Wednesday, 3 April 2013

love wand experiment

The Luminous love wand and the sexsomniac

Rose quarts is a beautiful stone and is believed to hold many healing qualities, the one quality of the stone that interests me most though is its effectiveness in inducing  restful sleep, for those of you that don't already know I suffer from a number of active sleep disorders, including walking and talking, with many other variants. The rarest of my sleep disorders though is sexsomnia. Sexsomnia is a disorder of which the sufferers performs sexual acts on themselves or their partner, this can vary between masturbation to full intercourse and as with most things it also varies between suffers, personally my sexsomnia is mainly focused on self-masturbation although this does occasionally shift to my husband and I have also been known to try and engage him in full blown intercourse

Anyway last year I stumbled across a wonderful company  who were hoping to bring their stunning rose quarts dildo into the world of sex toys, this goal has now been achieved and I was lucky enough to get the chance to review one ( you can read my main review HERE )

As I’ve said rose quarts has been linked to restful sleep and although iv slept with some in my room in the past i never put much thought into its effectiveness, due to quite a lot of stress and illness lately my active sleep disorders have been at an all-time high so this got me thinking could my rose quarts love wand actually help 

Over the next two weeks I'm going to keep a diary of my nightly activities (well as best I can)

Week one will be my usual routine, but for week two I will be attempting to sleep with the rose quartz love wand inserted to see if it has any effect


Week one,


Night 1

12:30am Bed time 

2:30am still awake

3:26am woke up sat on the toilet oh yes I forgot to mention I sleep wee lol

5:42 hubby woke me up for taking too loudly, apparently i was moaning about chickens hmmmmm ok not really sure what to think of that,

 Night 2

12:30am bed time

3:45am still awake

4:57am hubby wakes me up for messing around in my draw taking about lipstick, I don't wear lipstick hmmmm

6:38am I wake up down stairs on the sofa

 Night 3

11:45 bed time

2:00am still awake

4:22am woke myself up masturbating 

6:07 wake up sat on the stairs

 Night 4

12:55am bed time

4:35 still awake

 Night 5

11:30pm bed time

4:17am woke up sat on the end of the bed

7:30 woke up to find my bad dragon naga in bed with me

 Night 6

11:00pm bed time

2:30 still awake

5:01 woke up on the toilet

 Night 7

12:45 bed time

4:00am still awake

5:21 woke myself up masturbating

6:54 woke up on the bathroom floor

Week two,

Night 1

1:25am bed time

2:30 still awake

7:00 woke up to find the love wand on the floor hmmmmm did I take it out in my sleep or did it fall out my panties during a walk, I have no idea hubby didn’t see or hear a thing bigger panties tomorrow night I think

 Night 2

12:50 bed time

4:03 I woke hubby up talking in my sleep

 Night 3

12:39 bed time

2:00 still awake

5:53 hubby found me sat up in bed

 Night 4

11:45 bed time

2:00 still awake

4:10 woke up

 Night 5

12:30 bed time

2:18 hubby caught me trying to walk down stairs and put me back into bed

 Night 6

1:45 bed time

3:40 still awake

5:02 woke up to use the toilet found the love wand on my pillow

 Night 7

11:35 bed time

3:12 woke hubby up talking

 In conclusion

I know two weeks is really not a long enough comparison to get an accurate idea of the love wands effectiveness on my sleep disorders but I do feel that over the week I have slept with it that there has been some improvement, week one consisted of far more physical night activity and although there was still activity during week two, while using the love wand you can see by the results that the activity was much calmer by comparison

Overall I do personally believe this little experiment was a success, i exhibited no obvious signs of sexsomnia in week two which I think is remarkable, although there could of course be many factors as to why my active sleep appeared calmer during week two. some may think it’s a coincidence, others may think I subconsciously knew the wand was there and even during sleep I feared damaging it which kept me mostly in bed, it could also be that in week two my health improved a great deal which i guess could also of been a factor

The truth is I guess we will never know for certain but what I do know is this;

The luminous love wand is an absolutely stunning piece and totally unique, I’ve seen many stone dildos but this is my first crystal sex toy and I truly hope it is not my last

Will I continue to use my luminous love wand? Ohhhh yes, I may not sleep with it inserted on a nightly basis but I will continue to use it none the less. I'm curious to see if the results iv gathered over the last two weeks are reflected in further tests so i will most definitely be experimenting again in the future and may even go on to look at how it benefits other health issues such as my migraines at some point

All in all it’s a very fascinating toy and I'm very grateful to have it in my collection thank you so much

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