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The Lelo indulge me pleasure set

The Lelo indulge me pleasure set is stunningly beautiful before you even remove the outer sleeve you get the feel of luxury.  With its simple and elegant design the sleeve gives you only the smallest taste of the treasures it holds inside featuring a photo of the open box and contents on the back of the sleeve

Once the sleeve is removed you are left with a sophisticated black textured box that features the simple "Lelo" logo in silver. The box itself has a black satin tab you use to open the lid which is held in place by magnets. This box is not like other packaging and no one in their right mind would throw it away. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the creation of this packaging and it is obviously designed to be kept as a beautiful and discreet storage box making it an idea gift for anyone new to toys or lifelong pros

Once you've opened the box you will find the compartment within is separated into 3 separate compartments and each item is exquisite

First up we have the intima silk blindfold which is made from 100% silk and is created in a stunning purple shade with a gorgeous design on one side making this blindfold scream indulgence. It feels glorious to the touch and the padded mask and elasticated head band make it incredibly comfortable to wear. The ties of this blindfold will be used mostly for decoration by some users yet they are long enough to make simple hand ties when you position the wears hands at their head. This set is designed for sensual play, teasing and indulgence so although these ties work well do not expect them to keep your partner fully restrained these are not what they are designed to do, what they do, do is heighten your other senses and open your body up to greater sensations and these work extraordinarily well with the Tantra feather teaser.

The Tantra feather teaser is created from down-feathers dyed purple to match the silk blindfold and it is finished off with a metal and purple acrylic handle which completes the look and ensures this teaser looks simply gorgeous. The down feathers feel glorious against your skin they are soft and silky against your skin and with the lightest of touches you will have your partner’s skin heating with excitement

Down feathers are not the easiest things to clean so I would highly recommend you uses the teaser with care as intimate lubrication will not be easily removed without the risk of spoiling this wonderful tickler

Lastly we have the Noa which compliments the other items in this indulgence pleasure set perfectly after all the set is designed for couples and what better than the award winning silicone beauty that is the Noa

The Noa in this set is made from 100% pure silicone in a cerise pink to compliment the other items it features USB charging making it very versatile you can charge it with your pc, your laptop or even with a universal plug adapter for mains charging and just to make things even easier you cannot over charge your Noa so simply plug it in and walk away and it will be ready and waiting safe and sound when you return this is a great feature for those of us who prefer overnight charging no need to set your alarm with this beauty you can unplug it whatever time you wake worry free

To charge the Noa you simply unscrew the bulbous end and plug it in using the jack this is easy and hassle free and can be easily done even in the dark

Once charged you simply screw it back together and you are ready for action

The Noa features six delicious vibration patterns which will no doubt tantalise and tease your every need. I'm a power hungry girl and the little Noa does have the power to bring me to climax but it takes time. This for me is a bonus as during intercourse I do enjoy a long  build up and strong finish and the Noa gives me this however I was slightly disappointed that the vibrations do not travel though the internal stimulator as strongly as I had hoped.

The overall design of the Noa is great the internal arm is thin and contoured to fit a penis perfectly so my husband did not experience any discomfort rubbing or chafing during use which is great and although it did not stimulate my g-spot as much as I had hoped it did add to the overall experience and stimulation we both felt

The Noa is smaller than I expected but it did fit my body quite well and was very comfortable to use for both myself and my husband and the vibrations felt wonderful making it a great toy for couples to experiment with and enjoy together

The Noa is idea for use in many different positions it is comfortable and flexible which allows it to move with your bodies which my husband and I both really liked

The Noa can also be used effectively for solo use either alongside another toy or on its own for hands free pleasure, if you use the Noa with another toy you must ensure that your second product is not silicone as well as two silicone products can react to each other this is equally important with lubrication, you must only use a water based lube with your Noa

Cleaning the Noa is very easy thanks to it being 100% waterproof it also means you can use it in both the bath and shower for added fun and excitement it is also compatible with most toy cleaners so the choice really is yours

If you like what you have read within this review and would like to try this stunning lelo indulge me pleasure set out for yourself you can order them direct from right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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