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ElectraStim flick duo 


I have never used any sort of electric stimulation devise before, although the idea of them has always intrigued me, was kind enough to approach me recently and offer me the chance to give their flick duo multipack a go and I jumped at the chance

Upon arrival I must admit my immediate reaction was one of excitement the box showed a nice clear picture of the control and I couldn't wait to get it open, once the outer box is removed your left with a thick black cardboard box with ElectraStim at the top in silver, the box itself reminds me very much of my iPhone packaging and if you saw the box on someone's desk that is exactly what most people would expect it to be, so for that reason it does make a rather nice storage box.  as I said the box is made from nice thick card so the quality of the box itself seems reasonably high so you immediately get a feel of a top quality product,  once the lid is removed you will find the control itself inside a plastic bag sat in a moulded plastic frame and once you remove the moulded plastic all the others items are sat underneath also in plastic bags, unfortunately the plastic mould in my box was rather sharp and it did catch my skin which was rather sore, no real damage was done so it’s not really an issue just slights disappointing anyway moving on

The ElectraStim Flick Duo has 8 built-in dual channel programs including escalating patterns but is also able to stimulate in rhythm with the movements of the control unit! Whether you simply want to add your own stimulation “beat” or want to stimulate in direct sympathy with your own wrist movements during masturbation the choice is yours

The Flick Duo unit has 25 intensity levels per output, ensuring satisfaction for all levels of play.

you can activate the "Flick Feature" by Pressing the Mode button for 3 seconds will take you into the Patent Pending Flick feature. Simply shake rock and move the control unit to vary the stimulation you experience while still keeping control over the intensity levels. The Flick level is indicated by the 5 LEDs on the control panel but the output actually has 50 flick strengths

There are also 4 different Flick Modes on the Duo Stimulator so you can have full control over your stimulation and find the ideal setting for you and your partner

Personally my husband and I really liked this flick feature having it react to our bodies movements was a very interesting experience and hubby highly enjoyed changing tempo and movements to tease me with the added stimulations and I have to admit it was great fun to use and highly pleasurable

Stimulation Patterns/Programs

The stimulation mode or pattern can be changed by briefly pressing the Mode button. Each press will cycle through the eight stimulation patterns and the yellow output activity lights will glow in sympathy with the stimulating output. The Duo programs have been specially developed to wave and pulse between the two outputs, giving an enhanced and dynamic electro stimulation experience; this also means each output can have its own pattern to suit that users while the other can have something different making this the ideal product for couples

Admittedly I found I did prefer a higher setting than my husband so I was very grateful for this feature, I found once I adjusted to each setting I quickly wanted more so escalated through the setting quite quickly whereas hubby found his ideal setting and stuck to it. He adjusted to the setting far more slowly than I did and once he reached his chosen setting he couldn't push past it as it became too intense. This for me goes to show how important a set up like this is, each person will react differently so having the ability to run two different intensity levels at the same time is far more user friendly as each partner can get the most from the product

Flick Duo Programs

•Continuous - smooth stimulation to get the feel of things

•Alternating Wave - slow and gentle wave/massage effect sweeping between the two outputs

•Escalating Simultaneous Wave - starting with a slow wave and steadily speeding up to a fast wave before slowing down again

•Alternating Pulse - a low frequency bursting pattern

•Escalating Simultaneous Pulse - starting with a slow pulse and steadily speeding up to a fast pulse before slowing down again

•Simultaneous Falling Rest - pulsing pattern with an ever decreasing rest period until the stimulation is constant then repeating

•Alternating Dual Pulse - medium burst rate followed by a fast rate...

•Rapid Fire Escalate - firing an increasing number of pulses to each output before starting again

ElectraStim "Flick" Electro Stimulation Multi-Pack

This pack is aimed with multiple stimulation in mind, so if you want to stimulate two different areas at the same time or want to get hooked up with a partner then this pack could be for you

It allows you to combine anal and penis stimulation, anal and vaginal stimulation and even couples use. Simply hook up you and your partner and experience heightened sensitivity as the current flows between your two bodies

Pack contents

•The ElectraStim Flick EM80 Digital Stimulator

•Self-adhesive pads x 4 (50mm/2" square)

