Friday, 8 June 2012

A meeting to be desired (by hellkat)

Keira walks into Michael’s office wearing a tight white shirt and a black pencil skirt no panties on underneath she locks the door behind her and pulls the blinds closed on the windows and slowly turns to face him sat at his desk, he smiles at her as she slowly undoes her shirt showing off her pert breasts and runs her fingers over her hard pink nipples. She watches him carefully as he shifts in his seat turning his chair to face her, she slowly walks around his desk and sits on the edge lifting her skirt up her thighs and places her legs either side of him slowly reaching between her legs she teases her hard clit as he watches Keira can see his long hard cock staining at the zip of his trousers and leans down to realise it sliding onto her knees in front of his chair and uses her tongue to slowly tease his bell-end. She can taste the saltiness of his need for her and she moans parting her lips she takes his cock into her mouth sucking harder and faster using her hand to work him from the base of his long cock as she sucks on his swollen tip Michael’s legs start to tense underneath her as she sucks and works his throbbing cock, She knows he’s getting close and she stops. stands up and straddles his hips slowly using his  cock to tease her wet pussy and clit, She leans  forward and pushes  her breasts into Michael’s face and a nipple into his  mouth he sucks and nibbles her as she uses his cock to tease them both  moving away she perches  on his desk again, she puts her feet on either side of his chair and pull Michael towards her till his face is buried between her legs, he licks her smooth  pussy his tongue flicking at her clit and probing her tight little hole. Throwing her head back she moans opening herself wide to his eager exploration.  Keira can’t take anymore she needs him inside her more than her next breath, she grabs him by the collar and pulls him up till he is standing between her parted thighs and slides forward impaling herself straight onto his thick length taking every inch of his  cock deep inside her. The feel of Michael stretching her tight pussy is glorious and it has Keira on the verge of orgasm she moves her hips in time with his deep thrusts as Michael pumps  into her over and over again her nails dig into his  arse and she uses the belt holes of his trousers to pull him closer urging him on, he fucks her harder and faster as she works her hips to meet him her clit rubbing on the thick hair of his lower belly pushing her closer and closer to the edge Michael pulls her head to the side and bites her shoulder and she screams out as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washes over her pussy clamps down on Michael’s cock and he spills his hot seed deep inside her Out of breath she stands up straightens her clothes unlocks the door and walks out without ever saying a word to him

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