Monday, 3 December 2012

rocks off review


Rocks off Ro 120mm g-spot


I have been given the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful little g-spot vibe from directly and I'm very pleased that like the other rocks off products I have used it has turned out to be a stunning little toy

The new packaging for rocks off products really does make all the difference to the overall feel of quality you get with these products unlike the previous packaging these new stylish boxes with clear plastic windows are stunning and something I would expect from far more expensive products so when receiving these items you feel like you truly have a high end product without the ridiculous price tags which is something everyone will really appreciate

The Ro 120mm G-spot bullet is a lilac colour and comes in a stunning pink box that complements it perfectly the moulded inner case holds it in position perfectly and is small and sturdy enough to be used as a permanent storage box 

The Rocks Off RO 120mm G-spot is the perfect combination of bullet vibrator and G-spot stimulator it is small and sleek yet perfectly powered

Sporting the trademark Rocks Off design embossed on either side of the smooth sleek PU coated shaft is real pleasure to use and the tapered curved tip offers nothing but satisfaction and effective stimulation to your g-spot

The tapered tip also works wonderfully well for clitoral stimulation for those who enjoy precision and power

There is a notch on both the cap and the shaft of the Rocks Off RO 120mm G-spot bullet and you need to make sure that both of these are lined up before the bullet will turn on

With five levels of powerful, pleasing vibrations controlled with an easy one touch button it is simple and easy to use and being fully waterproof it is also incredibly easy to clean with your favourite toy cleaner or soap and water, this also means you are free to use it worry free in both the shower and bath as it is safe to submerge in water during use

The Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet uses 2 AAA batteries which are readily available from most supermarkets or local shops making it very easy to keep it working at its best  

 The Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet only measures 14.2cm x 2.7cm x 4cm Or 5.25" x 1" x 1.5" (for those who like imperial measurements) making it nicely compact but still perfectly shaped for effective g-spot stimulation

Overall it is a wonderful little g-spot vibrator it is small and compact making it ideal for travel and despite its power it is incredible quiet which is ideal for those looking for something discreet

There is nothing about the Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet or its packaging that I can really criticise I am very happy with the overall design and feel of the product and like the other Rocks Off products you can easily tell a lot of time and effort has gone in to making them a quality product.

The curved tip of the Rocks Off Ro 120mm g-spot bullet is perfectly positioned and allows you to apply the desired amount of pressure precisely where it's needed and as I have said it also doubles as a remarkable clitoral stimulator with all that power directed at its sensually curved tip. It is a great all round to and one I will use often

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself you can order one direct from HERE for the bargain price of only £19.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


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