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Leaf - spirit


Spirit is the embodiment of nature and the smallest of all the current leaf products but don’t let that fool you, it maybe be the smallest product in the current leaf range but it is still a remarkably strong product and with a defined tip it is ideal for strong clitoral stimulation so if you’re looking precision power then spirit would be a good choice for you.

With its stylised and highly effective shape spirit allows you to explore your pleasure in a number of ways, its sensual shape gives you more than one play area so whether you’re looking for a form fitting curve, a defined tip for position pleasure or a widely curved base for a more sensual experience the choice is yours

Covered in the softest 100% Phthalate-free silicone available the stunning leaf spirit is not only a pleasure to use but also completely body safe so you can indulge yourself in complete confidence and with its eco-friendly rechargeable battery and natural canvas tote, you can have full confidence that you are helping the environment as much as you are treating yourself.

Being 100% silicone it is also very important that you use an appropriate lubricant, silicone lubricants must never be used with silicone products as they can degrade and damage the surface of the silicone rendering them unsafe to use so a water based lubricant must be used at all times

Also being silicone you will also notice that it will collect lint and debris very quickly so you need to consider storage very carefully and I would highly suggest utilising the tope storage bag provided

The spirit is the smallest of the leaf range measuring only 7.2 cm x 4.6 cm (2.8" x 1.8") but that does not mean you should underestimate it, as I’ve mentioned previously the spirit is an impressively strong vibe and certainly shouldn't be over looked

With a Run Time of  Up to 1 hour 15 mins on a single 2 hour charge you also have no need to worry about this little guy losing power when you need it most and with a powerful Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery you can be sure the spirit will keep you going for years and years to come

The control of the leaf-spirit is very easy to use it is a simple one button operation you simply press it once to activate and hold down till you achieve your desired power setting then simply press again to switch it off in an instant

As with all the products in the leaf range the spirit is also completely waterproof allowing it to be used in both the shower and bath to ensure users have optimum enjoyment from their experience as well as having a reliable travel lock system to ensure completely security and discretion when traveling

During use the defined tip works extremely well for precision stimulation to the clitoris and to tease the labia and external genitalia, it's small compact shape also makes it a great product to use during sexual intercourse, it's wide base sits comfortably on the clitoris while the soft curve allows it to curve round to stimulate the clitoris from another angle to ensure optimum stimulation is achieved

Overall the leaf-spirit is a wonderful little product, it fits very nicely in the hand and is perfectly shaped for the intimate areas of a woman's body, it also works very effectively on the nipples, the strong vibrations are highly stimulating and very pleasurable so all in all a great addition to any collection

If you are interested in purchasing the leaf-spirit for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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