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Mute swan


Having now reviewed two swan products I must admit I have become an avid fan so being able to add a third swan item to my collection has made me an extremely happy Kat, the third item I have the pleasure of reviewing is the mute swan thanks to the wonderful people at, their personal service is remarkable all their staff are incredibly helpful and extremely friendly and they are a real pleasure to deal with

All their products are sent very discreetly in simply brown boxes with no indication of who sent them or what they contain; always put your privacy first making them ideal for households with multiple occupants

The mute swan is Famous for its slightly curved and sensual shape, it features Unique vibrations at each end making this the first double ended swan product I have tried, the virtually seamless silicone finish allows you to not only feel its vibrations across the entire surface of the toy but also enables you to use the full surface area of the toy during use

the main feature of the mute swan is its uniquely pointed tip it is designed to target your g-spot and offer the user pin point precision.

The gently curved body has been specifically angled to provide deep stimulation to the user and for the first time giving you the opportunity to experience a swan in two different ways

How it measures up:


20 cm x 3 cm (small end)

x 4 cm (large end)

Swan always take your safety very seriously which is why all their products including the mute swan are only manufactured using tip quality silicone making their toys not only  Phthalate-free and latex fee but also 100% body safe.

Using Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries also makes the swan toys Eco friendly, as well as user friendly. with a Run Time of Up to 8 Hours on only a single 2 Hour charge the mute swan is a very handy toy to have around it has a very quick charging time and a great run time so you never have to worry about it running out on you

The mute swan also comes with an interchangeable universal charging system for ease of you and flexibility, giving you the freedom to charge it almost anywhere

Charging the mute swan is super simple, just insert the charging pin into the port located on the underside of the mute swan, Once the adapter is inserted a red LED light will glow to indicate its charging status once it has reached a full charge the light will go out, giving you a nice clear indicator that it is ready for use

During use I was shocked to find how different the vibrations where compared to the other two swan products iv reviewed, the pointed tip end of the mute swan seems far tamer where power is concerned even compared to thicker end of the toy, this would be a great toy for most users but if you’re a power lover like me this may not be the swan for you.

As i have mentioned before the pointed tip end of the mute swan is designed for g-spot stimulation although unfortunately it didn't quite hit the spot for me, it feels great during use and is highly pleasurable to use but didn't quite manage the g-spot stimulation I had hoped for

The thicker end of the swan had a higher vibration strength to the pointed end and is designed so the angle of the toy can offer deeper sensations which thankfully it did achieve this, the thicker girth of this end does make it a nice filling toy to use but if I'm honest I found the mute swan far more satisfying during anal use

During anal use is where the mute swan comes into its own I found it slightly disappointing during vaginal use but it more than made up for that during anal penetration. Thanks to the uniquely pointed tip the mute swan is very comfortable to insert and the gentle curve of the toy means it easily stimulates my more sensitive areas, and when you’re in need of a thicker deeper set of sensations simple turn it round and you have it, the tip of the thicker end is slightly curved so offers slightly blunter insertion more like that of a penis it's thicker shaft is far more filling and the vibrations can be felt more strongly during anal use

All swan products come with a "Lock feature" to unlock your mute swan you simply hold down both buttons for at least four seconds, you will notice the lights on both buttons flicker at this points the product is unlocked, to re lock your product simply repeat this process 

Another innovative feature the mute swan possesses is the "Press and hold feature" this feature mimics the natural escalation of human passion simply press and hold the button, the longer you hold the more intense the vibrations become

Overall I have to say for me the mute swan is far more suited to me anally than vaginally which is fine by me, I'm a fan of anal so it's nice to of found one that works well for me, the mute swan itself looks great and is very user friendly, I find the idea of having two ends that can both be used rather exciting it’s like having two different toys. The mute swan is very users friendly and thanks to its Virtually Seamless design not only is it fully waterproof but also incredibly easy to clean with simply gentle soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner

Although being made from high quality silicone does mean you cannot safely use this mute swan with silicone lubricant as these can damage silicone products so water based lubricant will be needed when using any swan product

I have got to say once again swan have delivered with the mute swan, maybe not in the way I had hoped but all in all it has worked out well I think, I would like to see a stronger set of vibrations on the mute was I was a little disappointed to see it is not as powerful as the silver or cygnet swan but during anal use the vibrations are far more noticeable, I am very pleased to be able to add the mute swan to my collection and I will certainly look into more swan products in the future

If you are interested in purchasing the mute swan you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge by in exchange for a thorough honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you


  1. Is this the same Swan that makes the Leaf vibrators?

    1. Yes darling swan is the company behind the leaf products too both ranges are amazing, will be posting leaf reviews soon xxx