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The jog flow Contoured vibrator is a company run by the sexual health charity FPA they sell a range of toys, accessories and games to enhance your sexual pleasure and wellbeing. They are currently working on a “selected for you” range which is aimed at promoting sex toys and products that are suitable for the disabled, this is something I back highly, knowing only too well the effects disabilities can have on relationships as well as sexual enjoyment. So when I was offered the chance to work with this wonderful company I jumped at the chance.

When receiving a package from you can be assured they will be very discreet and it will arrive in plain packaging and your items will be well wrapped and secure inside

Once opened I was pleasantly surprised by the jog flows modern look the packaging is a clear cylindrical tube with an orange top that matches the flow almost perfectly the clear packaging allows you to get a good look at the flow inside even before you take it out

The Jog Flow is made of a waterproof UltraZones Refined Touch material which is silicone based meaning it is soft to the touch, yet strong enough to keep up, it Features sensual ridges along the length of its fully bendable shaft and a choice of six vibration patterns.

How it measures up:

Length:   7.75 Inches

Insertable:   5.5 Inches

Diameter:   1.75 Inches

Width:  4.75 Inches
The overall shape of the flow is stunning and I love the vibrant orange, orange is not a colour readily available so when I see this advertised from I just had to have it. The UltraZones Refined Touch material feels incredibly soft and sensual and the bendable shaft means you can hit all your sensitive areas without it becoming uncomfortable during use the ridges are designed to tantalise and tease and the curved tip allows for great g-spot stimulation

It uses 3AA batteries and I was surprised by just how quiet the flow is I wouldn't say it's silent but you could comfortably use it without worrying you would be over heard, that is of course if you can stay quiet yourself

The jog flow has 6 different pattern settings which you activate and change using the orange button on the base but what makes the flow even better is that by turning the white dial that surrounds the orange button you can change the intensity of each setting, ranging from a low setting to a reasonably high setting ensuring there will be a setting and vibration strength that will accommodate most needs. My personal favourite is the double speed wave setting on high but each and every setting is very pleasurable and the bendable shaft ensures it hits your sensitive spots making it a highly enjoyable toy to use

Cleaning is very easy with just soap and water or toy cleaner and being waterproof you don't need to worry about being too careful with the water. This also means you are free to use the flow in both the bath and shower making the flow a nice versatile toy

Due to the texture of the flows shaft it does pick up fluff very easily which is the same for most silicone toys so I would suggest you store the flow either in its original packaging or a plastic toy container to ensure it is ready and willing when you are, this is not essential of course as you can simply run it under warm water for a few seconds and any fluff will wash right off and the flow will be ready to use

Being a silicone based material I would suggest you only use a water based lube with the flow as over time a silicone lube can degrade a silicone based toy, this of course is only a precaution and being such a wonderful toy to use I’m sure like me you will want to do everything possible to prolong its working life  

If you would like to learn more about and everything they stand for you can visit their site HERE

And purchase the stunning jog flow right HERE for only £33.99

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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