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Icicles No 04

10 function glass g-spot wand

I have been after some glass for a while now and this one was at the top of my list so when this arrived from I could not have been more excited everything about it appealed to me from its slim clear shaft and raised pink twist to its curved tip. Couple that with the cheeky little bullet that comes with it and you have got yourself a real winner

The first thing I noticed was its elegant packaging the flip open front window of the box is something I have always loved about the icicle products  
These amazing hand crafted products are so well made if cared for properly they could last a life time and being hand blown from hypoallergenic nonporous glass this wand is completely body safe.

Being made from glass also means this wand is extremely versatile, you can run it under warm water or place it in the microwave for some devilish heat play or cool things down by placing it in cool water or in the fridge or freezer

It has 10 different settings which also means there is sure to be a setting to suit most needs and I have to say the vibrations of this glass is something I have not encountered before the glass gives the vibrations a unique feel which I absolutely love and as this wand can be used with or without the bullet it’s also great for those who prefer none vibrating toys

This wand is also very easy to clean in just soap and water or you can pop it in the dishwasher as it is totally dishwasher safe

I found this toy an absolute joy to use it is easy to insert and the raised twist on the shaft feel delicious and with the light up bullet and control box its is simple and easy to use even in the dark

The vibrations on the bullet are not particularly strong but in my opinion they don’t need to be, this wand is a real teaser of a toy and the curved tip hit my sweet spots perfectly and cooling this wand down is a real treat and it didn’t heat up to body temperature to quickly which is a real bonus also by removing the bullet you can also use the wand in the shower and I found having a nice warm shower with the wand fresh from the freezer opens your body up to a whole new set of sensations the feel of the cool hard glass slipping inside you with the warm water cascading over your body felt delicious being glass (although toughened )I would advise against extreme temperature change though do not freeze this wand and then submerge it in hot water as there is still a chance (however small) that it could shatter

This wand is absolutely great for couples play as well as solo fun and my hubby had great fun teasing my body with the cold glass and on hot nights what more could you need

I would highly recommend this toy to anyone thinking of trying glass for the first time and also to those who are already glass lovers as this is a great all round product. Also as I have already said with the removable bullet this is great for vibe and non-vibe lovers a like making this icicles no 04 a real must have for any collection
you can get your hands on this wonderful wand from  here
and at the great price of £27.88 and with an RRP of £39.49 that's a saving of £11.61 now that's a bargain

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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