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Ammo Mika


As I have mentioned numerous times in the past I'm not a fan of traditional "rabbit" vibrators but I find I still crave and need clitoral stimulation as well as penetration during solo play so when I was contacted by regarding a product review and given the choice of any one of their products the Mika was the one that interested me the most

The Mika arrives in a stunning high quality white box, inside this box you will find your Mika safely inside a white storage bag with the charging system and universal adapters bagged separately, you will also find a large instruction book that not only gives you the relevant information on the Mika but the other models as well

The Mika itself is a mix of pink silicone and white abs plastic the main silicone body is super smooth and virtually seam less and the abs massager at the base Is fitted perfectly leaving no uneven edges to irritate you during use, the silicone shaft gradually gets broader towards the tip and the shaft itself has more than one contour giving it a very unique shape which not only appeals to the eye but also to the inner workings of your body, it fits very comfortably inside you with the minimal amount of lubricant making it very user friendly

I would say the ammo Mika is a medium sized "rabbit" vibrator measuring in at;

Length: 22 cm

Height: 7.9 cm

Width: 4.1 cm

And weighs in at only 186 grams so it could appeal to a wide range of users

The controls on the ammo Mika are nice and simple the top button controls the motors in the silicone area and the bottom button controls the massager which is the abs area on the base while the centre button turns the Mika on and off, it also features a Travel lock system simply press and hold the centre button to activate the travel lock and repeat this to unlock it

The overall Charging time for the Mika is 1 hour and that gives you up to 2 hours of running time, charging the Mika is very simple thanks to its Magnetic charging system once connected the ammo Mika will start flashing and once a full charge has been achieved the lights will stay on giving you a nice clear indication of when its ready for use

The motors in the Mika are not as powerful as I had hoped, but then I am a self-confessed power whore but the 3 Intensities and 7 vibration patterns will be more than enough to satisfy most users

However the ammo Mika has a very unique and interesting secret weapon that helps it stand out from other sex toys on the market thanks to its remarkable special feature

And What makes it so unique? Well that would be Its Skin Sensor technology, this remarkable technology turns on its three motors when it touches the skin, so as you insert your Mika the tip of the shaft activates and then the further down till finally the clit stimulator touches your skin then that too activates, this is a fascinating experience and not one I have yet to find on any other toy I own, the technology works wonderfully although users who prefer a deep thrusting motion where you completely remove the toy before thrusting it back in could find it a little frustrating as it will cut in and out as you remove it

Overall I have to say the technology behind the Mika is very impressive and the design itself is very good, I did not achieve the g-spot stimulation I had hoped for but the positioning of the clitoral stimulator was perfect, it's very comfortable to use and although it’s not as powerful as I had hoped it’s still very enjoyable to use and makes a great warm up toy, my husband especially liked watching me use the Mika even at night with no lights on he can get in on the action as the lights within the Mika light up during use it’s a little on the loud side for me With a Sound level of 65 db but that can easily be forgiven as it really is an interesting toy to use. It is also Water-resistant so you can have a little fun in the shower if you choose

Being water resistant also means it is easy to clean with simple soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner and with the handy little storage bag provided means you can keep it clean and ready for whenever you are

If you are interested in purchasing the Ammo Mika you can do so directly from by following this link


Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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