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Baller Dual Ended Strokers

The packaging on this stroker is colourful and tastefully done, the stroker itself comes inside a clear plastic container inside a cardboard box with a simple design showing a picture of the stroker on the front

The Baller Dual Ended Stroker is made from body-safe TPE which is Phthalate free and super soft and sumptuous

The unique shape of this toy with its natural curve in the centre makes it easy to hold and allows you to apply pressure with ease

There is an opening at both ends one of which is noticeably smaller than the other which ensures whatever your size or preference of tightness around your shaft there should be an entrance to suit your need

Both these openings lead you to an internal tunnel with soft ridges and sensual nubs to stimulate your penis

 The Baller Dual Ended Stroker is suitable for use with any lube which adds to its overall ease of use as you can use your favourite lube without fear of it degrading

Once your lube is applied you simply slip your penis inside your chosen opening and revel in the sensations it provides both ends of this stroker work incredibly well and each end gives you a different sort of sensation making it rather versatile and allows you to choose between the two depending on your mood, adding pressure during use also changes the friction and stimulation allowing you to make each use as unique as the next

Cleaning of the stroker is also incredibly easy using hot water and mild soap or your favourite toy cleaner the body-safe TPE is flexible enough that you can easily clean inside with no risk of tearing although it could be possible to damage the stroker if your over rough with it during cleaning, I personally have had no issues so far and my husband and I have used and cleaned the Baller Dual Ended Stroker with no problems

Once cleaned you then leave your stroker to air dry, you will then notice it will have taken on a tacky feel to it unlike the soft smooth surface it originally had when new, this is completely normal and you can use it in this state it will have no effect what’s so ever on its performance but for those of you who prefer the original feel of the toy fear not you can easily return it to its "as new" state by simply applying baby powder or corn flour this will not only eradicate the tacky feel but will also eliminate fluff or other debris from sticking to your stroker

When storing your stroker it is best kept in its original plastic container if you chose not to apply baby powder or corn flour as it will pick up fluff in this state but when the power is applied you can easily pop it into your underwear draw or bed side cabinet ready for its next use

Overall this is a great little stroker it is very versatile and easy to use it comes in a range of colours which appear to differ in two internal design and although i can only really vouch for the aqua stroker I have reviewed here which works remarkably well and the inner canal is highly pleasurable during use i would assume each design will work just as well and the aqua Baller Dual Ended Stroker is one my husband and I will continue to use either together during foreplay or as solo masturbation for my husband alone

You can pick up the aqua Baller Dual Ended Stroker from HERE

Along with these other designs


Green HERE

Clear HERE

All of which are currently only £29.95 making then very reasonable in price and well worth the money as with care they can last for many, many uses

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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