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Dragon tongue

Is it possible for Bad Dragon to get even better? Hell yes would be the answer, I didn't think it was possible but their newest creation "the dragon tongue" is out of this world remarkable, so as you can imagine I was beyond excited when I was asked to review one.

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of and in all honesty if I could only have one dildo for the rest of my life a bad dragon dildo would be my only consideration, the only problem would be choosing which one. The quality of their products is of the highest standard and as far as I’m concerned they far exceed any other dildo on the market

Bad dragon is a fantasy dildo company and Regardless of your sexual interests bad dragon is sure to be able to cater for your needs and desires.

Focusing on all aspects of their designs; shape, size, texture and colour bad dragon are dedicated to producing the finest fantasy-themed adult toys money can buy. These exquisite designs are hand crafted and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to guarantee their customers top quality products as well as a high quality service

When ordering from bad dragon you will be given numerous options to choose from this ensures your finished product suits your needs perfectly

First up - design;

All of the bad dragon "characters" are exquisite and out of all of them, the "dragon tongue" is the newest, so when I was asked to review this breath taking new design I could not of been happier

Next- Size; The Dragon tongue comes in Small, Medium, Large or extra large

Total length

Small - 6.5"

Medium - 8.1"

Large - 11.5"

Extra-large  - 14.4"

Usable length

Small - 4.6"

Medium - 5.75"

Large - 8"

 Extra-large - 10

A full list of measurements can be found HERE

I chose to review the medium

Then Firmness; bad-dragon offer there body safe silicone in an array of firmness’s;




Split soft

Split firm   

Split wide

I chose to have my tongue in hard

Due to the design of the dragon tongue it is one of the very few designs that does not come with the option of a cum tube or suction cup, but let’s face it a tongue would look ridiculous with a cum tube

Finally the Colour; The colour options bad-dragon offer are highly impressive, anything from signature colours for each model to custom colours, pearlescent and even glow in the dark colours, with bad-dragon anything is possible including fades, marbling and highlights. I am feeling super special at the moment as the custom colour of my tongue was created just for me and will not be something you will see featured on their site and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful, it far exceeded anything I had imagined

My tongue was delivered in a discrete brown box with no indication of what secrets it held inside. Once opened I found my Tongue hidden under purple tissue paper buried in Styrofoam packing which were keeping it nice and safe

My tongue was sealed inside a thick plastic bag to keep it clean and fresh it also has a little sticker on the base stating it was "made in the USA" I personally think this is a nice touch

Inside the bag I also found an extremely cute mini glow in the dark duke. I'm a huge fan of these little guys they are super cute and an amazing piece of sex toy merchandise they are also a great way to get a glimpse of other designs. I am super chuffed to of received a glow in the dark item I must admit I’ve been very interested in this feature, the colour is great and even for such a small item it glows really well, it's like having a mini dildo night light.

I also received a bad dragon pen, which can be purchased on site HERE and a silicone sample disc,  these come in three firmness’s; soft (3) medium (5) and hard (8) the one I received with my tongue is a black hard and a very cute button badge

The tongue is something really very special it features a wonderfully tapered tongue with ridges on the underside for added texture and increased sensation and is finished of perfectly with a very impressive 3D dragon muzzle, the muzzle itself is gorgeously detailed with scales, flared nostrils and even teeth, the overall look really is something to appreciate from every angle it looks truly magnificent and the custom marbling on my tongue emphasises this even more which I absolutely adore

The Dragon tongue is an ideal choice for users looking into larger girths the smallest of the three sizes being an impressive 5.25 inches in circumference at its widest point and the extra-large measuring up at a spine tingling 11 inches, I'm sure you will all agree that's highly impressive but thanks to its wonderful tapered design the tongue allows you to work up to the larger girth making it very user friendly

All bad-dragon products are made from 100% phthalate-free, latex-free body safe silicone so you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything you receive from them will be kind to your body as well as being highly pleasurable

Due to the nature of silicone I would highly recommend only using a water based lubricant or bad dragons own brand of lubricant sold HERE to ensure the safety of your chosen toy, silicone lubes can degrade and damage other silicone products so think of your new toy as well as yourselves

I believe the choices for my dragon tongue are absolutely perfect; the hard firmness I chose works really well, the added firmness enhances the stimulation from the ridges on the underside of tongue yet gives it enough flexibility to make it comfortable to use. even though this is the hardest firmness you'll be surprised to know it still has a nice amount of give in it so unlike other types of silicone dildos it will move with your body far better and offer you a more pleasurable experience and despite its wide circumstances it really is nice and comfortable to insert and the muzzle works incredibly well for added clitoral stimulation

The silicone itself has a very silky smooth finish to it and feels incredibly sensual to the touch it is extremely tactile material and thanks to its firmness you can help but squeeze it

the colour of my tongue is incredible the mixtures of colours and tones is stunning and the swirls and marbling adds character and depth to the product. My tongue is beautiful from every single angle and I could just sit and stare at it for hours

bad dragons ability to manufacture and produces products of such a high standard and taking so much time and effort on small details such as colour is something I deeply respect and this for me goes a long way to proving just how much pride and care bad-dragon put into their creations to ensure each and every one is a beautiful piece of sexual artistry, nowhere else will you find handmade silicone toys made to this high calibre and this is why I will forever be a lifelong bad dragon fan I cannot recommend them enough

