Tuesday, 12 March 2013

sextoys.co.uk review

Double Trouble Vibrating Support System by California Exotics


When looking at products whether it is sex toys, lubes or bondage gear I am the one that usually takes the lead. I have a good understanding of my body and how it reacts, as well as a good idea of what my husband enjoys; recently though my husband decided to give it ago while looking on sextoys.co.uk and his chosen product has been sent to us for review this month

The double vibrating support system is what he chose, I can’t say I’m a fan of the TPE it is made from but it caught his eye so we gave it try, this vibrating support system is designed to keep you hard whilst delivering added stimulation to both the wearer and their partner

To use this support system you simply "Slip" the jelly cock ring over the penis and activate the two removable bullets for added stimulation, now I wouldn't say it was hard to get on but you certainly couldn't just "slip" it on, I would suggest making this a joint effort or having the man put it on himself as it’s a little fiddly

The bullet at the top will send vibration through the bunny ears so the female partner will experience added clitoral stimulation whilst the bullet below will send sensations to male’s testicles and to some extent the penis itself

The bullets in this system take 3 LR44 Cell batteries which are reasonably easy to get hold of and it does come with a set in each bullet plus two spare sets which is very handy and a lovely bonus it's always nice to have spare batteries on hand

As I mentioned previously the stretchy jelly ring is designed to support the penis and enhance the man’s staying power as well as give the sensations of a wider girth, I can't say it really gave much support not that hubby needs it he has very good self-control and this was not enhanced while wearing it

During use If I'm honest I found it a little uncomfortable this could be because I had to have reconstructive plastic surgery after a bodged episiotomy which has left me susceptible to chaffing although the uneven edge of the cock ring could be to blame and probable more likely, the bullets themselves are not great either if I'm truthful, the single setting is very surface buzzy and does not offer as much sensation as I had hoped

On the whole I think the double trouble vibrating support system would be far better suited to first time users a lot of lubrication maybe required to reduce the risk of chaffing and in cases like mine where your extra sensitive in that area even then it may not be enough

Sextoys.co.uk has a wide, wide range of couple’s sex toys so although this one may not be for you I can guarantee you will find one that is simply by following this LINK

I cannot fault sextoys.co.uk they offer a wide range of products and extremely competitive prices and I have always found their staff to be both friendly and helpful, their service is exemplary and all my orders have always arrived in very quickly in secure discreet packaging making them a great company to deal with

If you would like to purchase the double trouble vibrating support system you can do so directly from sextoys.co.uk by following this LINK 



Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge by sextoys.co.uk in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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