•Pair of Cock/Scrotal Loops

•60g/2oz Tube of Electro Conductive Gel

•Vaginal/Anal stimulation probe

•2g Foil pack of premium Lubricant

•Accessory Connecting Cable x 2

•USB Charging Cable


•Drawstring Storage Pouch

•3 Year Warranty Upgrade •Registration Card


The Pads measure 50mm (2") square and are self-adhesive, they can be placed across any desirable area but as with all electrical devise it is best to keep them off the chest. states the best way to use these is if you and your partner each wear one pad on either your buttock or inner thigh, this allows the stimulation current to flow between your two bodies but you must Ensure bodily contact is kept below the waist during use, there are also lots of other ways you can use these pads and thankfully my electrics expert and very good friend was there to help with some great ideas for me to try

During use these pads create an almost vibrator like feeling inside your body, it's a very bizarre yet pleasurable experience I used two of these pads one placed on my groin and the other just above my clitoris and it felt like my whole genital area had turned into a human vibrator, the overall effect was very pleasurable and my arousal was clearly increased and during intercourse my husband noted heightened sensitivity and just being inside me without moving caused added sensation

I highly enjoyed using these pads I wasn't at all sure what to expect but after trying them I was eager to continue my ElectraStim exploration.  placing one pad above my clitoris and one on my husband’s hand as he stimulated me was also far more pleasurable than expected the added current is very erotic and enhances the whole experience

 ElectraStim states that these pads can be used up to six times so unfortunately they will need replacing pretty quickly which is a bit of a shame I would of liked them to have a longer useable life but you never know you may get lucky with careful use they could last a little longer


This Pack includes two Electrically Conductive Rubber Loops which are Fully Adjustable!

You can use these ElectraLoops in a number of ways;

•One around your scrotum and one around the base of your penis

•One loop at the base of your penis and one bellow the head of your penis and lastly

•One loop around the base of your penis during intercourse

Adjust each loop to the required size using the sliding adjuster and add a good helping of conductive gel (supplied) or water based lubricant to each loop at the point of skin contact. Connect ONE end of each loop to the connecting cable and you're ready to go, this is important connecting both pins to the same loop will complete the circuit which means you will feel absolutely nothing during use. I feel as a beginner this point wasn't clear enough and I had to contact my friend once again for advice as I was worried it was faulty (yes I really am that stupid)

Anyway moving on during use the loops are super comfortable to wear, personally hubby and I preferred using them during intercourse alongside the electrapads. we attached 2 pads, either side of my clitoris and a loop at the base of my husband’s shaft the result was highly stimulation the intensity of the sensations where noticeably higher and we both achieved orgasm very quickly, the orgasms themselves were also intensified for both of us making it a very powerful experience and one we couldn't wait to repeat


This pack also includes a probe which can be used both vaginally and anally. To enhance the comfort and intensity of the ElectraProbe experience, a water based lubricant must be used (a sample is included)

Personally I prefer using this vaginally as I achieved a far more intense experience than when used anally, I believe this will make a very interesting kegel devise as i could clearly feel my muscles tightening during use, the probe again created some very intense sensations and I soon found myself squirming on the bed in another explosive orgasm

The only real down side to the probe is that it is not the easiest thing to clean, due to the raised edges where the plastic meets metal you have to take extra care when cleaning it ensuring you get right between the seams otherwise bacteria could grow very quickly

Overall I have got to say all of these ElectraStim products are highly effective in creating intense pleasurable sensations I highly enjoyed experimenting with them and as a beginner although I feel the instructions where lacking in details the products themselves where brilliant

The control itself is very easy to use and thanks to its USB Charger it is very user friendly featuring a charging status indicator which saves you a lot of guess work and worry regarding over charging and it also saves you a heap of money as no Batteries are Required

It also has a very handy low battery warning so you never have to worry about it running out on you mid-play and it has its own storage bag to which will keep it safe when not in use 

the ElectraStim flick duo is a very nice set I found everything highly enjoyable and once I got used to how everything works my confidence with the system and how it works grew and grew I really enjoy the sensations it creates and I have to say I'm very eager to try more ElectraStim products as well as electrics products in general. I am definitely a fan or electrics and I'm disappointed I waited so long to try them

If you are interest purchasing the ElectraStim flick due or any other ElectraStim products you can do so direct from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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