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Igino one

There is something very exciting about finding new innovative sex toy designs, with countless sex toys already on the market it is difficult to find products that really stand out from the crowd. Many toys on the current market are very similar in shape and design so when I was contacted by I was extremely happy to see their product was very different and I was over joyed to find they wanted me to review it

The igino one is small compact product that could easily be mistaken for a iPod at first glance, I love this  as it makes it very discreet and ideal for those worried about their naughty indulgences being seen by others

This discreet feel of this product is also mirrored in the igino one packaging, the simple white box is very similar to that of the iPhone box and unless someone actually got up close to look at it i think they would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

The igino one features a handy removable cap that conceals its pleasure node, this pleasure node is unlike anything else you will find on the current market not only does it vibrate but it moves rapidly from side to side to emulate the movements of fingers when manually masturbating

By Imitating this movement it creates a very natural feeling experience with the added benefit of vibration to enhance the users overall experience

Along with the igino one you will also find a skin-touch head. This head attachment is made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is a material used in various medical products. This foam like head has been specifically designed to create added pleasure and stimulation

The igino one is charged via USB which is very handy as it means you don't need to worry about finding batteries and it’s great for when you’re on the go, you can charge it using your laptop or computer or even a universal USB adaptor the choice is yours

The igino one also comes with an EU plug as well as a US adaptor

When you unpack your igino one you will find its front and back are protected by a clear plastic covering, the same plastic covering you will find on new mobile phones and iPods I rather like this feature as it’s another way to reassure you it is factory fresh plus let’s face it those little screen protectors are always fun to peel off

Currently the igino only comes in one colour option white with pink detailing but they are hoping to expand their colour range in time so I will be interested to see what they come up with

Unfortunately the igino one is not waterproof so extra care should be taken when cleaning it, personally I would suggest sterile cleaning wipes or a toy cleaner sprayed directly onto a cloth and then used to sanitise the igino one but the choice is ultimately yours

I must admit I'm a huge fan of the igino one it is a very interesting design and it works extremely well the pleasure node is powered by a powerful motor so you receive high powered intense sensations that will satisfy any power queen and the skin touch head can be used to offer a different range of sensations

The igino one is very simple to use its on/off control is situated on the side of the product and as it is only one setting you don't need to worry yourself over fiddly controls during use

The igino one is not the quietest of products it sounds very much like my husband’s electric razor but honestly this is easily forgotten once you get going the sheer power of the pleasure head will soon have you weak at the knees and deeply in love the amazing little igino one

Overall I have to say the igino one is a great product its discreet sturdy design is great for travel and although it may not be silent it is by no means the loudest toy I have ever tried. Its powerful motors and unique movement makes it a toy you will turn to over and over again.

If you are interested in purchasing the igino one then please keep an eye on their up coming website and you can follow them on the following social media links

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Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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