Tuesday 26 March 2013

nexusrange.com review

Nexus accessories


I have been lucky enough to be approached by nexusrange.com recently and asked to review their new accessory range

There are currently 4 items in there accessory range and i have been given the honour of reviewing 3 of those products

First up is the ....

Nexus Douche

Created from high quality rubber and ABS plastic the Nexus Douche provides a safe and effective way to keep anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring.

This high quality douche is simple and easy to use with a one-step insertion design making it not only highly effective offering maximum cleansing but does so while looking good, most douches i find look very unappealing nexus have brought anal cleaning to a new level by making this a sleek looking, easy-to-use product

Upon arrival simply give it an initial rinse inside and out and then you’re ready for action

For optimal cleanliness anal douching should be performed roughly 45minutes before anal play, and if at any point you experience pain while douching stop immediately and seek medical attention from you GP or hospital

To fill the douche simply remove the black nozzle and fill the bulb with tepid water you can do this either by holding it under the tap or by squeezing the bulb and immersing it in water then releasing the bulb this will creat a suction affect and draw water into the bulb itself. The nexus douche will hold 224ml of water which is a good size for a douche, another reason I find it highly impressive

To use your now water filled douche lightly lubricator both the end of the nozzle and around the anus, this is to ensure you get the most comfortable experience possible

When douching I would advise you do so either while sat on the toilet or whilst in the shower to keep the process as clean and hygienic as possible

Once comfortable inserted gently squeeze the douche to expel the water into your rectum, the firmer you are the faster the water will be dispensed so start of slowly and find what is most effective for you. Be sure not to release the pressure on your douche while it is still inserted this will cause contaminated fluid to fill the douche making it harder to sterilise for future use, once all the water inside the douche is expelled remove the douche gently and clench your rectal muscles so the water is held inside till you get the urge to expelled them naturally, repeat this process until all the expelled water runs clear

When using your nexus douche there are a few important things you need to remember

Firstly do not use anything other than clean warm water

Secondly you must be sure to NEVER use hot water while douching so make sure you test and re-test your water temp before using

Lastly douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is imperative that you use a quality lubricant such as the nexus slide before attempting any other type of penetration


Next up is ....

Nexus slide (personal lubricant)

Slide is a super thick, super slick water based lubricant. Specially formulated for anal play, "Slide" is designed to be long lasting and durable to allow for extended pleasure,

This wonderful lube is colourless, odourless as well as tasteless allowing users to have a sensual, natural experience.

Its super thick consistency makes it incredibly user friendly, it doesn't drip or run of your toys or your body so unlike other lubricants it’s not going to make an awful mess


Aqua (water),


propylene glycol, hydroxyethycellulose,






During use it really does have amazing staying power and even when using a highly textured toy there is no need to reapply, it's very comfortable to use even when a minimal amount is used

Cleaning up after the nexus slide is also very easy just simple soap and water is all that's needed and it leaves no unsightly residue,

The nexus slide is also completely non staining so you have no need to worry if excess lube does get on your sheets during use, it will simply wash out with your regular washing detergent

it is also super easy to clean off of your toys either with soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner, which brings me to my third item of the nexus range

Toy Wash

 I love a good toy cleaner, every sex toy lover should have some, bacteria will fester and grown on your toys when improperly cleaned which can result in infections so it is extremely important you take just as much care of your toys as you do with yourself

the nexus toy wash is made from natural antibacterial ingredients making it ideal for those of us with sensitive skin but it also means it contains no harsh chemicals or scents which I love, this fragrance free wash is ideal for me, not only do i have very sensitive skin but I am also highly irritated by strong scents so I am understandably very picky when choosing any intimate product, for me the nexus toy wash is an absolute winner

it is very easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off using a dry cloth, personally I am a multiple cleaner I usually use wipes for my initial clean then on to either an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner before storage  then a toy cleaner before re-use, the only problem with my current cleaner is that it makes me a little sore so I have to rinse my toys before use, the nexus wash however is very different I can use it directly after use and it causes no irritation what's so ever


Aqua (water),

Sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate,

Chlorhexidine digluconate,

Peg-7 glyceryl cocoate,




Overall I have got to say I'm extremely impressed with the nexus accessory range, nexus have made high quality products at a very reasonable price I'm certainly planning on stocking up on both the lube and wash, I absolutely love their stylish black packaging its discreet and has been done to a high standard and let’s face it I'm a sucker for a matching set


If you are interested in any of these amazing nexus accessory products you can purchase then directly from nexusrange.com by following these links


Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me by nexus.com free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you

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