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The 7 speed RO-80mm bullet


I am a huge fan of animal print with cow print being one of my current favourites so when Donna at asked me to review the new 7 speed RO-80mm pinto bullet I could not of been more chuffed. Pinto may technically be a horse breed but to me this bullet will always be cow print so MOOOOO

As always my bullet arrived from beautifully wrapped inside discreet packaging with no indication of where it came from or what it contained this is something I feel is always important and when dealing with you can be assured your privacy is their top priority

I'm a huge fan of the original RO-80mm bullet ( I actually own 3 of them ) so I was very excited to see how they have improved upon it and I have to say rocks off did not disappoint

The new and improved bullet now comes with 7 powerful settings; 3 vibration settings and 4 modes giving you far more choice than ever before. These new settings will now ensure that a far wider range of users can find their ideal setting to really get their rocks off

Like the original 80mm bullet the new 7 setting bullet is controlled using a single button located at the base simply push once to activate, and then push again to change settings. To turn the bullet off simply push and hold for approximately  3 seconds, this is a feature I always appreciate I’ve been interrupted more than once over the years and the quicker you can switch off the better especially when you have children 

Being made from ABS plastic the RO-80mm bullet is a hardy little guy making it ideal for travel and its compact design make it a great choice for your purse or pocket 

How it measures up

Total Length - 80mm

Width - 15mm

The 7 speed RO-80mm bullet takes one N (LR1) DC 1.5v battery these are readily available at most supermarkets so you shouldn't have to much trouble finding replacement batteries, it all so comes with a very handy black satin storage bag featuring the rocks off logo in purple so you can always keep your bullet both safe and clean ensuring it is always ready for use whenever you need it

The new 7 speed RO-80mm bullet is also waterproof making it super easy to keep clean in with only antibacterial soap and water but I would suggest using a Cotton bud to ensure the engraved rocks off logo is kept bacteria free as these groves can harbour germs if not cleaned correctly

Being waterproof it means you have the freedom to use your bullet in both the shower as well as the bath making it a nice versatile product

During use the new 7 speed RO-80 bullet is just as quiet as the original so you have no need to be concerned about being overheard, I wouldn't call it silent but it certainly is not noisy

Once again the vibration power of the RO-80 is very impressive especially when you consider its price, the power behind this bullet is something I would usually only expect from a much pricier, rechargeable product so got my this just goes to show quality doesn't always need up come with ridiculous price tags

As with the original RO-80 the new 7 speed is very comfortable to use the tip is ideal for precision stimulation and it is compact enough to lay between two bodies for powerful couple’s pleasure. My husband and I enjoy using bullets during intercourse as when placed correctly they can stimulate both the clitoris and the base of the penis for heightened sensations

All in all I have to say the new 7 speed RO-80 bullet is a huge improvement to an already awesome product and I cannot honestly fault it on anything they are compact, discreet and very powerful making them a great addition to any collection and what makes them even better is they now come in a variety of stunning new patterns from flower power, to glow in the dark and colour changing as well as a range of stunning animal prints, so no matter what your tastes there is sure to be a design to suit you

If you are interested in purchasing a 7 speed RO-80mm bullet for yourself you can do so directly from by following these links

Glow (glow in the dark)

Orgasmic (colour change)


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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