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Leaf - life 


Life is the original leaf and the inspiration for the entire leaf collection. With its simple, subtle contours and smooth finish, life is not only truly stunning,  but a product that will offer you both ultimate power and unbelievable comfort as well 

Its beautifully curved design and PowerBullet™ technology allow the powerful vibrations to be felt in any position over the surface of the life and thanks to leafs incredible engineering they have optimised the power bullet placement to ensure the vibrations are felt to the maximum effect

Leaf are dedicated to the environment so using eco-friendly packaging materials as well as a rechargeable battery and natural canvas tote, you can have full confidence that you are "helping the environment as much as you are helping yourself"

The stunning leaf - life is manufactured using 100% Phthalate-free Seamless Silicone making the life completely body safe and thanks to the life's incredible design and seamless silicone finish the life is also completely Waterproof making it incredibly easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and water, as well as giving you the freedom to use it in both the bath and shower.

Another handy feature of the leaf - life is the secure Travel lock this ensures that your product will not unexpectedly switch on causing you unnecessary embarrassment or upset

Being 100% silicone it is also very important that you use an appropriate lubricant, silicone lubricants must never be used with silicone products as they can cause the silicone products to degrade so a water based lubricant must be used at all times

Also being silicone you will also notice that it will collect lint and debris very quickly so you need to consider storage very carefully and I would highly suggest utilising the tope storage bag provided with these products. Unfortunately due to the nature of my review a tope storage bag was not supplied so if for any reason you lose your storage bag be assured any cheap satin bag or even a sandwich bag will do

How it measures up

Dimensions: 10.5 cm x 4 cm (4.1" x 1.6")

The powerful motor of the leaf - life is powered using a Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery that has a run time of Up to 2 hours 40 mins on a single 2 hour charge so you can rest assured it will always be ready whenever you are

The control of the leaf-life is very easy to use it is a simple one button operation simply press to activate and hold down till you achieve your desired power setting then when your finished simply press again for an instant shut off, this is also a great feature for those who are concerned about interruptions as the leaf-life is very quiet and with the instant shut off you are far less likely to be caught out

During use the soft curved design of the leaf- life works really well, it sits perfectly in your hand allowing you to explore your pleasure with comfortable ease, the silicone glides across your skin with minimal lubricant needed and the entire body of the life radiates vibrations allowing the complete surface area to be utilised and enjoyed.

Personally I am a fan of using the leaf-life during sexual intercourse, it fits really well between two bodies and its soft curve makes it very comfortable to use while in any position

Each end of the leaf-life has a distinctively different tip, the tip at the base (nearest the control) is much wider offering a more teasing sensation whereas the opposite end has a very defined tip allowing for a more precise application of pressure and vibration.

Personally I prefer to switch between the two as both offer incredible stimulation and I find it hard to pick between either ends

All in all I cannot fault the leaf-life one little bit it has a great design; it fits perfectly in your hand and feels remarkable during use whether that be during solo use or within a couple. The leaf life has definitely got me excited about the rest of the range and it is one I'll be sure to use time and time again 

If you are interested in purchasing the leaf-life for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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