears at, they are not for sale and will not appear on his site but as these pegs have a little something extra about them i thought i would share these little creations with you, the tips have been dipped in natural latex and are a great way to complete the set so I'm very grateful to have received them

The pegs I received are a lovely green colour, I love green so this pleased me no end, and the tips of the pegs have been dipped In the same black latex as the other items I received.

Pegs can be a little extreme when used for nipple torture I prefer something I can adjust as my nipples have "mood" swings and can be very sensitive one day and almost numb the next, however the latex coating did make them more user friendly I feel, the latex coating stopped the slippage you sometimes get with regular pegs and it also helped reduce the unforgiving bite that you get with plastic, these pegs maybe simple but they are highly affective and just a great little bonus I'm very happy to have them

Overall I'm extremely impressed with spanksticks.com the items I received are of a very high standard, the finish on them is great and oh not forgetting the smell; mmmmm the smell, how spanksticks have made these amazing pieces smell like mint chocolate I will never know but I had to restrain myself from chewing on them they smell that good, I may of given them a little lick .... Just a little one mind as they don't taste like mint chocolate but that's a good thing as it stops me chewing the latex off them and once you've experienced the pleasures of spanksticks you will want to treasure them forever

If you are interested in purchasing any of the spanksticks.com items I have mentioned you can do so directly by following these links

 Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by spanksticks.com free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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