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Crystal delights coyote tail

For the longest time I have been lusting after and dreaming of the beauty that is the crystal delights minx tails, being a little HellKat by nature the one that stood out to me the most is the coyote tail, it's wild, exotic and totally stunning and I knew I just had to have one so when I was surprised by with this review I could not control my excitement

Safely packaged away deep within packing peanuts my tail arrived very discreetly in a brown box with no indication of the wonders it held inside

The Crystal Delights minx tails are created using a clear Borosilicate glass butt plug with a tail made of real fur attached to its base, making it not only an ideal product for anal lovers but also ideal for pet play. Live out your furry anthropomorphic dream in pure luxury.

Each tail is hand made by skilled artisans, using techniques they have cultivated through years of experience and training, each beautifully crafted piece is made with precision and care to ensure each and every tail is visually and sensually remarkable

The crystal delights plug measures 8.4cm (3.3 inches) in total with an Insertable  Length of 6.9cm (2.7 inches) and is designed with comfort in mind, the plug itself measures 3.6cm (1.4 inches) in diameter at its widest part and the slender stem glides down to a flared base, ensuring the plug is comfortable once inserted and is safe to use. The flared base keeps the toy safely outside of the body and enabling it to be removed with ease. Being made from transparent Borosilicate glass means that the crystal delights minx tail Does Not Include and Latex or phthalates so you can be assured it is completely body safe

The Tails themselves come in a range of styles; Large Silver fox, Black Fox, Arctic Marble Fox, Canadian Red Fox, Coyote, Kitt Fox and lynx.

Due to the nature of real fur each tail will be unique, colours and style will vary and crystal delights cannot guarantee they will exactly match the tail styles shown in the pictures on their site but both i and crystal delights can assure you, your tail will be stunning,

The coyote tail I received looks nothing like the coyote tail featured on their site, does this mean I love it any less? No absolutely not, if anything I love it more, I have been talking to crystal delights for quite some time now and I believe they have a good grasp on me as a person at least to a point and when choosing a coyote tail to send to me I'm sure they took that into consideration and if I'm honest although I had my heart set on a tail similar to the one featured on site due to fond childhood memories the tail I received  actually suits my personality so much better, it far exceeded my expectations and there is no way i would swap it now I absolutely love it, I think it embodies my personality really well, it is almost wolf like in colour which I adore as many spiritualists have told me my spirit guide is a wolf matching the colour of my tail which for me makes it far more special

During use the crystal delights coyote tail really is very comfortable to wear I can freely crawl, run and generally be silly wearing the tail and it causes me no discomfort what's so ever, it can also be worn freely during sex although I do suggest moving the tail to the side or having it laid over your bum while on all fours to help protect the fur from bodily fluids

 I absolutely love the way my tail hangs it feels so natural and I adore the way it swings and tickles my thighs it's a very erotic experience

The fur itself is absolutely beautiful Mother Nature really does do it best, my tail is a multitude of shaded from browns, greys and beige to darker highlights throughout it also has a darker undercoat and the tip of the tail is dark brown and the underside of the tail features a small white stripe which I love, everyone has a wild side as well as that small piece of innocents or purity they keep safely hidden for me this white strip symbolises this perfectly.

When removing the plug from your body you must take care not to pull on the tail itself as this could damage the fur and possibly cause it to come away from the base

When using lubricant I highly suggest you use it sparingly as excess lubricant could run off on to the fur and cause matting which would result in the need to have the fur cleaned

Extra care needs to be taken when cleaning your tail, the glass plug can be cleaned with hot, soapy water or toy cleaner but extra precautions need to be taken when cleaning the fur, crystal delights have given clear instructions on proper care so I suggest you follow them closely

How to care for your tail

Our Crystal Minx animal tails are real fur tails and as such require a bit of special care.  Here is where I give you the “correct” way to clean your Crystal Minx tail (which I know most of you won’t do) then I will give you some tips and tricks that might help!

The Crystal Minx tail should be cleaned only by a fur professional, however here are some things you can do yourself:

Give it a good home. Be sure it is not exposed to bright light while being stored, or isn’t kept near a heat source.  Make sure it has room to breathe and isn’t being crushed by other objects.  Fur likes cold, hates heat. They don’t like friction. They don’t like chemicals. They like space.

Don’t cover your Crystal Minx tail with a bag. Your tail prefers air circulation, to prevent its leather side from drying.  If you absolutely must keep it in a bag for a short period of time, be sure it is in a loosely woven cloth bag.

Accessorize wisely. Don’t pin jewellery on your tail, and avoid sharp necklaces and bracelets that could snag your tail. We recommend sliding magnetic tails apart, using your fingers to push the two magnetics apart, rather than tugging the magnetic tail off. The magnets are strong and your tail is fragile.

Avoid insecticides, mothproofing and other chemicals around your tail, including perfume or hairspray directly on your tail. Perfume contains alcohol, which can dry it out. Once a perfume gets into your tail, including cedar from a cedar chest it could be there to stay.  Oils in the leather of your tail can become rancid and smell.

If your tail gets wet, don’t panic.  Most tails handle snow and light rain with ease.  Shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room.  Resist the temptation to speed the drying process by using a hair dryer or hanging near a heat source.  Your tail does not like heat. After it dries, shake it again.  Do not comb or brush it. If its hairs are a little bristly, simply smooth them with your hand.

Do not store your tail in a freezer…bad idea!

Spot clean a stain at once with a cleaning solution and a rag. Pat the area with the rag rather than stroking it to avoid removing guard hairs.  Hang to dry after the stain is removed.

Bring back the shine of the fur by drying oat bran or cornmeal and laying it in the fur. These substances soak up dirt and grime. Gently shake out the cornmeal and bran and shake the tail to loosen the rest of the substances.

Overall I have to say I am beyond impressed with my crystal delights coyote tail it far exceeds my expectations. it is the embodiment of luxury pet play and therefore should be treated with the love and affection it deserves, Mother Nature has created these wonderful tails and have worked extremely hard to bring them to us in a humane, loving way and they should be cherished for a life time

*Statement from Crystal Delights regarding the use of real fur:

"Our tails come from a U.S. company that specializes in the “refuse parts” of animals typically thrown away. We at Crystal Delights do not condone the killing of an animal for its coat and we believe that someday the fur trade will be abolished, and we support that, but until that time, we believe that all parts of the animal should be used and not simply discarded as waste.

Crystal Delights donates a portion of tail profits annually to animal charities to continue our charitable mission."

If you are interest purchasing a crystal delights coyote tail you can do so direct from by following this LINK or for UK residents you can also do so by visiting by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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