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Leaf - vitality


Vitality is leaf's take on the classic rabbit design; this completely unique and stunningly beautiful shape is the embodiment of nature. Each flexible naturally curved end contains powerful, separately controlled vibrations allowing it to be used in a variety of ways

Measuring in at 12.8 cm x 8.8 cm (5" x 3.5") the vitality is one of the larger leaf designs and certainly the most unusual, I love this design each "bud" has its own vibration setting allowing for lots of experimentation. Leaf suggest that you use the larger of the two "buds" for vaginal insertion and the smaller "bud" is designed to stimulate the clitoris but I have found there are also a number of other ways you can use it so you'll have lots of fun finding your ideal positions

Like with all the other products in the leaf range the vitality comes in eco-friendly packaging with a natural canvas tote storage bag and it as a rechargeable battery making it a great environmentally friendly product

The vitality is manufactured using top quality, super smooth 100% Phthalate-free silicone ensuring it is both healthy for the environment as well as your body

Being 100% silicone it is also very important that you use an appropriate lubricant, silicone lubricants must never be used with silicone products so a water based lubricant must be used at all times

Also being silicone you will also notice that it will collect lint and debris very quickly so you need to consider storage very carefully and I would highly suggest utilising the tope storage bag provided

The Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery gives you an approximate run Time of Up to 4 hours on a single Charge of 2 hours which I’m sure you will agree is highly impressive

As with all products in the leaf range the vitality is completely waterproof allowing you to use it in the shower or even submerge it in the bath for some intense water fun

One of my favourite features of the leaf range and a feature I believe is very important Is the Travel lock, iv lost count the amount of times I’ve been out in public and a toy has activated in my bag causing embarrassed onlookers unnecessary discomfort so for me the ability to safely transport toys is important because I really don't like leaving home without one

The vitality is one of only two products in the current leaf range that has two control buttons, one control for each “bud" like the single control products these duo controls work in the same way, simply press once to activate, hold down till you reach your chosen setting, then press again for to switch off instantly

During use the vitality can be used in a number of ways, it is initially designed to be used as a rabbit vibe and leaf suggest you use the widest of the two "buds" internally and the thinner "bud" as a clitoral stimulator using it this way I found it best to use it with a rocking motion, using it in this way I found I could stimulate both my g-spot and my clitoris alternately and this heightened my enjoyment greatly

Another great use for this amazing product is to use both "buds" internally I found this use to be highly stimulating, as you move the vitality inside you the "buds" separate and tease your vaginal wall and the different vibrations from each "bud" will tantalise your every nerve ending in exquisite pleasure

Overall I am very impressed with the Leaf-vitality it is a stunning design, in fact it is one of my favourite designs in the whole leaf range. I love the fact that both "buds" can be controlled separately and that each "bud" has a different set of vibrations allowing it to be used in a variety of ways

If you are interested in purchasing the leaf-vitality for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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