Monday, 3 December 2012

rocks-off review

Rocks off Ro-val

I have recently been given the opportunity to review some products from my package was very discreet with no mention of the company or the products inside

The first item I received is the Ro-val which is a very cute necklace vibrator that non sex toy lovers would not immediately identify it as a toy it is made of gold coloured metallic plated ABS and is very smooth and shiny to the touch and sports the embossed Rocks-off logo design on the front

The Ro-val comes in a stunning black box with a clear plastic window which you could easily mistake for a jewellery box. This stylish new packaging is gorgeous and far nicer than previous packaging and gives you a real feel of overall luxury which is lovely

The pendent itself measure a tiny 55mm x 16mm and uses LR44 batteries which our provided with the Ro-val

To operate the Ro-val you simply use the roller activator at the back of the bullet this black roller scrolls from one side to the other and controls the power setting

Once on I was very surprised at just how powerful this tiny toy really is and I will openly admit it far exceeded my expectations im ashamed to say when I first see the Ro-val i thought it was more of an novelty item than a toy that would actual work well as a vibe, I could not of been more wrong the power this little Ro-val holds is far superior to many vibrators on the current market that are both far larger and more expensive and the fact it comes as a necklace is a great way to ensure you always have it on hand when ever its needed

I have warn this out many times now and many of my friends have commented on how cute it is and asking where I brought it from yet not one of them realised it was a vibrator

When using the Ro-val I was also surprised at how easy it was to control during use I personally found by wrapping the cord closest to the bullet round my finger kept it from jumping about during use and by placing my thump on top kept it in the perfect position for very effective clitoral stimulation

Cleaning the Ro-val is also super easy being 100% waterproof means you can safely clean it with soap and water and the ability to submerge it means you can safely use it in both the bath and shower.

It also means you can wear it on a day to day basis and will not have to worry about getting it wet.

I would suggest that you ensure your Ro-val is completely dry if you chose to store it as if you put the Ro-val away wet you may damage the cord necklace which in itself is not really a problem as you could always replace it with another similar cord if that were to happen

If necklaces are not really your thing why not attach the Ro-val bullet to your key ring or even a bracelet the possibilities are endless with this fun little pendant bullet

I have enjoyed using the Ro-val immensely both alone and with my husband, it is small enough to use during intercourse which is great although being so small does mean you may need to keep adjusting it as it can slip from its intended position in some positions as the small size and the smooth coating on the pendant means it can become very slippery during use but this does not take away from its overall effectiveness as a sex toy

The Ro-val is a great little toy and one I will continue to use and enjoy, it would make a great gift for many of my more innocent friends who are still new to the wonderful world of sex toys as well as my more experienced sex toy lover friends so overall a great product to add to my Christmas present lists

If you are interested in purchasing one of these for yourself you can order one direct from HERE for the bargain price of only £16.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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