Thursday, 26 July 2012

In the woods by Maggie Casper

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

 Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5 paddles

Delilah Murray is a newbie in the kink community and Sam Caster enjoys nothing more than breaking them in and after signing up for her first real bdsm event Delilah finds herself not only in a "bottom" position but agreeing to be Sam’s submissive for the whole weekend

Tied naked to a tree by Sam and surrounded by the people in the bdsm class Delilah wonders if she has lost her ever loving mind completely out of her depth she has no idea what to expect but one look into Sam’s eyes and she finds herself wanting to agree to all his demands whatever they might be, After being deliciously tortured and teased by Sam, Delilah is led further into the woods after the class ends and this is where some real fun takes place

Asking her questions as he fucks her Sam opens up Delilah’s mind as well as her body to these new experiences but this is just the start. Once inside Sam’s cabin things take an interesting turn, making a deal with Sam, Delilah gets to top him for half an hour but things don't go as she predicted and shocked by her reaction she panics

After experiencing needle play and realising she likes it along with flogging and many other tantalising screens at the hands of Sam, Delilah finds the “real her” and after being caught up in her time with Sam she doesn't know how to say good bye to the man who has changed her life. At the end weekend Sam hands her an envelope and orders her not to open it till she's gone, could she have got her wish? Will she get to see him again?

From a kinky camping trip in the woods to a future full of new and exciting possibilities could Sam have found his one true match in newbie Delilah?

Maggie Casper has done a great job with “In the woods” it is well structured and it flows really well, and you will struggle to put it down, the contrast between the Delilah and Sam’s characters work really well and the bdsm itself is very well written making it a real must have read

This would be a worthwhile read for individuals of all kink levels giving you a tingling insight into different aspects of bdsm.  “In the woods” is an intriguing look into self-exploration and self-discovery and Maggie gives you the chance to explore your inner desires as you follow Delilah and Sam’s naughty adventure and you will soon be reaching for more of Maggie Casper’s work 

 By Hellkat

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