I know many of you will think I say the same about all my bad dragon toys; they are magnificent, i love them, you really can’t get better. But this is all very true, every single detail on them is exquisite and the dragon tongue is no exception. From the ridged tongue to 3D dragon muzzle every last detail has been created with precision and care and it’s clear a lot of thought has gone in to its creation

I think the tongue in medium is a nice size for most users the tongue itself is reasonably wide but is not overly thick which makes using it a very interesting and highly pleasurable experience.

its tapered tip makes it easy insert and allows you to lower yourself down at your own pace and indulge in the feeling of it slowly stretching you as it slides deeper inside The ridges on the tongue itself creates a wonderful range of sensations, the smooth top side with its deep vertical ridge works incredibly well in contrast with the multiple ridged underside. Together they really do create something spectacular and in the hard firmness you can experience each and every sensation to the highest degree

During vaginal use I have to say the dragon tongue is a complete hit, the curved design on the tongue works really well for me and I experience a good amount of g-spot stimulation which I wasn't expecting. As I have previously mentioned the 3D muzzle works really well for clitoral stimulation, when straddled, the tongue allows you to move freely and enables you to grind on to the muzzle enhancing your overall experience.

To take your tongue experience to the next level I highly recommend twisting it while inserted, due to its unique design the tongue itself is not round it is actually more of an oval shape and this works really well in a twisting motion, during use when laid down I slowly twisted the tongue which resulted in a multitude of sensations the thick base stretches you as it turns and the curved design tickles and massages you from the inside again this works really well when stimulating the G-spot

Using the medium tongue anally is also a very interesting experience the unusual shape on this design does make it very unique and is not like anything else I have tried but due to its wide girth it's not the easiest thing to fully insert and I must admit I had to do a lot of pre warm up before i could fully insert it,  unlike round toys you will find this tongue will only stretch you in on direction but unlike during vaginal use I wasn't comfortable with the idea of twisting it and felt I needed to be far more gentle, this is more to do with my inexperience with large anal insertion than the design itself, I am still working on larger anal insertions and although I managed the Initial insertion my nerves got the better of me when it came to experimenting with it. The tapered tip on this design really does make it more user friendly as during use you can slowly insert the tongue and its gradual width increase is far easier to adjust to than having a larder girth to begin with so for that reason I believe this will be a great design to practise larger anal insertion on

Cleaning of the dragon tongue  is very simple the silicone is non-porous and can be cleaned in many ways;  with your favourite silicone friendly toy cleaner, mild soap and water, the dish washer, or even using sterilising liquid or tablets, the choice is yours. Extra attention will need to be taken when cleaning the nostrils just to ensure no debris or dirt is left behind but this is easily achieved using a cotton bud

Being silicone you will find the dragon tongue will pick up quite a lot of fluff, hair and other debris this is a common occurrence with silicone due to the nature of the material so storage is important I would suggest either buying a lint free bag or a sex toy storage box big enough to hold it comfortably, always ensure you store your sex toys separately as certain materials will react with one another and this can cause the toys to degrade

My Overall opinion of the dragon tongue as well as the service i have received from bad dragon is extremely high, my communication with the team as always was very friendly and helpful and they made my overall experience highly enjoyable.  I am extremely impressed with the tongue, the design itself is one of the most unique i have ever seen it is utterly breath taking and as an avid dragon enthusiast I have to say I am a huge fan, for me the muzzle is what really makes it and I would love to see more designs like this in the future

I can honestly say reviewing this dragon tongue has been a real pleasure and i feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity and I cannot thank the bad dragon team enough for the opportunity

If you are interest purchasing the bad dragon, dragon tongue you can do so direct from by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you


  1. Oh my god the colors!!! It's beautiful, and I love you're pictures! The design itself is fantastic but the girth has me a little nervous, I have trouble with girthy toys sometimes, despite this, I want it anyway, the design captivated me as soon as I saw it and your glowing review just further convinced me.

    1. I honestly couldn't love it any more if I tried, the girth on the medium is wide but due to the tapered design it's far easier to insert than you would expect, I had so much fun with the photos lots of funny looks from people on the beach and in the pet shop lol no one knew what it was had lots of people asking hehehe
      I'm really happy with the colour it's far more spectacular than I ever expected the staff at bad-dragon are geniuses xxx

  2. The muzzle on this tongue is absolutely gorgeous!!! Did you design the color pattern? I have been lusting after BD toys since I discovered them. I'm starting to think it's time to just order already! Lol. Lovely review.

    1. The colour design was something the amazing staff at bad-dragon created for me I absolutely love it and feel incredibly lucky it's more than I could of ever wished for :-)
      You really should give them ago, you won't be disappointed bad-dragon make incredible products at the very highest quality and I'm sure you will love them xxx