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Bella Louise Wooden Spank Paddles


After being recently approached to review some wooden spanking paddles by I now find myself in the possession of 3 stunning pieces of spanktastic wood.

Each stunning paddle is handcrafted from oak and finished in a Danish oil coating to help protect the wood from damage and seal it from moister

My package arrived in a long rectangular box with no indication of the sender or the secrets it held inside, the paddles had been lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure their safety so they arrive in pristine condition

First up

 The Bella Louise Wooden Spanking/Teasing Cane

is currently priced at £12.99 which I think is very reasonable for the size and quality of the cane, it is currently their smallest solid oak paddle measuring in at

Length: 600mm

Width: 20mm

Depth: 14mm

If I'm honest this one is probably my favourite due to its comfortable size and weight when wielded it is easy to control, it has a lovely weight to it and feels very comfortable in the hand.

As for impact it has a very effective, very arousing sting to it and leaves noticeable welts and marks from the wood but thanks to its smooth edges it doesn't split the skin (well not with the force I used them) But I'm assuming it is possible when wielded by more hard core users

It is ideal for spanking or just teasing your partner when working up to something harsher.

it is a great size for use on a number of body parts unlike the larger options this cane can be effectively used on the legs, back, stomach

Next we have

The Bella Louise Wooden Spank Paddle

Which is currently priced at £22.99 which is a great price for a solid oak paddle of this size, it measures in at

Length: 600mm

Width: 45mm

Depth: 14mm

This elegant solid oak paddle features a number of holes within its design and a slit at the end, the overall look of the paddle is stunning and it makes a wonderful noise as it cuts through the air during use.

The design is very solid and that is mirrored during use, it offers a very impressive impact and thanks to its wider design it covers a much wider area than the teasing cane

It is much heavier than the small cane though and the wide handle can make It slightly harder to control if like me you have small hands, personally I find I have to use both hands when using this paddle as I have weakness in my wrist after breaking it as a teenager but others may find it much easier to wield

During use I'm not convinced you can really tell it apart from the plain split paddle when alternating between the two I guessed correctly maybe only half the time as to which one was being used but as more extreme paddles go you really can't go wrong with either

The Bella Louise Plain Split Wooden Spank Paddle

Currently priced at £21.99 and It measures in at

Length: 600mm

Width: 70mm

Depth: 14mm

Again making this a good sized paddle for the price

This beautiful solid oak spank paddle is very simple in its design it features a slit straight up the middle and is designed to give the effect of two thinner paddles being used struck

Like all the Bella Louise wooden paddles it is has been handcrafted on site and covered with Danish oil to protect the wood and prevent any possible water damage

During use the split paddle offers a more extreme impact than the thinner, tamer teasing cane it has a much wider surface area and has a lot more weight to it so when used with the same amount of force the results will be far more drastic than with the lighter thinner teasing can making it a great option for more hard core impact lovers.

Again like the spank paddle it makes a great sound when cutting through the air which is something I love about both of the larger paddles, it plays on more than just your sense of touch, when cutting through the air it teases your sense of hearing and you begin to anticipate the blows, my husband soon cottoned on to this and used it to his full advantage, playing and teasing me by swinging the paddle but not actually connecting with my body, this is most effective when blindfolded

All of these paddles have earned a rightful place in my collection of impact tools I love each and every one for different reasons. Each of them have been created to an extremely high standard, the finish on them is perfect, they all feature the Bella Louise logo but you can have the paddles personalised if you wish just to make them a little more special.

The feel of the wood is lovely its very smooth and the Danish oil used on it not only gives the wood a wonderful small but also enhances the beauty of the wood amazingly the grain really is captured quite remarkably which I absolutely love, nothing spoils the look of wood more for me than a poorly chosen finish.

It is immediately apparent that the maker of these pieces really enjoys what they do and takes a lot of care and attention when doing it, a true craftsman
i will certainly be keeping a close eye out for future releases and at some point i would love to have my very own "HellKat" Bella Louise paddle

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these paddles you can do so direct from by following these links


Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me free of charge by in exchange for a thorough honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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