Tuesday, 9 October 2012

willycaketin.com review

Willy cake tin


Admittedly I'm no Delilah Smith or Nigella Lawson but after some great feedback on my chocolate clone a willy kit from heavenlytoys.co.uk I was offered the chance to review a willy cake mould from willycaketin.com so who was I to turn down the challenge

This Willy tin is a 100% carbon steel, non-stick coated cake tin which can be used to mould cakes, ice cream, blancmange or jelly’s... anything you fancy really

Measuring 27cm in length and 15cm at the widest part it produces a cake 26cm (10.25 inches) in length

The tin itself is quite thick so you don't have to worry about it being dinged or damaged during storage

Thankfully it is not one of those tins that has a painted surface so you will not experience the annoyance of flaking or chipping after only a few uses which renders tins useless meaning this tin, If used properly will last many  years creating wonderful willy shaped treats for lots of naughty parties

Unlike my mum and much to her annoyance I have never had the patients for baking cakes so I cheated a little with my chocolate creation purchasing a heavenly chocolate cake packet mix I got to work

Only lightly greasing my tin due to it being non-stick I filled my mould and popped it in the oven and waited. Once cooked i placed a cooling rack on top and tuned it over and like any good non-stick tin my finished cake popped straight out leaving no cake mixture behind so for my second layer I refilled the tin without greasing it this time and tried again and to my surprise the second cake popped straight out as well

Once cooled I put a layer of chocolate orange butter cream between the two cakes and then decorated the whole cake (admittedly not brilliantly)  with chocolate and orange butter cream and chocolate curls to finish

Overall the Willy tin was very easy to use and I was impressed by its non-stick capabilities even not greasing the tin for the second cake left me with a perfect Willy shaped cake the tin is nice and thick without being heavy so there is no fear of it disfiguring after multiple uses

Impressed by my achievements with the cake (yes to me my cake is impressive) I decided to try a jelly so filling my mould with strawberry jelly and mandarins I popped it in the fridge overnight and come morning popped a cake board over the top and turned it over and to my surprise just like the cakes the jelly popped right out leaving me with a scrummy looking willy jelly which just goes to prove you really can use this tin to create an array of willy treats for all your naughty party needs

And being only £10.95 from willycaketin.com means you can create a multitude of Willy shaped treats without breaking the budget if you would like to get your hands on one of these tins you can get one right HERE

straight cake tin


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