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Jimmy Jane form 2

When I first received the Jimmy Jane form 2 from I could not believe my luck, I had no idea they were sending it and I never thought I'd be lucky enough to try one for myself, without even realising the wonderful people at have made a dream come true

The Jimmy Jane form 2 is part of the "form" collection and for me the most exciting item of the current collection I personally like interesting toys for me design is important and I do love a sex toy that is a little different

The Jimmy Jane form 2 is smaller than I expected and this is a pleasant surprise as if it was any bigger I do not believe it would work half as well as it does.... and this little guy works really, really well

The form 2 comes in slate (black) or pink and the lovely staff at simplypleasure sent me it in black ohhh how they know me so very well

The form 2 is designed to be a clitoral stimulator and thanks to its dual motors and powerful flexible vibrating ears it accomplishes this with ease. The ears of the form 2 fit perfectly to the contours of the female form ensuring a comfortable and highly effective position around the clitoris as well as being able to tease your vulva and labia with no fear of chafing or pinching which is important as these areas are very sensitive for most women (me included) so a product like this is a must have for me as far too many products overlook these areas in their design making the Jimmy Jane form 2 a very special product indeed

The dual motors work extremely well and they produce a great range of setting from low intensity for beginners to a high intensity vibration setting which will please any power hungry users. It also has 4 different modes so there is sure to be a setting to suit everyone.

The form 2 is also completely waterproof so you can clean it easily with soap and water or your favourite toy cleaner, as well as giving you the option to use it in both the bath and shower which is just another reason the form 2 makes a great all round toy

Another thing I love about the Jimmy Jane form 2 is the charging station, it ensures your form 2 is clean at all times by keeping it safely inside the docking station you do not need to worry about sterilising your surface before charging it which is always an issue with toys you need to lay down to charge

when on charge the light on the front of the form 2 stays lit this is to ensure the users that it is indeed charging when the form 2 is not correctly placed into the charging station it will flash at you to let you know it need repositioning. The form 2 is a cleaver little toy it will also indicate to you how much charge it is holding When you take it off the charging or turn it on the lights on the front will flash to let you know how much charge you have left, 3 flashes indicate a full, 2 for medium, 1 for nearly empty and 4 slow for empty and I’m sure you will all agree this is one seriously handy feature after all how many of us have been half way through a play session just to have our chosen toy run out of power on us. The form 2 illuminates this possibility ensuring you are never left unsatisfied

The initial charge the Form 2 is a shocking 8 hours and oh do those hours take their sweet time to tick by but trust me when I say the form 2 is most definitely worth the wait and once you have given it, it's initial first charge all additional charges take only 2 hours just for an added bonus the jimmy Jane form 2 cannot be over charge so you can safely leave it on charge if you so wish.
The form 2 charging station also comes with a variety of plug adaptors so it is compatible with a variety of different sockets

For me the most impressive thing of the jimmy Jane form 2 is the locking feature this makes it ideal for travel as there is absolutely no risk of it accidentally activating in your bag which can be highly embarrassing. To lock it all you do is simply press and hold the "+" button and the mode button down together for a couple of seconds and it will lock the form 2 this ensure that even if you knock the buttons by accident it will not activate the toy

There is absolutely nothing I can fault the Jimmy Jane form 2 on, it's a great design, it's powerful, waterproof, rechargeable and ideal for travel. The form 2 is a pleasure to use and works remarkably well, it is very obvious a lot of work has gone into creating this product and it has been done to a truly top quality finish. The form 2 feels sensually smooth to the touch and it glides across your skin with absolutely no friction, even in your most intimate areas only the minimal amount of lubrication is needed during use

Thanks to the medical grade platinum silicone and the stainless steel charging nodes the form 2 is also completely phthalate-free and body safe and with the high performance lithium polymer battery that will last up to 7 hours on one single charge you really know you’re getting the very best of everything with this little beauty making it a must have item for every girl

 If you’re as impressed by this jimmy Jane form 2 as I am you can buy one direct from right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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