Saturday, 9 June 2012

custom fittings by Stal Lionne

Custom FittingsChloe is a frustrated business woman, spending all her time crunching numbers in an office full of men more concerned with making money than having fun. beneath her sophisticated business woman exterior Chloe is a wild woman in need of release, she hides her desires well, thinking she has everyone fooled that is until her friends give her a surprising gift card
what Chloe believes is a VIP shopping trip soon turns into her biggest fantasy its everything she ever wanted and everything she didn't realise she needed

Stal Lionne is a great new writer, 'custom fittings' is well structured and well written. Chloe as a character is like most woman hiding in the dreams and fantasies we believe we want without really realising what we truly desire

'Custom fittings' will capture your attention from the first page to the last, will you want what Chloe wants? or will you find yourself unleashing your own deepest darkest desires.

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