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DOM-estic collars

Collars are a girl’s best friend and thanks to I have just got myself two new sleek, sexy friends

First up is The Slim Neoprene Collar it is designed to fit neck sizes from 13"to 17" and features a sexy silver buckle closure and silver reinforced size holes as well as a lead attachment to the front.

This great little collar is made from 20mm wide neoprene rubber that is 3mm thick and has hand bevelled edges for the personal touch.

 It fits nicely against your skin and feels very sexy to wear, unlike other collars it is designed to be slim and sexy, comfortable yet strong and DOM-estics have done a seriously awesome job with this, for those of you with other size need fear not for DOM-estics also do this same collar MADE TO MEASURE so be assured that whatever your need DOM-estics can cater for you and for only £14-95 for a regular or £19-95 for a made to measure collar that will be created specifically for you, you really cannot go wrong

Being made from neoprene rubber also means these collars are suitable for those with latex allergies and are also vegetarian and vegan friendly

These collars can be used for many different uses, as a fashion statement, slip on your collar for a sexy rock look, submerse yourself in  role-play and become the perfect pet or my favourite use of them all, as a restraint

Simply add a large heavy duty key ring (split ring) to the collar attachment and then you can easily attach each cuff separately to the collar using double trigger clips and there you have it, your very own throat restraint.

 Now being a huge fan of these and the overall feel of hands or equipment round my neck I was obviously very excited by this product and since receiving it I have not been able to leave it alone, it works perfectly in-conjunction with my white neoprene Rubber cuffs and the contrast in the black and white looks stunning

It is very comfortable to wear yet is strong enough to restrain even the strongest of users without causing bruising or injury which is a must for me as marks to the throat could result in questions not everyone would feel comfortable answering.

As iv said these amazing collars are made from neoprene rubber which in itself has one huge benefit over collars made from leather or other materials, during use your body temperature heats the neoprene and this makes the neoprene more supple ensuring not only that it stays comfortable during extended you but also that even under great strain the collar will not pinch or damage your skin

This collar has obviously been designed with discretion in mind and DOM-estics have once again delivered a high quality product that is able to stand up to a lot of abuse making it ideal for heavy users while staying elegant and sexy for those users who are just starting out

The second collar is made from the same high quality neoprene rubber as the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar and has the same dimensions, measuring 20mm wide and 3mm thick although this time it comes without the lead attachment. This basic collar is currently not avalible from but its is avalible for only £12 from any of the fetish fairs or events they apear at. This basic collar is just as stunning as the Slim Neoprene Collar  and it is ideal for someone looking to add a rock edge to an outfit or for those who like to go all out and really dress the part, like the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar this collar would also appeal to many groups within the bdsm world and would complement any outfit

My husband and I have found many uses for this collar one of which is spanking, when lashed with this collar it feels very much like a belt and if you enjoy the bite of a buckle this collar is ideal. It is also great for precision spanking unlike a belt this collar allows you to concentrate your lashings to one chosen area I for one only really enjoy my buttocks being spanked and using this collar you can be assured no stay lashes sneak round your hip or side which is something a less experienced user may have difficulty with when brandishing a belt  

The other benefit to using this collar is again its effectiveness to be used as a restraint.  For those users who are flexible this is ideal when used in-conjunction with the DOM-estics Slim Neoprene Collar. simply attach the collar to your neck and uses the large split ring and the neoprene Rubber cuffs I mentioned previously to the collar then you can easily loop this collar though the back and Using a second set of cuffs restrain the ankles in a hog tie fashion. This is something my husband and I have had lots of fun practising with and even with the added pressure these collars left no visible marks or damage to my skin which for me is very impressive and I would highly recommend buying these collars as a pair

I have been lucky enough to try a few DOM-estics products now and I can honestly say the quality of their products have been exceptional every time and even with something as simple as a basic collar it is obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into making it a high quality product and this is something mass produced items lack most of the time. I am very impressed with these products and I'm sure you will be to

If you would like to order these collars for yourself simply follow these links below Slim Neoprene Collar for £14.95 Made To Measure Slim Neoprene Collar for £19.95

Fir those who would like to also purchase the white neoprene cuffs featured in this review you can get them HERE for only £24.95 

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


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