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Nexus revo

My husband and i have experimented with many different prostate massagers but as of yet none have really blown him away so when nexus approached me to review The Nexus Revo we was obviously very excited

The packaging for the nexus Revo like all of the nexus packaging is extremely well made and there is no mistaking that this is a luxury product. The black outer sleeve is simple and sophisticated featuring only the nexus and Revo logos. Once removed you will find that the black inner box splits down the middle revealing the Revo along with an instruction booklet and storage bag tucked safe inside. I must admit this is the first time I have seen a product box open in this manner and I absolutely love it

The nexus Revo, is the original Revo of the range and although they have now released the Revo 2 it is still a highly popular product, the revo is a revolutionary male pleasure product It is the very first ever prostate massager to feature an independently moving head which is designed to optimise the stimulation needed to successfully achieve a prostate orgasm

Not only does the Revo feature a rotating head but it also has two vibration modes to enhance the overall stimulation to both the prostrate and the perineum and it is stimulation to both of these areas that can help the user achieve an effective prostate orgasm

As with all nexus products it is manufactured using only the highest quality products, Crafted from phthalate free silicone and ABS plastic, the Revo features a whole host of innovative technologies, including an internal chassis for extra strength, a drive motor with high torque gearbox and integral clutch with super quiet nylon gears. The result is a high quality, durable toy, suitable for male users of all levels.

The shaft itself is crafted from Medical grade brushed silicone and the high torque drive motor within the shaft head is what controls the rotations creating one powerful rotational pattern.

whereas the casing is made using High impact, engineering grade plastic featuring Pleasure nodules to stimulate the perineum more effectively and thanks to its vibration motor which controls two vibration patterns, a low setting and a higher setting which increases in intensity and pulse It offers a great deal of stimulation. The location of this motor has been optimised to ensure the vibration passes along the shaft which is designed to give the user the very best in prostate pleasure

How it measures up

Total Height: 145.5mm

Base Width: 126.5mm

Insertable Length: 100.6mm

Shaft Width (at thickest point): 31.7mm

The Revo is Powered using 2 x AA batteries which should allow you over four hours use at its maximum settings so thankfully you do not have to worry about it running out when you need it most

Cleaning the Revo is best achieved using the nexus toy cleaner, simply spray it on and wipe it off. Unfortunately the Revo is not waterproof so extra care will need to be taken when washing with soap and water but it can be easily achieved just be aware of what you’re doing

During use the Revo did work really well my husband felt effective and arousing stimulation from both the pleasure nobbles and the rotating head although once again the allusive prostate orgasm has eluded us. My husband found the Revo did heighten his arousal quite a bit so it works really well as a couples toy as it soon put my husband in the mood for further fun but unfortunately it just was not quite powerful enough to push him over the edge. My husband was very impressed with the rotating head but feels it would benefit from further settings and a faster rotation

Overall we are very happy with the Revo it may not of created a successful prostate orgasm but it did stimulate my husband in a very pleasurable way and we will continue to use it in the future,  being a prostate stimulator it is specifically designed for anal use but as long as you thoroughly clean it after anal use you may also find it is highly effective for vaginal use, the rotating head did stimulate my g-spot nicely but again like my husband I believe it would benefit from a faster rotation. i did however find the overall affect very arousing and successfully achieve orgasm so for me it worked well

I'm very grateful I have been given the opportunity to review the Revo and it is a welcome addition to my collection

If you are interested in purchasing the nexus Revo you can do so directly from by following this LINK


 Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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