Monday, 11 June 2012

brushed by Stal Lionne

BrushedPiper is a housewife and mother her whole life revolves around her family, feeling physically rejected by her husband frank she finds herself fantasising about her younger days and the times he ravaged her before the children had arrived, for piper and frank their sex life had become just a memory since the birth of their second child and since then piper has been left feeling unwanted and unattractive. As a character she is easy to relate to, many woman are left feeling this way once children arrive, fathers work harder to accommodate for the rise in spending and couples have less time for themselves. while reading this short story you will find yourself empathising with piper which allows you to really connect with the character.

Basking in the excitement of her new shoes and her new found feminism piper heads off to hire a decorator and stumbles across a sexy painter, mesmerised by his art work she finds her sexuality and things soon turn into a steamy encounter you are all sure to enjoy.

this is another great instalment form Stal Lionne and once again he has out done himself 

follow the link below to purchase this great book and revel in pipers steamy adventure

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