Tuesday, 9 October 2012

leatherdelights.co.uk review


Leatherdelights bit gag


The first thing you notice about this bit gag is its incredible smell just opening my package i could smell the high quality leather if knew nothing else of this remarkable piece of kit that would be enough from the smell alone I was won over completely

Once out of the packaging and in my hands I had to stifle a moan the leather feels amazing and the rubber bit feels sturdy and incredibly smooth and even the bit itself smells nice

The leather head strap has 23 holes and is sure to fit most head sizes and featuring a traditional buckle it is easy to wear and is very comfortable to wear

The gag itself measure 15cm with a biteable area of 8cm again perfect for both men and women in a verity of sizes

Leatherdelights.co.uk also do a small version of this so don't be worried of you have more dainty needs Leatherdelights can cater for everyone

Before trying out my bit gag I washed the bit carefully in mild soap and water to ensure no residue from manufacturing remained

I have to admit at this point that I have bite through more than one ball gag in the last couple  of months my husband loves to point out I am far more dangerous than both our Rottweiler’s put together and he would take a bite of them compared to me any day  so anyway back to the point

Due to my previous history with gags I was apprehensive of course but lost in the moment I forgot to go easy and sunk my teeth in like a rabid dog and to my utter surprise not even a mark was left behind I seriously could not of been more impressed by this and I don't think my husband could be either

The Leatherdelights bit gag also features a D-ring on either side so can easily be paired with leashes, restraints and other fetish gear and being a bit gag it is also perfect for pony play lovers

For years I have had to control my biting instinct for fear of hurting my husband during climax as I often lose control and bite far harder than is comfortable so i usually rely on biting myself which is fine during the heat of the moment but when you end up with bloody bite marks as an end result I have had to learn self-control which can often impair my enjoyment now thanks to leatherdelights I never have to worry again I would class myself as a heavy duty biter and for this gag to withstand my bite is seriously impressive and I would highly recommend it to both heavy duty users and newbies a like

It is a comfortable resilient gag and looks and smells delicious and it tastes damn good too
If you are interested in this wonderful bit gag and would like to purchase on for yourself you can do so HERE

With this large bite gag I also ordered a selection of mini paddles which I am choosing to review alongside this gag 

I ordered 3 mini paddles and received one free with my order which is a lovely free gift you receive with all Leatherdelights orders 

I only specified black as my choice and left the rest up to Leatherdelights.co.uk as I love surprises and I'm happy to say I could not of chosen better myself I received a black leather "Willy Whacker",  a black leather "Pussy Paddle",  a hard rubber tread paddle and a black leather "BedSnake Bat" all of which are made from high quantity materials and feature a D-ring so can easily be attached to bags or purses and my husband has even attached one to a leather cord he now wears around his neck for "spank on the go" as he calls it

These are great for intimate spanking as well as for those who maybe exploring spanking for the first time and want to start off small, they also look great on keys for a cheeky little key ring for those of us who are proud of our kinktastic lifestyle.

Whichever reason you choose to buy one or more of these mini paddles you are sure to be impressed as for something so small it is obvious a lot of effort has gone into making these a high quality product and you are sure to love them as much as I do

These mini paddles are not currently available on the leatherdelights website but as iv mentioned previously they add one free of charge to all orders for a cheeky little thank you gift and you can buy them directly at any of the fetish markets and events that leather delights attend

you can find out which events leatherdelights will be attending right HERE


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