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For all those of you silly enough to miss out one the lucky dip's i wanted to share my amazing bargain with you, i certainly feel like the kat that got the cream and im sure all of you clever cookies out there that grabed one of these truely amazing deals will feel the same way.

First off iv got to say at only £24.95 these were over 50% off the RRP and being a lover of lucky dips since i was a child i couldnt resist the urge and OH MY GOD am i pleased i didnt

so lets take a little peek at what i got shall we ......

what we have here are 2 high quality toys and an awesome erotic book as a huge fan of reading anyway i was rather pleased to find this little gem hiden among my new toys, they also threw in a sexnap which is a nice little bonus comes in handy for some fun on the run

so first up we have the

"bunny plumb's lovematic"                   It is made from 100% silicone so you know it will have that sensual soft feel that we all love and with revolutionary spiral motion its sure to get your pulse racing to

what makes this even more remarkable is that the cheapest iv found this toy on line for is £53 so that one toy alone makes it more than worth your while

but amazingly we're not done as you also got this great erotic book.                                                                                                                                                     "subtext" by kate marley                                                                                                  is a modern day tale of female submission and as the winner of the ETO award for best erotic book brand for 2010  you know with out a doubt this is going to be one hell of a read.   
                                                                               our next little treat in this bag of sexiness is

"duo balls"                                            these super soft balls have internal weight movent for descreet fun out and about as well as at home, these great marbalized balls are also completely unisex.                     these balls are strong and durable and lets face it they look great making them a real must have item for him or for her                                                                                         
      Our last item in this lucky dip is a cheeky little bonus                                                                                                this "sexnap" is a handy little must have for you handbag it contains one soothing, moisturizing personal cloth towelette and in an indervidually wrapped packet you know it will be clean and sterile for when youve got a little dirty ;-)

All in all i have got to say i could not be more  pleased with this great set off goodies and i think you all will agree with me when i say have out done themselves once again. I for one can not wait to try these amazing products out, so if your interested in finding out how i get one please..................................

watch this space

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