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"Photo by Andrew Squires"

Anthro dragoness strive to offer the very best in all aspects of their products so they are always looking for ways they can improve their designs, the anthro dragoness has been around for a while but now it has a new updated design which will envelope and tantalise you to the highest degree so when I was approached by bad-dragon to review this product I couldn't contain my excitement, I'm a huge fan of their designs and their products are far superior to most silicone products  on the market and I could not wait to introduce my husband to his very first bad-dragon toy

The antho dragoness is available in a range of colour options from stock colours to customisable fades, marbles and highlights to glow in the dark, metallic, pearlescent and even glittered. With bad-dragon anything is possible so whatever your needs or desires bad-dragon will always aim to make them reality

For our dragoness my husband and I chose to have a pearlescent green and black marble and the overall effect is simply stunning, the way the light catches the shimmer is almost mesmerising and I find myself starring at it for obscene periods of time 

Being a male masturbation sleeve the anthro dragoness is only available in one size option which is 7.5 inches in length and one firmness option which is called the female firmness

These options are designed to accommodate any male user making them very user friendly

My dragoness arrived swiftly as always and in the same discreet packaging I have come to expect from this wonderful company. Our dragoness was wrapped in purple tissue and submerged safely within Styrofoam packing to protect it from any damage during transit

As with all my previous products my dragoness arrived sealed inside a thick plastic bag to keep it clean and fresh

Inside the bag I also found an extremely cute mini Virgil the drippy dragon in dark purple with blue glitter and a grey tip
"Photo by Andrew Squires"

 I'm a huge fan of these little guys they are super cute and an amazing piece of sex toy merchandise they are also a great way to get a glimpse of other designs.

I also received a bad dragon pen, which can be purchased on site HERE and a silicone sample disc, these come in three firmness’s; soft (3) medium (5) and hard (8) the one I received with my dragoness is a purple medium.

I absolutely love these little extras it

Once the anthro dragoness arrived my husband could not wait to get his hands on it having chosen the colour himself he was very excited to see what the bad-dragon team came up with and we was not disappointed once again the team really blew us away our dragoness is simply stunning and it really suits the colour choice as iv mentioned previously the sheen on this colouration really is something to appreciate and the overall effect gives it a truly magical feel

The new "Janine" anthro dragoness has had a few upgrades from the original design firstly the fascia has been flushed out, and is both wider and more pronounced.

The scales have also increased in detail and now looks sharper giving it a far more appealing look

The sleeve is also now longer, more in line with the other penetrable's in the bad-dragon line so suitable for a wider range of users

The core has also been slightly improve to optimised use and increase sensations during use so all in all I think you will agree some very exciting changes have been made, unfortunately this is my first male orientated bad-dragon product so I cannot compare this new design to the old one, I can however tell you how utterly amazing this sleeve really is and ohhhhh my is it awesome

All bad-dragon products are made from 100% phthalate-free, latex-free body safe silicone so you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything you receive from them will be kind to your body as well as being highly pleasurable

The silicone on these sleeves is very soft and smooth; it has a nice amount of give in it to make it easy to use and allows you to keep a firm grip on the penis during use to ensure optimum stimulation making this anthro dragoness a real winner in my husband’s eyes

Due to the nature of silicone I would highly recommend only using a water based lubricant or bad dragons own brand of lubricant sold HERE to ensure the safety of your chosen toy, silicone lubes can degrade and damage other silicone products so think of your new toy as well as yourselves

My husband could not wait to test out the anthro dragoness this is his first silicone sleeve and after hearing me go on and on about my love of bad dragon toys he was keen to find out what all the fuss was about

Once you begin to insert your penis into the opening of "Janine" you will immediately realise this product exceeds any expectations you may of had, thanks to the silicone's firm yet pliable nature it stretches to accommodate your member while keeping a firm yet comfortable grasp on the penis to ensure optimum stimulation during use. The ridged core is enhanced with the ability to adjust the suction of the sleeve, while your penis is inserted simply cover the opposite end with your hand for added suction.  My husband found this particularly sensitive and in his opinion the "Janine" anthro dragoness is the most effective masturbation sleeve he has tried. Being made from silicone does mean it may be heavier than other sleeves but it also means that the texture within the core is far more effective for stimulation as it holds its texture far better than other softer lighter materials

Cleaning the anthro dragoness is easier than you would think simply rinse off any excess lubricant and bodily fluids then using an antibacterial soap wash the exterior thoroughly paying close attention to the detailing such as the scales, clitoris and labia of "Janine" to wash the core I found it easiest to squirt a little soap into the core and then insert my fingers into both ends of the sleeve, this allows my fingers to not only meet in the middle but also allows you to manoeuvre your fingers inside the core to ensure you achieve a thorough cleaning

Being silicone you will find that "Janine” will pick up quite a lot of fluff and other debris this is a common occurrence with silicone due to the nature of the material so storage is important I would suggest either buying a lint free bag or a sex toy storage box big enough to hold it comfortably, always ensure you store your sex toys separately as certain materials will react with one another and this can cause the toys to degrade

"Photo by Andrew Squires"
Overall I have to say both me and my husband are very impressed with the "Janine" anthro dragoness the quality of manufacture like all products is remarkable, the detailing on the genitals is incredible and i am personally obsessed with flicking the labia and stocking the clitoris so even us girls can have some fun with it.

I also love the fact that even the clitoris features a clitoral hood and it's little details like this that make the products near on impossible to beat in my opinion

My husband and i highly enjoyed experimenting with the anthro dragoness as a couple having your partner lay back as you stimulate him can be a very intimate experience  and one we gain great pleasure from, I have always enjoyed controlling my husband’ssexual release and my husband has always enjoyed the tease so the"Janine" is the perfect product for us, I can manipulate the sleeve in a number of ways and change the amount of suction felt creating a truly unique experience time and time again 

Of all the masturbation sleeves we have used the "Janine" anthro dragoness is our favourite. Maybe I'm biased as it is no secret that I am a huge fan of but this is my husband’s first bad dragon product and already he is hooked. Unlike other sleeves he has used the ridged texture is not diminished when stretched to accommodate his penis and the extra length of this sleeve makes it a much better fit for him, like most men he enjoys stimulation to his full length but that is rarely possible with other sleeves as they have a tendency to come up a little short on him

We really cannot fault the "Janine" anthro dragoness it is an exceptional product made to the absolute highest standard and it has been a true pleasure to use and enjoy and it will be a firm stable in our sex life for years to come

 i feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity of reviewing "Janine" the anthro dragoness and i cannot thank the bad dragon team enough for this opportunity

If you are interest purchasing "Janine" the anthrodragoness you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

A special thank you also goes out to a wonderful friend of mine and an amazing photographer Andrew Squires who has taken these absolutely stunning photos for this review, thank you Andy as always your work is beyond beautiful xxx

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