Tuesday, 26 March 2013

simplypleasure.com review

Stronic Eins



When the stronic eins arrived from simplypleasure.com as a surprise review item I must admit I was more than a little excited, unlike other vibrators the Stronic Eins is a thrusting pulsator of goodness

As always my package from simplypleasure.com was discreet and secure with no indication of the Naughties it held inside this is something I always appreciate from simplypleasure your privacy is always their top priority

When it arrived I couldn't wait to unpack it, the packaging itself is pretty basic and you will find your Stronic Eins just sat inside the cardboard box with a plastic mesh across the buttons, basically the same mesh stuff you can get on fruit..... hmmmm interesting, any way moving on

Charging the Stronic eins is super easy with its very user friendly magnetic charging system although I must point out even though it will set you back around £130 the Eins does not come with an actual charger you may in some cases have to buy it separately, it may only cost around £5 to buy and let's face it if you can afford the £130 an extra £5 isn't going to mean much but for me it was slightly disappointing, if your spending out that sort of money I'd expect the complete package and I believe most people would feel the same way. Luckily the wonderful people at simplypleasure.com provided me with the charger along with the Stronic Eins itself so for me this really isn't an issue and anyone who already owns a fun factory product will know all their products use the same charger so this does mean you won't need boxes and boxes of chargers all over your house, as I said the charger  itself is very easy to use, simply plug it in and the magnetic pins on the charger will click right in to place exactly where they are needed on the Eins itself, once connected simply turn it on and leave it to charge

Luckily the controls on the Stronic Eins are super easy to work, the "fun" button turns it on and off and the "+" and "-" buttons control the settings, this is a huge sigh of relief as the "instructions" really are no help at all

So far I guess some people may think  the Stronic Eins has turned out to be a slight anti-climax for me but that certainly isn't the case, once in use it certainly makes up for the slightly annoying oversights I’ve mentioned

Let’s see how it measures up:

Length - 23.8 cm / 9.25 inches

Insertable Length - 15cm / 6 inches

Circumference - 12.7 cm / 5 inches


The Stronic Eins is a real ingenious bit of kit with its elegant, gorgeous design. The stronic eins creates sensations like no other product on the current market instead of vibrating, this revolutionary new toy pulsates with powerful waves which deliver an effective thrusting motion especially at the lower frequencies, the higher the frequencies the more like a traditional vibrator the sensations become but even these higher frequencies where enjoyable

 The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm that really is unlike any other toy I have experienced, during use it is far more effective laying on your back than in any other position and quite frankly I wouldn't bother trying to use it while standing up

The Stronic Eins is designed for g-spot stimulation but unfortunately it didn't quite hit my magic spot like I had hoped it was however still quite pleasurable and when used hands free if was a very unique, very interesting experience, the Eins features 10 pulsating modes according to the product information but some of these are so similar it is hard to identify the individual modes from one another

I did find the lower frequency settings far less distracting than the faster ones but for me the lower modes just didn't offer enough stimulation so I was very much torn when choosing modes

My husband absolutely loves the Eins he finds watching it in use highly amusing and is more than willing to be the one controlling it and for once he didn't moan it was "the same toy, just re-packaged" and for that reason alone he believes its worth having

The Stronic Eins also features an Emergency off, this  fast switch off is ideal for users with children or house mates or even a partner you would rather not have catch you in the act so to speak and with the fun button key lock you don’t need to worry about your toy activating, making it ideal for quiet, discreet transport

Being made from 100% silicone it is important you take added care during use,  you must never use a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy, It will damage the item rendering it unsafe for further use so you must be sure to only use water based lubricant with your Stronic Eins

Thanks to its fully waterproof design it is ideal for use in the bath and also means its super easy to clean with simple gentle soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner

Overall I have to say the Stronic Eins is a very cool product to own as well as use, it really is like no other toy on the market so you won't experience anything quite like it elsewhere, it's amazing to use while laid in the bath and it’s the ideal product for anyone looking for something a little closer to the feel of sexual thrusting

If you are interested in the Stronic Eins you can purchase it directly from simplypleasure.com by following this link


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by simplypleasure.com free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you


  1. Aww what a fluffy bunny!
    I'm glad you had more joy with your Eins than I did. Maybe I just need to experiment with it more tho.

  2. She's cute isn't she and not surprisingly named fluff lol, the Eins can be a little distracting because of the movement I found it was best used in the bath x