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Lelo alia


I love lelo products their stylish design and high quality materials make them easy to love and thoroughly enjoy so when the amazing staff at approached me for a review I could not have been more excited

My lelo alia arrived in very discreet packaging with no indication of where it originated from or what it contained ensuring complete privacy, this is important for a lot of people so I was happy to see take privacy very seriously

The lelo alia like all lelo products comes beautifully packaged; firstly you will find a simple yet elegant outer box that has various product details on the sides and a simple product photo and lelo logo on the front and back

Once opened you will find a gorgeous black box featuring the lelo logo embossed on the top, this box is stunning and ideal for storage, once opened you will find your alia safe and snug inside a velvet insert that covers one side of the box alongside a stunning insignia broach, the charger for the alia on the other hand is found in the second half of the box and kept hidden beneath a separate compartment giving the alia a very sophisticated feel more in line with jewellery than a sex toy

You will also receive a storage pouch, instruction booklet and a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind

The alia itself has a very elegant design it is oval in shape with a sensual silicone skin encasing a smooth, strong ABS plastic ring with a metallic finish

The alia is designed to fit easily into the palm of the hand with the finger loop giving the user the ability to use the product for precision stimulation

Measuring a compact 3.5" in length with a 2.35" width the alia is compact yet large enough to make it very user friendly like most people I can't stand products that are fiddly to use so for me the alia works really well,

The alia is also rechargeable so you can be assured it will always be ready when you are, again making this a very user friendly product. Another feature that makes the alia so user friendly is the fact it is 100% waterproof this means not only do you have the freedom to use it in the bath or shower but that it is also very easy to clean with just antibacterial soap and water

The powerful rechargeable motor creates 6 adjustable and powerful modes of vibration and you can change the intensity level of each mode to suit your own personal needs and desires

During use I have to say the alia is wonderful, the smooth outer shell of the alia glides over the skin perfectly and very little lubricant is needed during use, the alia is a pleasure to use and almost silent vibrations make it a discreet yet pleasurable experience and ideal for those worried about their naughty activities being overheard

With a simple touch-button operation to cycle through the stimulation modes, and a clearly marked -/+ to alter the intensity level the alia is quick and easy to get to grips with and once charged, the battery life will last for approximately 4 hours, meaning you can get hours of pleasure from this stunning product

I absolutely love the alia it's sturdy construction and top quality materials means it is built to last giving the users many years of sexual satisfaction and thanks to its wonderful design it is also ideal for couples use, allowing you to explore and experiment with your partner to heighten intimacy as well as pleasure

The alia fits really well in my hand and thanks to its clever ring design I can easily stimulate my most intimate areas with absolute precision

As I have mentioned very little lubricant was required as the alia glided across my skin with comfortable ease but it is important that the correct lubricant is used, being silicone you need to ensure any lubricant you use is water based as a silicone lubricant can damage silicone products

The modes on the alia work very well too and there is a setting to suit most users making it a great all-rounder, there is nothing I can really fault the alia on it really is a great little product and I'm very pleased to have finally added one to my collection, it is a toy I see myself using time and time again so a huge thank you to for this wonderful item

If you are interested in purchasing a lelo alia for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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