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SINFIVE Vuali Vibrator Milk


For a while now I have seen the sinfive range on various sites but have heard very little about them so when I was approached by and offered the chance to review one I was obviously very pleased

My sinfive vuali arrived in discreet packaging with no indication of where it came from or what it contained which pleased me greatly as privacy should always be a top priority when dealing with adult products

The packaging for the sinfive vuali is very simple it features a white sleeve that pictures the vuali and the sinfive logo but once that is removed your left with a plain white box ideal for storing your vuali in, the box features a front opening which then reveals a window with the vuali sat inside a moulded plastic insert to keep it in place

I was very surprised by the vuali when it arrived I was expecting it to be a bullet (granted I hadn't bothered to look at the product information) so was excited to find out it is in fact a full size vibrator measuring 8.25 Inches in total length with an Insertable length of 6.5 Inches and a 1.5 inch diameter so all in all a very nice sized product

The alia I chose is in (milk) white but it is also available in prune (lilac) or flame (red)

The vuali is made from an anti-microbial Silicone blend and it has a slight flexibility in its core although I wouldn't suggest over flexing it

The sinfive vuali is powered using 2 x AA batteries so I was surprised to find out how powerful it turned out to be, the vibrations themselves are controlled using a + and - button there are 6 speeds and 3 modes  so there is sure to be a setting to suit most users

The shaft itself feels very smooth and features a series of vertical ridges for added stimulation and pleasure, the combined effect of these ridges alongside its strong vibrations is highly pleasurable and i have to say I highly enjoyed using it

The sinfive vuali is also listed as being waterproof making it very simple to clean in antibacterial soap and water and it can be used in the bath or shower if you wish

Being silicone it is important you use the correct lubricant silicone lubricants will degrade silicone products so water based lubricant must be used at all times

Storing the vuali is also important being a silicone blend it also attracts fluff and debris so I would suggest purchasing a storage bag or keeping it inside its box when not in use

Overall I have to say I am very impressed with the sinfive vuali I'm surprised I have not heard more about them, the vibrations are of a good strength and it is not overly loud which is a bonus. The textured shaft feels great and the rounded tip works well for clitoral stimulation making it welcome addition to any collection.

The rounded tip of the vuali also makes it a ideal product to use for anal penetration, it is comfortable to insert and the textured ridges heighten your enjoyment and increase arousal. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the sinfive vuali and I'm very pleased to of finally added one to my toy collection

If you are interested in purchasing a sinfive vuali for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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